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and they must pay trust prices for the articles lations with some country able to supply free raw material

or the finished product, or both. governed by trusts. This makes the trust "If the Tinplate Trust advances the price of tinplate, as it safe, whatever may be the price of wheat, corn, has begun to do, the duty on tinplate will be put in the most cotton, wool, etc. It is right to sustain normal serious peril. This duty was imposed to create a competitive

domestic industry, not to enable a trust to earn money on a (not abnormal) prices, if they are sustained all

capital of $50,000,000. So with the Paper Trust. In the last along the line, so that all producers will get the fiscal year, 1898, the exports of printing paper were 107,405,403 benefit of the same. When the farmers prosper,

pounds, worth $2,702,351. An export of this magnitude shows

that paper can be made at least as cheap here as anywhere manufacturers prosper, for farmers are able to else. Yet even with these exports, as long as domestic buy; then also there is plenty of work at good

competition exists, the duty is valuable to maintain this

competition. prices for mechanics and good business for the “The International Paper Company has destroyed this merchant. By a proper solution of the money domestic competition. It is imposing on all consumers of question the normal prices of all staple products $55,000,000 when its plant could be replaced for $15.000.000. would be sustained. This is fully explained in The first step under these conditions ought to be to admit the book called “Rational Money," which all

Canadian paper and paper pulp free in the treaty now under

negotiation with Canada. If this does not give the needed voters should read before voting on the money competition, paper and paper pulp should go on the free list question. The sustaining of prices of staple and foreign competition should replace the domestic compeproducts would assure normal prosperity to all

tition destroyed by the Paper Trusi.” producers of the same, and consequently to the

The extent to which trusts are growing is bemasses of people in general. But the sustaining coming alarming. They seem to multiply in of trust prices of trust products benefits only the both hard times and good times. few who are in the trust, and makes the masses

A recent New York dispatch says: of the people contributors to the prosperity of the The year 1898 was most prolific of trusts. Returning progtrusts.

perity brougbt with it an unparalleled outburst of combina. We have now seen bow competition is crusht,

tions and consolidations. The year closed with more trusts

brewing than ever before. A trust craze seems to have de. and prices advanced or sustained. Production is velopt. In dozens of important industries men are travel cheapened by the concentration of production in

ing and telegraphing and telephoning to bring about consol.

idations of competing concerns. tbe most favored localities, use of the latest and

The new conoerns incorporated during the twelve months best machinery, etc. This is economically cor- have an aggregate capitalization of more than a quarter of a rect, but it entails much hardship by the closing

billion dollars. This, of course, is a different thing from a

capital of that amount, and represents merely the quantity of of many factories, thus throwing many operatives paper certificates in the form of shares which these trusts out of employment. Thus at the expense of la

have caused to be printed and hope to dispose of to the

public bor, the monster's profits are enhanced,

Since the opening of the new year the numberof new trusts As to remedies, the most sweeping one is for incorporated or projected bas multiplied, and the reaction

ary effect is seen in the dispatches from State capitals anall the people to be in the trust. Then economy

nouncing the introduction of legislation intended to check of production would be a virtue, because all their growing power. would be benefited impartially by it. However

A table compiled by a local paper gives ninety-two trusts rational and complete this remedy may be, we

formed during 1898, and embracing every department of in

dustry. The aggregate capitalization is hown to be $1.292,are not ready for it, as it would put into the 749.200, of which $957,957,300 is common stock and $334,791,900 hands of the Government many and various en


The bonded indebtedness will increase the total to over terprises. At the present time the Government $1,500,000,000. A few comparisons will enable one to grasp could not successfully conduct these enterprises.

the meaning of this great capital.

The total value of the United States wheat crop of 1896 is It should begin with the distinctly public enter- placed at $310,602,539--less than one-third of the capital of prises, as the telegraph, railroads, etc.

1898 trusts. But there is another remedy that would be

The value of all the horses in the United States in 1897 was

estimated at $152,649,396. quite effectual, and it is entirely feasible. A pro- The value of mineral products in 1896 was $623,717,288; tective tariff is said to be for the purpose of pro

sheep in 1897, $67,020,942; milch cows in 1897. $369,239,993.

The value of sugar consumed in this country is now about tection of American labor, but I have never $220,000,000 a year. The total of wages paid in the sugar reknown the most extreme protectionist claim that fining industry is about $2,000,000_-less than one six-hun. it should protect American trusts. Yet, when

dredth of the new trust capital of 1898. Senator Pettigrew offered an anti-trust amend- There has not yet been found a way for farmers ment to the Dingley bill when it was pending in the to form a trust to sustain normal prices for their Senate, it was not sustained by the party that products. Farmers are at the mercy of railroads has always advocated a tariff for the protection and of competitve prices in a world market. The of American labor. However, at this late day, prices of farmers' products are determined in the Philadelpbia Press, which bas always been Liverpool, minus the freight charges made by one of the leading organs for a protective tariff, combined carrying companies. Farmers are not says:

protected by either a tariff or bounty, yet for “The organization of vast corporations, heavily over-capi

what he buys he must pay trust prices, and these talized, which monopolize entire industries and whose trusts are protected by our tariff laws. Our avowed object is to exclude competition, must vitally alter public opinion and the demands of public policy on the pro

enormous exports that we have been boasting so iective duties imposed for the benefit of these industries. much of for the past few years, and which give a “Protection assumes, as a fundamental principle, that a

heavy “balance of trade" in our favor, are high duty will be accompanied by a free internal competition. ::This competition will operate both to reduce

made up very largely-three-fourths or morethe price at which the article produced is sold by the manu. of agricultural products. Yet we grant the farfacturer and increase that at which the manufacturer buys labor, because, botb in selling his product and in biring bis

mer no protection, either directly or indirectly hands, the manufacturer is competing with other protected (except on wool), and make him pay trust prices manufacturers.

for most that he has to buy, as our tariff laws "But if this competition is removed by the sale of all the plants in an industry to a giant corporation, neither object protë -* the trusts. We have a law against trusts, of the duty will be achieved. Prices will not be reduced

e never yet bad an attorney-general and wages will not be maintained. Under these conditions the inevitable step must be to apply competition from abroad

that woud enforce it. It is said that the attorneyby reducing the duty, removing it or establishing special re- generals under every recent administration have

but we

At any

been corporation or trust attorneys.

doctor, and in writing the Mellier Drug Company rate the anti-trust law is practically a dead-let- concerning it, mention THE WORLD. ter, for these illegal organizations thrive and

Try Acneine in eruptive skin disorders. Send multiply in spite of it. We want just and equit

for a sample and mention THE WORLD. able laws, and equality under the law. When

Hymosa is highly recommended in all rheuwill we get such simple justice as this? Later: The following news item shows that

matic affections as curative, not merely pallia

tive, and leaving no unpleasant after-effects. the trust industry is still active.

A full-sized bottle will be sent gratis to any phy, The trusts that have appeared since January 1st and the sician sending 25 cents to prepay transportation. amount of capitalization of each are as follows: Cereal trust, Chicago, $100,000,000 ; soap trust, Chicago,

Read the advertisement on another page, and in $100,000,000 ; cast iron and foundry trust, Chicago, $24,000,000 ; writing, mention THE WORLD as the source of milk trust, Chicago, $10,000,000 ; bank combine, Baltimore, $2,500,000; American Radiator Company, Trenton, N. J.,

your information. $10,000,000 ; Union Tobacco Company, New York, $24,000,000; Wire and Nail Company, Philadelphia, $1,000,000; second

Ecthol contains the active principles of echisoap trust, Boston, $29,000,000; Artificial Rubber Company, nacia and shuja, and is anti-purulent, anti-morTrenton, N. J., $1,000,000; American Copper Company, Tren. bific, a corrector of the depraved conditions of ton, N. J., 8600,000; bicycle saddles, Cleveland, O.; $1,500,000 ; Spool Cotton Company, New York (capital unknown); Amer.

the fluids and tissues. Send 25 cents for a samican zinc trust, Toledo, O., $5,000,000 ; American Steel and ple bottle and mention that you saw it in The Wire Company, $90,000,000; chewing gum trust, New York,

WORLD. $15,000,000; whisky trust, $200,000,000; American Car and Foundry Company, $60,000,000, and the woolen mill trust, in Terraline is useful in grip, phthisis and all which all the large mills in the country will combine, with a capital of $60,000,000. There are also rumors that the shoe pulmonary complaints. It is antiseptic sedative, manufacturers will combine with a capital of from $20,000,- a reconstructive tissue-builder, and easily re000 to $30,000,000, also that the winter wheat flour manufacturers will combine with a capital of $40,000,000.

tained by the stomach. Write for samples and From the foregoing it will be seen that there is a tendency literature, as offered in the advertisement elseto combine all the great industrial operations and how it will where, and mention THE WORLD. affect business generally remains to be seen.

The Chicago Daily News, in commenting on the condition of affairs likely to ensue from the formation of so many

The Pomeroy Company is making excellent trusts, says: “It is time to begin forming the consumers into supporting belts. Write for circulars. trusts,"

The Daily News' suggestion sounds very nice in theory, but Caroid, the vegetable pepsin, conveys no rewith competition barred and the power of men endowed pulsive idea of the ingestion of animal secretions. with countless millions to control the supply and raise the prices of the necessities of life, which the masses will be

Send for literature and mention THE WORLD. obliged to pay or starve, with this condition of affairs staring them in the face, there is only one trust left for the con

Have you taken advantage of Kress & Owen's sumers to join—which is simply a trust in God.-Exchange. offer of a sample of Glyco-Thymoline ? Read

their advertisement elsewhere, and when you Don't neglect to send all notes on treatment. They will be write tell them where you saw it. of value to somebody,

Dr. J.S. Wheeler, of Quincy, Cal., says: "Send THE WORLD Douche for Nasal Catarrh, Ozena, etc. for another year. It is too useful to be missed." Do not forget special offer of WORLD for four years for $3.

R Antikamnia and Codein Tablets. No. xxiv, Hope you will join our large and happy “family." It is a Sig.-Crush and dissolve six tablets in a pint family of mutual helpers.

of tepid water and use one-third as a douche B. F. Shipley of Alpha, Md., says: "I like THE WORLD more three times a day. Shake well before using. and more with each issue, not only for its many valuable hints on the practice of medicine, but as a wonderful teacher on governmental principles. Keep on with the good

My son, aged 12, had been growing nervous over the shock of his brother's death, and seemed

to derive po benefit from any remedies used in Practical Points,

his case. I put him on Celerina, and had markt benefit before the first bottle was used, and he

has almost entirely gotten over it with the help The Kelley Hot-air or Vapor Bath is gaining a of another bottle I got for him. I consider it a high reputation. It is inexpensive and uncom- very nice and efficient nervine, just the thing for plicated. Write for particulars and mention the children and nervous and delicate persons, THE WORLD.

where there is great prostration. I shall use it Tyree's Antiseptic Powder has been highly freely.-N. P. Frassoni, M.D., Moosic, Pa. recommended in leukorrhea, gonorrhea and gleet. I have used Freligh's tablets for cough folRead the advertisement elsewhere, and in send- lowing la grippe with the most satisfactory reing for sample, mention THE WORLD.

sults. They act promptly where other remedies The Natural Body-brace fills an important in

fail. I would advise my medical brethren to dication in female weakness. Write for pamphlet give them a trial. They will not be disappointed, and physician's discounts, and mention THE

but will be pleased with their effects.-A. F. WORLD.

Todd, Mt. Solon, Va. Read the advertisement

by I. O. Woodruff & Co., and give them a trial. Crystallose-Heyden is an excellent substitute for sugar in diabetes. Read the advertisement

In the depraved condition of the blood followand investigate its merits.

ing diphtheria, scarlet fever, and other acute

infectious diseases, treatment with Armour's exUsed internally and externally Tongaline tract of bone-marrow will meet all the indicameets all indications in rheumatism, grip and tions by acting as a stimulant to the formative neuralgia. It acts on all excretory organs and processes increasing the production of hemohas no ill effects reactionally. It has won for globin and red corpuscles, promoting cell-proitself golden opinions from the profession and liferation, and supplying the new-born cells with courts fullest investigation clinically. Try it,

(Continued over nert leaj.)


The Medical World

The knowledge that a man can use is the only real knowledge; the only knowledge that has
life and growth in it and converts itself into practical power. The rest hangs

like dust about the brain, or dries like raindrops of the stones.-FROUDE.

The Medical

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sions the following:

Does calcium sulfid exert a beneficial effect on suppurative processes? How?

In cases of hepatic colic, what results can be obtained from the use of chloroform? Also, of olive oil ?

In what manner does veratrum viride influence eclampsia ?

What effect may be expected upon the course of the intestinal lesions of typhoid fever from the administration of the sulfocarbolates ?





General Obstetric Considerations. "THE MEDICAL WORLD,"

Typhoid fever may be epidemic, small1520 Chestnut Street

pox may threaten, cases of grip and pneuPHILADELPHIA, PA.

monia present themselves daily, but, after

all, the phenomenon of birth is the one VOL. XVII. APRIL, 1899.

No. 4.

thing the general practitioner is sure to be called upon to witness, sooner or later,

more or less frequently. Of the cases he ALLIED PRINTING

will attend in obstetric experience, by far TRADES

the larger number are sure to be normal, PHILADELPHIA

and, it would seem, would require little discussion at the hands of those long in the

harness. Yet it is just of the normal cases Editor's Drawer-Shall We Have a New of labor that we wish to speak, elucidating Department?

certain points in management that will The suggestion made on page 150 by probably in their entirety be familiar to Dr. Eede, of Leamington, Ont., strikes us few and yet which from one point or the as a most practical one, and if the con- other may refresh memory or awaken new sensus of thought of the readers of THE trains of thought. Sometimes, as an old World is in favor of the establishing of physician once quaintly put it, "the the new department, this will be done in things we are most familiar with we after the manner outlined. The full scope of all know the least about.”

It does no one the department is developt so well in the harm to formulate his knowledge somecommunication referred to that it need not times and discover how little able he is to be more fully gone into here.

give definitive outlines to much that he With a view to inaugurating the departs should know as he knows his own life.




How to conduct the normal case of The following brief outline of points labor? “Oh, we all know that!" But possibly does not comprise all that might do you really know all that is necessary to be noted, but all that is absolutely essential know? Do you know how to approach will be found. your patient? What arrangements do you Ascertain whether the patient has had make with your obstetric nurse? Do you other children, and if so, how many and douche, ante-partum or post-partum ? Do the character of the labor in each confineyou use chloroform or ether? Do you ment. Have there been any abortions, hasten labor

intervention and if so, at what period of pregnancy, and save in urgent cases ? Every accoucheur to what, in the patient's opinion, attributhas slight differences from others in his able? Fix the probable date of confinement methods, and some good reason for all that from the usual data. Gather family hishe does, no doubt. Here lies an opportu- tory, especially as to renal and cardiac nity for better knowledge. Why not sufficiency. Note the habit of the patient compare ideas ?

as to constipation, plethora or anemia, etc. Too frequently the obstetrician gives his Has there been a history pointing in any pregnant patients no attention, under the way to venereal disease ? idea that their condition is a physiologic Constipation must be carefully corrected, one, and that they must be regarded as in- the bowels being kept regular thruout the dividuals in good health until labor begins entire period. Once in two weeks thruout and he is summoned to deliver the child. pregnancy the urine should be examined This view must be condemned as in many for the possible appearance of albumin, cases productive of much harm. In the con- and in the last month such examination dition of pregnancy the border-line between should be made at least once a week. Exdisease and health is by no means a rigid ercise should be regular, and out-of-door one, and it is so easily modified that only to the greatest extent compatible with the closest watch can in some instances conditions of the weather, but should be prevent the thoro establishing of some restricted in kind and degree to less than serious complication, enabling it to gain would produce fatigue. Lifting-exercises great headway before it is detected.

should especially be forbidden, as well as The physician generally meets his ob- jumping or anything likely to cause strain stetric cases during the second month of or jar. pregnancy, the patient calling in reference The amount of meat should be restricted, to the cessation of the menstrual flow, in and it should not be eaten more than once order to ascertain whether this is indica- a day. If the ravenous appetite that is tive of pregnancy or of some pathologic characteristic of pregnancy in some women process. This is the time for him to take appears, it should never be fully gratified, the first steps to a proper conducting the food being given more frequently posof the entire case. The confidence of the sibly, but always in moderate quantities. patient, if she is not already an old patient A too generous diet places too great a and therefore presumably establisht in strain upon the kidneys of the pregnant faith in her family physician, should be woman, and the fact that an accident in gained at this time, and general directions the nature of eclampsia has not before ocas to the regulation of exercise, diet, etc., curred is in no way a guarantee against its be given in order to conduce to an easy, appearance in the pregnancy then present. uncomplicated labor.

Also, too great an amount of nutrition has Gentle questioning should obtain all the disadvantage of sometimes increasing necessary particulars from the patient, and the size and weight of the child and thus these should be systematically entered into increasing the difficulties of paturition. a case-book for reference by the physician. Exposure to wet and cold and to drafts

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must be guarded against, in some instances duration of the process, and here too many one such exposure being sufficient to bring make the mistake of committing themselves on an attack of acute nephritis, with fatal to some definite period. In no condition results to both mother and child. If the is it more advisable to give an evasive reteeth decay, an evidence of under-nutri- ply than in this. The average duration tion, the syrup of the tactophosphate of of labor in women who have had several lime should be given daily. During the children is about 7 hours; in a first conlast two months of the pregnancy, gentle finement it is apt to be about 17 or 18 massage of the nipples should be practised, hours. It might be well, according to a together with anointing them with some well-known authority, to give such nonemollient such as sweet almond oil, in or- committal reply as “the length of the der to keep them soft and lessen the dan- labor will depend upon the strength of the gers of fissure.

paing.” This phrase is very profound in The sure diagnosis of pregnancy seems its apparent wisdom, and is likely to satalways an easier matter to the inexperien- isfy the inquirer. It certainly will not ced than to the old practitioner. There is expose the physician to injurious comment, no common condition of the human frame no matter what the length of the parturithat is so often diagnosed as something tion may be. else or so frequently overlookt. Yet there A physician should give an obstetric are no mistakes in diagnosis so discredit- call the precedence of almost everything ing to the physician as this, nor so little else. When he comes into the presence of excused by the laity, particularly when, his patient he must bear in mind the inas is quite possible, serious results occur creased sensitiveness characteristic of preg-from sich lack of certitude. Cases are on nancy, and avoid doing anything to offend record in which men with national reputa- the patient thru this condition, so exag. tions as obstetricians and gynecologists gerated in labor. His demeanor should be have operated for tumors on the pregnant cheerful, but not obtrusively so, and, espewomb. Other cases conceded to be preg- cially, sympathetic. Any statements the nancy have finally been determined to be parturient should desire to make should be ovarian cyst, pseudocyesis, etc. It is for listened to attentively and met responsthis reason that the trite rules for sys- ively. There should be a general neatness tematic examination of the patients have of dress, and no odor of tobacco or liquor. been given above, for one of the surest He should see that there is at hand some means of avoiding such errors is the habit brandy, a little ether, several ounces of the of making a methodic and careful routine the fluid extract of ergot, a binder for the examination of every patient in whom mother, clothing for the infant, large and pregnancy may be possible (even when not small safety pins, castile and green soap, probable), neglecting not a single one of alcohol, a pair of blunt and a pair of sharp the important subjective or objective signs, scissors, old linen, soft towels, absorbent and looking for them in the order they cotton, hot water (means for heating it may be expected so as to not omit any. It also), vinegar, antiseptic tablets, a fountain must be remembered also that in regard to syringe, a bed-pan, a new, soft-rubber the subjective signs the patient's state. catheter, five yards of carbolized gauze, a ments must not be depended upon, save as skein of bobbin, a piece of tape, carbolated they are confirmatory of the diagnosis of vaselin, aseptic silk ligatures, hypodermic probable pregnancy, and not then if there equipment, the obstetric forceps, hemostats, is on her part great desire for offspring. needle-holder, a small electric battery, etc.

The common question put to a physician The above are some of the obvious called in labor, after he has made his pre points, and yet there is in all something liminary examination, is as to the probable new, something provocative of debate, and

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