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conversation with him afterward I learned

For Rheumatism. that it was nothing more than a solution Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-One of the of ammonium chlorid.

best liniments, particularly in rheumaThinking there was some deception tism, is the following: about it I suggested that he had previously R extracted the snake's fangs. He then Raw petroleum

3 iii brought from a taxidermist a snake that Gum camphor had just been captured and let it bite him Oil wintergreen just over the eye. He proceeded as before Concent. sulfuric ether āā Z ss with the same result. We then extracted Sig. Use only the bare hand with plenty some virus from one of his snakes which of friction. had died from being bitten by another and The late Willard Parker used to tell tested it with litmus paper, finding it ex- us, when apologizing for the use of liniceedingly acid in reaction. By pouring ments: 66 Tell them to rub it in freely ; into it and mixing a solution of ammonium we know as a rule that most liniments chlorid it was neutralized. My idea is that are volatile pass off in vapor, but that the virus of the rattlesnake is a pow- they will not rub thoroly unless they are erful acid (probably formic) which de- told to rub it in.” A local undertaker stroys the blood-corpuscles ; consequently here who uses the liniment for his recurthe heart supplied with such blood be- rent rheumatism says: “It is the best comes weakened, and this accounts for the thing out," and in further testimony of its extreme depression. Ammonium chlorid efficacy he states that when he has “an being a strong alkali and also very dif- unyielding cadaver to soften up,” he rubs fusible would neutralize the acid and at on this liniment and then he can “ fuld his the same time act as a rapid and effective stiff' in any direction." stimulant. The man himself did not know Rahway, N. J. ELIHU B. SILVERS. why it was an antidote nor did he sell the secret,

GEO. E. WELCH, M. D. The Effect of Peanuts on the General Health. Palatka, Fla.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :- I have lived

for 25 years in what is known as the A Heaven For One Doctor.

“ Burnt District” of Tennessee, where the Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-An angel famous Tennessee red peanuts are raised had been sent to call the doctor from by the thousands of bushels. These nuts labor to reward. He had served the peo- are freely eaten by the people, raw or just ple faithfully and well ; had gone to see as they are picked from the vines, and them at all hours of the day and night in also form a staple for feeding hogs and all kinds of weather. Had made moderate fowls. charges and waited patiently on them. In all the time that I have lived in this Had sympathized with them in their aflic- section I have never seen a case of croup tions, mourned with them in their sorrows, or quinsy among the children who had free rejoiced with them when restored to access to the peanut “patch,” nor a single health. Before leaving for heaven the case of hog quinsy or chicken gapes where doctor asked if he could visit the regions these animals had all they wanted of the below. Permission being granted, while succulent nut. the angel waited outside, the doctor went In roasting the nuts, the oil is evapoin to look around.

rated, and I attribute the apparent healthHaving been gone an unusual length of ful action of the nuts to the oil which time, the angel went to look for him, and exists unchanged in them when eaten raw. found the doctor seated fanning himself Has anyone else ever observed anything in and watching a lot of people burning in this matter?

E. T. LEWIS, M. D. one of the hottest fires in the place, while Woolworth, Tenn. a look of supreme bliss lighted his face. The angel lookt, and over the door was Don't send subscriptions on a postal card.

card and save us trouble. the sign, " These are people who did

When you want THE MEDI

CAL WORLD badly enough to pay for it, send the price not pay the doctor." The angel toucht

and your order will be promptly filled. There is only him and said, “Come, let us go.” With

one right way to subscribe-do it in the right way. a radiant smile the doctor said, “You go The postal card fraternity have been increasing of late, on; this is heaven enough for me.''

and they are a nuisance in an office conducted in a business DR. EUGENE H. WINKLER.

way. The humanitarian question is a different thing.

If you can't pay full price, send what you can and urite St. Charles, Ark,

in full, and you will not be overlookt.

Save your

Quiz Department.

two o'clock on the day of the patient's Questions are solicited for this column. Communications

death her mother had given her two large not accompanied by the proper name and address of the writer (not necessarily for publication) will not be

griddle-cakes to eat and in three hours noticed.

from that time the patient was dead. In The great number of requests for private answers, for the in- conclusion I would say, insist on liquid

formation and benefit of the writer, makes it necessary for us to charge a fee for the time required. This fee will diet and treat symptoms as they arise. be from one to five dollars, according to the amount of Sipe Springs, Tex. research and writing required.

P. E. GOLD, M. D.

[The instance cited seems to be a case Diphtheric Cardiac Paralysis.

of diphtheric cardiac paralysis following Editor MEDICAL WORLD-My prescrip- an attack of indigestion. The effect of an tion in Dr. Brice's case, February WORLD, overloaded stomach upon the action of a page 71, should have been, bismuth five weakened heart is well known.—ED.] drams and water four ounces. Please make correction.

Chronic Coryza. I have had some experience with scar- Editor MEDICAL WORLD :—Will you ask, latina and let your readers have it for thru THE WORLD, formulas for the treatwhat it is worth. When fever runs high ment of chronic coryza? with great prostration I use the cold bath; I particularly like your January and beginning with the water luke-warm, February numbers. They contain much place child in bath, then add cold water valuable information. until water is about the temperature of Winamac, Ind. DR. E. G. SMITH. ordinary well-water. I have had cases in which the clinical pictures of both diph

Vaccination During Pregoancy. theria and scarlatina were combined, show- Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Will yon ing the high fever and the rash peculiar please state in your quiz department the to scarlatina with the extreme prostration objection to vaccinating a pregnant woman and the thick membrane on the throat in between the sixth and ninth months of dicative of diphtheria. I wish to cite two

I wish to cite two pregnancy, or at any time during pregcases treated some five years ago in the nancy.

B. A. POPE. Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico. Newsoms, Va.

Upon arrival at the house I found one [There is often some systemic disturbof the patients with a light membrane on ance attending successful vaccination, and the throat and a very feeble pulse; the this might have an unfavorable effect upon other patient had a very heavy membrane pregnancy.-Ed.] on the throat but a good pulse; I remained at the house for ten days. The first pa

Attacks of Petit Mal ? tient was well enuf to sit up in bed at the Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-My boy, 12 end of this period, but the second patient years old, has been affected with an epilepappeared rather weak, yet seemed to be toid state for fifteen months, the attacks improving slowly as the membrane had varying from one to four months apart, nearly all left the throat and her appetite getting farther apart all the time under the had improved considerably.

continued use of the bromids. He is very My principal medication to the throat muscular and well nourisht, weighing 100 was hydrogen dioxid, 15-volume solution pounds. For the last three months he has diluted with pure water in the proportion had a nervous, tingling sensation in his of one to six. I gave bitter wine of iron feet and legs, gradually passing upward in teaspoonful doses four to six hours until now it has involved his entire body. apart, and stimulants as needed, with It only lasts a minute or so at a time. He strychnia as a heart tonic. The bowels has from five to twenty a day, with dribwere kept open with calomel, lactated pep- bling of the urine and ankle-clonus during sin and soda bicarbonate, and whisky was the time of the attack. It was first thought given as needed. A liquid diet was en- by some to be choreic trouble, but that joined.

idea is given up now. Several neighborWhen I took leave of my patients they ing physicians have seen him. But we are were apparently both on the road to re- at sea now for a diagnosis. covery. Eight days from the time I left, Put this before The World fraternity I was again summoned a distance of for diagnosis and treatment, as I am quite thirty-five miles from the office to see the anxious to learn something about this second patient. When I reacht the house most strange affection. Regarding the the patient had been dead some time. At treatment heretofore, aside from the bro

soon as

mids (which he has taken all the while), the influenza. There was no elevation of he has had Fowler's solution and cimici- temperature, the pulse was strong and fuga and peptonated manganese (Wyeth's) beat 95 or 90 to minute, the respiratory for a tonic, for which purpose it served sounds normal, the cough having about well, altho it had no affect on the disease. disappeared. The patient could be quieted His appetite remains good. He is cheer- by talking to him, and would answer at ful and playful all the time and doesn't times very intelligently, but as seem to realize his condition, tho he is un- one would stop fixing his attention he able to stand up during his “spells," as he would begin his wild, rambling talk, that calls them. The only thing he knows is would increase to a whoop or a yell if no a hot, dizzy feeling in his head, and then attempt was made to control bim. the tingling.

He is never unconscious, I prescribed potassium bromid in liberal nor has he had any febrile disturbances. I doses, with no apparent effect, and after hope some one will give me some light and several doses left it off and gave sodium comfort.

J. T. WATSON, M. D. bromid, with a little better result. I conParker, Tex.

cluded conct. tr. passiflora incarnat. to be [Dr. Watson's case is referred to The the proper agent and gave in 40 drop dose, WORLD family for decision. All the symp- which gradually brought on quiet but not toms seem to point to a trophoneurosis, much sleep. This delirium lasted for three possibly involving the cord, and entailing days before it entirely left. From now on a general disturbance of the vaso-motor he gradually improved, and in a week's system. Still the trouble seems more time was able to be up and about the place. functional than organic. As the child is February 7 the father called me again, approaching the age of puberty, some of and this time I found the patient the opthe conditions may be referable to the sys- posite of my first visit. He was inclined temic changes incident to that period of to sleep continually, and was aroused with life. It would be well to make a thoro some difficulty, but when aroused would examination of the genitals in order to auswer correctly; made no complaint discover whether reflex action may not be except that his neck felt as if it was at fault. —Ev.]

broken. The tongue became heavily

coated and the breath was very foul, Delirium and Hysterical Symptoms Following almost as offensive as in a case of ptyaInfluenza.

lism. The bowels were hard to move. Editor MEDICAL WORLD :- Allow me to The eyes appeared intolerant of light, and present the outlines of a case that has a conjunctivitis developt, with a slight caused me much worry about making a purulent discharge. diagnosis.

passed off gradually, in three or four days, The patient is C. S., white, male, aged but not completely. In about ten days he 18. The parents are free from any con- seemed to relapse, and this sleepy condistitutional ailments, but an older brother tion returned, more markt than the first. had two attacks of insanity, cause not This passt off in about three days, and, as known. The patient is well grown for his before, not entirely. age, and generally healthy.

He now lies in bed in any position that January 1 last, while waiting for a train, he may be placed, eats well, and, I think, he contracted a cold, which progresst has gained some flesh and strength. He and was treated by his parents. January never speaks only to answer questions or 10 I received a note from his father stat- to ask for water or food ; the latter he has ing that his son had had a cold for the considerable desire for. He speaks very past two weeks, but that it was broken; low, unless requested to speak loud, and he then had no fever, the cough continued that appears to require some exertion. and he was generally reduced; circulation At no time from January 14 was the feeble and no appetite. I concluded his temperature elevated more than one-fifth case to have been influenza, and prescribed degree. The pulse is generally from 65 to a cough-mixture and a tonic with strych. 75, and the respirations are unaltered. nia, On the night of January 14 I was The tongue when protruded is always called to see patient and found him wild straight out, and remains until told to with delirium, which had been gradually withdraw it. He always had the use of coming on since early in the day.

his limbs, and sensation is unaltered to an I could find no cause to account for his appreciable extent. condition, unless it should be an effect of Slight twitching of the muscles in one side of face was noticed once. The mouth tinued with good force, and she was deliv. is allowed to open when lying on back. ered of a nine-pound baby in six hours Saliva is profuse at times.

after my arrival. Her mind was clouded Hoping that I have sufficiently outlined from the first convulsion and continued to the case, I will call on some of the many get worse. She began to vomit, a black readers of The World for a diagnosis and coffee-ground stuff, and continued this suggestions as to treatment. As it will be until death relieved her at 6 a. m. next some time before a reply can be made in day. the World, I would be glad to hear from The first and only dose of veratrum any that can give me any advice, par- stopt the convulsions and all symptoms of ticularly Dr. Waugh or the editor, by letter. nervousness, but she could not be aroused Whiteville, La. H. C. MILBURN, M. D. to consciousness by any method, and the

[It seems quite probable that you have vomiting could not be checkt except for a to deal with one of those cases of nerve- short time. Notwithstanding all this, weakness and impairment that not un- labor progressed nicely and the baby was frequently follow..upon influenza. There safely delivered. The mother died in an seems quite an hysterial type to some of hour after delivery, but the baby is living the symptoms you recite. Can you not and doing well now. I have treated patry the effect of suggestion as an aid in tients for puerperal convulsions with good diagnosis ? For instance, say in a tone results, but this is the first case that had that will reach the patient's ears, that the black vomit.'' If there had been you expect certain symptoms (producible, any yellow fever in the country I would of course) to appear, such as protrusion of have suspected that she had it, but she the tongue to one side, elevation of 0116 had been having chills for three weeks eye-brow, a peculiar posture to be assumed, previous to the confinement and had had or the like; the suggestion being delicately nothing to prepare the system for the made, in a way to lead the patient to see occasion. She had a temperature of 1039 they may be necessary for continued F. and pulse 130. The skin hot and dry, belief. Then watch for their production. but after the hypodermic of veratrum the If they come, you have a genuine care app skin got moist and the temperature went hysteria of the neurasthenic type, and you down to 100. The placenta was delivered can treat in accordance, always bearing and was perfect. There was no external in mind that hysteria, tho simulative in hemorrhage more than was necessary. its manifestations, is a real disease and What was the cause of death? The pulse requires careful treatment. The hysteric didn't indicate concealed hemorrhage. may simulate but is not necessarily a Strange to say, the convulsions and vom. malingerer. The normality of pulse tem- iting didn't seem to impede or have any perature, respirations, appetite, etc., seem effect on the labor. And as she was so to point to functional trouble due to weak far advanced in actual labor I did not nerve-action.-Ed.]

think it advisable to give anything to un

load the bowels or arouse secretion of Puerperal Eclampsia With Hematernesis. liver. All that I thought could be done

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Alluw mie was to stop the convulsions, keep patient short space for me to report a case which quiet and let labor progress as it was I was called to see, April 2, 1898.

doing very rapidly. Mrs. A., aged 42, was in her seventh I would like to know if anyone else of confinement, and all had passt off without the World family has had a similar case any trouble worthy of mention. The boy and the treatment they used. who came for me said she had been having The WORLD is the best journal that "fits, and if we didn't hurry up, she comes to my office, would die before we got there.” On my Lyon, Miss. W. T. MILSTEAD, M, D. arrival I found the paiient very nervous [It would be extremely difficult to asand labor-pains coming on about every 5 sign off-hand a reason for so unusual a or 6 minutes. I could not get any history condition as that related by Dr. Milstead, or subjective symptoms from her, as she but doubtless the malarial condition rewas delirious. I gave her a hypodermic ferred to was the causal factor of the of veratrum viride, 12 drops. When the hematemesis. Was there any postmorneedle toucht her she had a convulsion, tem? What was the state of the urine? which lasted about 30 seconds or a min- The color of the skin and conjunctivae ? ute. She became quiet; the pains con- Was there any bright blood mixed with Formulas.

the vomited matter? Was the grumous matter blood, or was there any history of the patient having eaten anything to give that appearance to the vomit?- ED.]

(In our issue for November, 1897, we began republishing the formulas for the leading advertised nostrums. We do this believing that physicians have a right to know what the people are taking, and that they ought to know in order to administer proper antidotes if called in case of an overdose, which often happens, particularly with the various soothing syrups given to children. Back numbers can still be furnished to those who wish the series complete. 1

Formulas Wanted. For fluid injections in treatment of hernia ; for the Globe Hair Restorer, made by the Globe Manufacturing Company, of Grinnell, Iowa ; for the Ne Plus Ultra Face Beautifier.

Dr. Ludwig Fritsch, of Evansville, Ind., wishes to ask : " What is the future of medical science and art?"

Also: “Did the Lord create bacilli, bacteria, etc., first? or did they come into being as the result of disease after man's appearance upon earth ?"

[The editor will answer these questions by simply saying that he doesn't know. For the answer to the first question we will simply have to wait and see. Every decade brings great changes in the practice of medicine. What future changes will be, in either the science of medicine or the sociologic relations of the medical profession, no one can say. On the second question we will not speculate. Let the biologists answer.- ED.)

A subscriber sent us a suppository that is being used in his vicinity for “ female complaints.” A chemist of our acquaintance very kindly submitted it to some tests, and he says : “All that I can make out of the suppository is that it contains some fatty matter with borax.

It may also contain some vegetable extract.' Perhaps this is jequirity, as most of these remedies contain this drug.

Points in Eclectic Practice.


The modern Western “Rectal Specialist” is a obliged to the eclectic readers of THE MEDI- lineal descendant of the original pile doctor. He CAL WORLD who will explain the following uses still, in common with many reputable phyto me:

sicians, the hypodermic method in treating piles, Dr. Scudder, in his "Specific Medicines,"

but his evolution has proceeded so far that he

now undertakes to treat other common rectal recommends bryonia for the right side and

diseases as well, in a fashion peculiarly his own, rhus for the left side as remedies for head- and suited rather to his own convenienoe as an aches. Now, since the equilibrium of the itenerant, than to his patients' real welfare. He brain on both sides of the head is, accord- no longer buys his secret and local right to pracing to physiology, the same, then why

tise, but invests from fifty to one hundred dol

lars in one of the “systems." He thus obtains does Dr. Scudder give different remedies

a complete set of instruments and a small secret for the right and for the left ? Why not manual of instructions, which "enable persons vice versa ? He does not explain his rea- of no particular skill to treat successfully all recson, and I would like to know what his tal diseases." As a matter of fact, many of purpose is.

H. ROSAHNSKY, M. D. these persons are not medical graduates at all, Brooklyn, N. Y.

but mere adventurers, whose entire knowledge of their specialty consists in what their little

book of instructions has furnished them. In Diabetes Mellitus.

some instances the itinerant is not allowed to Editor MEDICAL WORLD :--Have any of

know the composition of the various remedies

directed by the secret pamphlet. He must buy your medical family had any experience them of the author of the “system,” thus conwith “Allouez Spring Water," of Green tinually paying him tribute. Several of these Bay, Wis., in diabetes mellitus? If so, “systems,” by underselling each other, have wish they would report. I have two cases

greatly reduced their prices, so that from three

hundred dollars they have now fallen in price to of that disease and am anxious for the

fifty and even less. --Andrew's Rectal and Anal best treatment. F. D. BADGER, M. D.

Surgery. Coventry, Vt.


GONORRHEA. For Removing Stains Caused by Urine.

The formula for Velpean's Compound was Editor MEDICAL WORLD:— Will some of given me several years ago by a friend. The your readers give me a formula for remov

drug stores have destroyed their old prescription

files, and I have lost my copy. After putting it ing the stains on woollen cloth caused by

up for myself a few times, I found that if I folthe dribbling of urine?

lowed a certain plan in making the compound, Virden, Ill. J. R. TROTT, M. D. the resulting mass was always what I wanted.

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