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..4 oz.

exceedingly in this way, particularly after

KELLOGG'S RED DROPS. eating canned peaches or strawberries.

Take of -
Spirit of camphor

2 oz.
Spirit of origanum

oz. Columbiana, 0.

Oil of sassafras.

Oil of turpentine ..
The Protean Forms of Grip.

Color mixture (about)

.4 oz. Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Is there any

Mix.-Pharmacist and Chemist. proper name for the sickness that is so prevalent this winter? The cases we PEARSON & Co.'S CIRCASSIAN HAIR REJUVEhave mostly in adults come on with chills

NATOR. and severe aching pains through the body, One fluid ounce contains :

Lead in solution ...

.1.40 gr. severe gastro-intestinal pains to start with, temperature 102° to 105°, and in

Lead in the sedimeut

.1.31 gr.

-Secret Nostrums and Systems. adult females they usually terminate with genito-urinary troubles, and especially where there is a foul breath and rough

LINDSEY'S PAIN CURE. coating of tongue they linger three to “ This is an excellent application for pain of four weeks. They all show a red tongue,

any kind, or in any place, and especially for neu

ralgia and inflammatory rheumatism." especially the point and edges, with

I obtained this from Mr. G. W. Snyder, of Des excess of water on point of tongue and Moines, :lowa, the present manufacturer; wbo sides.

B. PHILLIPS. very readily gets 50 cents for three-quarters of Leeper, Pa.

an ounce.

Alcohol [Your symptoms are all included in the

Ethereal oil of wine

.4 dr. form of grip that is prevalent this year.

No, six....

.4 oz. This is a protean disorder and presents

Spts. camphor.

4 oz. different characteristics in every epidemic. Oil of hemlock

2 oz. -Ed.]

Oil of cinnamon.

I dr. Oil of sassafras

.1 oz. Oil of cloves

4 dr. Formulas.


.2 02.

Chloroform [In our issue for November, 1897, we began republishing the Sweet spirits of nitre

.4 oz. formulas for the leading advertised nostrums. We do this believing that physicians have a right to know what the peo

Chloral hydrate ple are taking, and that they oughi to know in order to ad- Lard oil

4 oz. minister proper antidotes if called in case of an overdose,

Oil cedar

.4 oz. which often happens, particularly with the various soothing syrups given to children. Back numbers can still be fur. Oil origanum nished to those who wish the series complete.]

Oil wintergreen

.2 dr.

Mix. It may be taken internally in doses of 5 Formulas wanted : Viavi cerate; King's New to 60 drops. Discovery for Consumption ; Cas-ka, sold by the The number six is tincture of capsicum and Aztec Medicine Company of San Francisco. myrrh, made double strength. The spirits of

Formula wanted : Five Drops,” warranted camphor is also made double strength by the aid to cure rheumatism.

of chloroform.-Dr. McCann.
Formula Wanted: Pastor König's Nerve


Take of-
Take of-

Sulph, quinia ...

.1 dr. Corrosive sublimate...

Sulph, cinchona..

.1 dr. Muriatic acid....

..4 dr. 12 drops.

Ext. colocynth
Wine colchicum seeds.

.8 oz. Rub in glass mortar and gradually add :

Tinct. verat. viride

.1 oz. Compound spirits of lavender .. 1 oz.

Dilute alcohol....

.8 oz. Dose:-Five to twenty drops in wine, or spirits and water,

Sherry wine

.31 oz.

Mix. Dose-One teaspoonful.
A powerful alterative in syphilitic diseases.-
Secret nostrums and Systems.


This antifebrile powder is represented to be Take of

made from pure P. & W. quinin, 11 grain of Powdered castile soap .

.2 oz.

which is equivalent to 1 grain of the pure sul. Carbonate of potassium

.4 dr. fate. It really is practically tasteless, provided Nitrate of potassium.

.2 dr. it is not followed by an acid or spirituous liquid, Powdered gum arabic

.5 dr. by which a bitter taste is developt. Chemists Oil of juniper.....

.2 fi, dr. testify to the fact that the powder does not conMix.-Druggist's Circular.

tain quinin as claimed. We may report on this

2 oz.

2 oz.

1 oz.

.10 gr.

.7 gr. 38 gr.

3 gr.

subject some other time, but will say now that Current Medical Thought. the writer is of the opinion that this article is prepared by introducing dry alkaloidal quinin

The Medicinal Properties of Onions. into liquefied resin, and grinding the mass after it has cooled. We invite experiments by our According to the Manitoba and Northreaders.- Western Druggist.

west Canada Lancet, onions are a kind of

all-round good medicine. A whole onion KEATING'S COUGH LOZENGES.

eaten at bedtime will, by the next mornTake of

ing, break the severest cold. Onions make Lactucarium.

a good plaster to remove inflammation Ipecac...

and hoarseness. If an onion is masht Squills.

3 Ext, licorice.

3 dr.

so as to secure all the juice in it, it will Mucil. tragacanth..


make a most remarkable smelling subMix and divide into lozenges each containing stance that will quiet the most nervous 19 gr.–Secret Nostrums and Systems,

person. The strength of it inhaled for a

few moments will dull the sense of smell LIEBIG'S CORN CURE.

and weaken the nerves until sleep is proThe following formula for Liebig's Corn Cure

duced from sheer exhaustion.
is said to be very effective :
Take of -

Is Diabetes Contagious ?
Extract of cannabis indica..... .5 parts
Salicylic acid.

.30 parts

M. Ledieu answers this question in the Collodion

.240 parts

affirmative in his thesis of the faculty of Mix until dissolved. Apply with a camel-hair medicine of Paris. He bases his opinion pencil four consecutive nights and mornings to on cases of conjugal diabetes, as well as form a thick coating. The collodion protects

on those of persons becoming diabetic as the corn from irritation and rubbing, while the extract of cannabis indica acts as an anodyne,

a consequence of daily intercourse with

diabetics, or handling things made use of and the salicylic acid dissolves and disintegrates the corn.

by them. He enumerates these cases of For relieving the pain of corns the following contagion of diabetes which have for the has been recommended :

most part been already publisbt in the Take of

recent work of M. Boisameau.-N. Y. Med. Powdered sugar of lead

1 dr.

Jour. Powdered myrrh

.1 dr. Powdered camphor

.1 dr.

The Influence of Coitus with White Men in laPowdered litharge...

.1 dr.

ducing Sterility in Aborginal Women. Sweet oil and saxoline, of each sufficient. Make the powders into stiff paste with sweet Dr. Sarsfield Cassidy, of New South oil, then add saxoline to bring up to the consist- Wales (Medical Council), says that it is ency of an ointment. It is stated that this ap- well known in that country and establisht plication gives almost instant relief.

beyond doubt that an aboriginal native The following is a formula sometimes used to

woman of Australia will never bear childdissolve and soften corns :

ren to an aborignal man after she has once Take of Solution of potassa

.1 dr.

had offspring by a white man. It has been Tincture of iodine..

.1 dr.

tried in vain to find an instance where the Glycerine....

4 dr. aboriginal woman, having returned to the Water sufficient to make..

black man's camp, though sound in mind -Secret Nostrums and Systems. and body and absolutely free from any dis

ease whatever, and having lived there with LEE'S GRAVEL REMEDY.

black men whose power of reproduction Take of

was beyond dispute, did not nevertheless Sapo. rid

.4 oz.

remain absolutely barren. Sal. nitre pulv.

.4 oz. Oil juniper

If, says Dr. Cassidy, the diseases of Gum arabic pulv.

...1 oz.

civilized life were communicated to the Sal, absinth...

.1 oz.

woman before her return to the gunyah of Beat into a mass. Dose-One pill three times the black man, thereby placing her hors de a day on an empty stomach.

combat in the work of reproduction, the Keep the mass entirely excluded from the air,

problem might be easily susceptible of soin a bladder or wide mouth bottle covered with

lution ; but it has been proved, he says, oiled silk. Pills are to be made of the size of buck shot. Drink dandelion tea for a constant

over and over again that the women being drink—"nothing else."-Secret Nostrums and absolutely sound and the man entirely Syste m s.

able, no results follow their union even

4 oz. .1 oz.

under the most favorable circumstances. reappear later when the crisis of asystolia Should she, however, return among white shall have passt and the heart shall have folks, she conceives with evident ease. regained the upper hand. The black man does not taboo her during It is difficult, according to the author, her stay with him, but, on the contrary, to state whether the menopause is modi. on account of her mixing with the whites, fied by the existence of cardiac lesion. he treats her with special friendship and Duroziez's statistics, however, tend to ardent affection.

show that the menopause is hastened Such is also the case on the west coast when the mitral valve is involved, and is of Africa, where the black woman who has normal or retarded in all other cases, the lived with a white man is especially retardation being especially remarkable in favored by the native males.

lesions of the aortic orifice. Moreover,

cardiac patients are exposed at this period Menstrual Troubles and Heart Disease. to considerable and repeated losses of

Dr. Guilmard (Revue Médicale), has blood, so that some time after the menojust publisht a work demonstrating the pause metrorrhagias occur, influenced exinfluence of heart disease on the menstrual clusively by a cardiac affection. function, which influence has been denied. The conclusion drawn by the author is, Mitral stenosis is found to be most often a that whenever one finds menstrual irregycause of dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia and larities whose cause is not obvious, ausculmetrorrhagia. Next in order come mitral tation of the heart should be practist with insufficiency and disease of the aorta. He great care ; for while there may coexist is said to have establisht the fact that uterine affections, the heart needs special menstrual troubles of cardiac origin are attention. In short, metritis is at times met with in more than half the cardio- the intermediary between cardiac influence pathic patients, the cardiac trouble being and hemorrhage, whether of alien origin first manifested at puberty. If the young or directly provoked by the cardiac lesion. girl is affected with simple mitral stenosis, which is the most frequent cardiac affec- Coryza, Apparently of Dental Origin. tion at this age, the lesion has in most E. P. Collett (Journal of Ophthalmology, cases remained unnoticed up to this time. Otology, and Laryngology), records the The establishment of menstruation is dif- case of a physician who suffered from perficult, and, according to Mathieu, there sistent coryza, principally unilateral, for are often excessive losses, amounting to three or four weeks. Examination demveritable metrorrhagia, with dysmenor- onstrated no physical cause except some rhea. These symptoms commonly attract stigmata on the middle turbinated bone, attention to the generative organs rather associated with general vasomotor dilatathan to the heart, if there is not at the tion of membrane. Neuralgic pain in same time chlorosis. One should not, temple, malar bone, and subsequently therefore, make a hasty diagnosis without behind right ear, supervened. Local treatcarefully auscultating the heart. After ment proved of no avail. The writer found some regular menstruations, or even at a periodontitis of the first maxillary pretimes after the first three, supervenes a molar, which he extracted—no pus was period of several months of amenorrhea, evacuated. The neuralgia was cured next followed by a sanguineous flow, sometimes day and the coryza in three days. abundant, often scarcely appreciable, and of such irregularity that the girl does not

The Ethics of Low Fees. know whether it corresponds to her period To take a small fee, says the Indian or not. During her entire sexual life, the Medical Record, because the patient cancardiac sufferer is exposed to various acci- not afford a large one, is to act up to the dents. Two conditions are essential to true principle of the profession and to keep the production of hemorrhage : First, a up, in its strict form, the honorarium relatively good general health ; and, sec- which the fee professes to be. To charge ondly, a heart vigorous enough to wrestle a low fee, in order to attract practice, is a successfully with the lesion. So soon as suicidal policy. It degrades the practi. the heart begins to fail, and edema and tioner who does it to the level of a huckdyspnea appear, the patient falling into ster, and it pauperizes the person to whom an asystolic condition, not only the hemor- the charge is made, and leads him to put rhages, but the menses themselves are a purely commercial estimate upon the suppresst, giving place to amenorrhea, to services rendered.

Table of the Exanthemata.-[From the Indiana Medical Journal.]














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Scales or large

flakes ; about 1 week.

2 to 3 weeks.



Few hours to 3 or 4 days.

1 to 3 days.

24 hours.

bright red; pol.
ished; with well-
defined raised


4 to 8 days.


Branny, or in large flakes.

1 to 3 weeks.



10 to 12 days.

4 days.

4th day.

Macules; small,
dark red, with
crescentic bor-
ders. Complete

in 24 hours.

4 to 5 days.

then downward

over body.

Branny; 8 to 11


2 weeks.



8 to 17 days.

24 to 48 hours.

48 hours.

Macules; rose,
colored ; rounded ;)


3 days.

Face and scalp;
then downward

over body.

Slightly branny.

4 to 7 days.



1 to 21 days.

24 hours.

1 to 2 days

Diffuse; scarlet;


Neck, chest, face
then over body.

7 to 10 days.


5 to 35 days.

6 to 8 days.

7th day.

In crops; rose-
colored, lenticular


Each crop 3 to 5
days; last 10 to 20

days or thruout
the whole course

of the fever.

Abdomen, chest

and back.

Slightly branny,

or none.

3 to 4 weeks.



4 to 12 days.

5 days.

Usually 5th day; Measly spots ; pe.
may be on 3d,

techite; streaks;
or not till 7th day.

mulberry red,

Few days, or may sides of chest and
last thruout the

abdomen; arms;
course of the


Slightly branny.

2 to 4 weeks.



4 to 10 days.

1 to 2 days.

12 to 24 hours

In crops ;

5 to 8 days.

Back, chest,


Crusts ; 5 to 8


2 weeks.



8 to 14 days.

3 days.

4th day.



21 to 25 days.

Face, and over


Crusts; 12 to 22


4 to 5 weeks.



Alkaloidal Treatment of Pneumonia.

The use of salicylates should be susA brief outline of the alkalometric treat pended whenever delirium is present. ment of pneumonia may be stated as follows:

Gelsemium for Colds. 1. See to the hygiene of the house, its According to Nottage, there is a certain surroundings, the sick-room and the pa- variety of cold for which gelsemium is as tient.

near specific as any drug can be. The 2. Empty the bowels thoroly by giving patient feels cold chills running up the a teaspoonful of saline laxative every two

back. A clear watery fluid runs from his hours until the stools are light-colored

nose. Now give the gelsemium and next and odorless.

morning the cold is gone.-N. Y. Med. Disinfect the alimentary canal by Times. giving from four to ten W-A intestinal antiseptics or their equivalent daily.

Our Monthly Talk 4. Give digitalin enough to steady the heart, beginning with gr. 1-67 every half- Do you know what a “trust” is? The comic hour.

opera definition of mascot is: “A mascot is a 5. Give aconitin enough to subdue

mascot." And we are usually told that a trust

is a trust. Selfish schemers are shrewd, even to congestion, relax cutaneous vaso-motor

the choosing of names. Hence the "goodyspasm, and thus "equalize the circulation"

goody" name " trust” was chosen for the acme and moderate the fever. Begin with gr. of villainy. A “trust" is a combine. This 1-134 every half-hour.

combine is entered into to crush competition, 6. Apply wet or dry heat to the chest, sustain prices and cheapen production. Competihot mush jackets, water-bags, "flap-jacks,"

tion is crushed in this way: The victim is chosen mustard

and his trade is located; then ruinously low rates and molasses, flannels

are offered to his patrons—below cost of producsprinkled with turpentine.

tion if necessary-until the victim's trade is de7. The preceding rules apply to all moralized, and his patrons all taken from him. forms of the malady. We now come to The trust being strong and powerful, can conthe question of sthenia. For sthenic cases

tinue this program until the individual manufacadd veratrin, gr. 1.134, every half-hour.

turer is ruined, or forced to sell his plant to the

trust at only a fraction of its value. Then the 8. For asthenic cases add to the digi

price of the article goes up again higber than betalin and aconitin strychnin arseniate, gr. fore, and the former patrons of the ruined pro1-134, every half-hour.

ducer must begin to pay tribute to the monster. 9. For aged patients increase the But all this time the prices have been high in strychnin as may be needed, giving any

other places ; so while the trust was losing temquantity provided the effect is produced.

porarily in one place, it was getting abnormal

profits in other places, so it could have continued 10. For drunkards give strychnin for

this warfare indefinitely, and the individual opereffect, as for the aged.

ator was doomed to certain destruction sooner or 11. For hemorrhagic cases give ergotin, later. Thus one by one the victims are markt gr. 1-6 to 1-2 every half-hour; or relieve and exterminated. If the goods are a kind that the vascular tension by dilating the cata

can be shipped to various parts of the country,

the victim's wings are clipt short by discrimineous capillaries with atropin, gr. 1.500

nating freight rates, and in many instances this every half-hour.

is the only weapon tbat the trust needs. For a 12. For infants, paint the chest with graphic presentation of this feature of trust optincture of iodin and treat as above.

erations, read Henry D. Lloyd's great book, 13. Be ready to change from veratrin

"Wealth against Commonwealth.'* On account

of this great public evil a law was passt estabto strychnin or vice versa as occasion re

lishing the Interstate Commerce Commission, to quires.

make transportation rates uniform, and prevent 14. Do not let any patient die, unless discrimination. The Commission has been in he is in the last stages of some incurable existence a number of years, yet in its recent redisease and nature simply sends him pneu- port it says: “There is probably no one thing tomonia as a means of putting an end to his

day which does so much to force out the small sufferings.-Alkaloidal Clinic.

operator, and to build up those trusts and monopolies against which law and public opinion alike

beat in vain, as discrimination in freight rates. In the case of mild recurrent piles, Competition being thus crushed , prices can easily Bulkley has obtained excellent results be raised and sustained. It is impossible for from the internal administration of ich

“hard times” to come to a successful trust. thyol, ten to fifteen minims after each

Necessities, as sugar, are usually chosen for trust

operations. The people must have necessities, meal, sometimes combined with the exter

*Published by Harper Bros., N. Y. Price, $1—one of the nal application of the remedy.

biggest one dollar's worth in literature.

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