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depresst heart action; fitful burnings,

A Nice Point of Ethics. with hurried and difficult respirations and Editor MEDICAL WORLD : - Allow me flusht face. These tell all too plainly the thru your highly appreciated magazine to involvement of the medulla, mental de- seek the advice of the profession. I have rangement and death.

made what I consider a very valuable I have not considered this from the therapeutic discovery, in what seems to standpoint of the bacteriologist, for I me an absolute specific for malaria. This cannot consent to regard microorganisms, I shall call for the present the “ Alter spegerms or bacilli as the cause of any dis- cific," until I can determine the proper ease, but as the result of degenerative course to follow in the matter in regard to processes. Again, the sequels of la grippe my interest and my duty to the profession. fortify this position. I instance painful My attention was first called to this and dangerous neuroses as meningitis, agent about 23 years ago, as a cure for cerebritis, neuritis, otitis, convulsions, intermittent fever. Some years subsequent hystero-epilepsy, paralysis, and, not in- to this I was led to test its specific value frequently, insanity.

in the treatment of what we southern pracIn the treatment of la grippe, the phy- titioners call “swamp fever," that is the sician, especially if he has been any length malaria hematuria of the text-books. In of time in his field, can (and is inexcus- regard to the proper therapeutic measures able if he does not) instruct his patients to adopt in this particular type of malarial in all that will fortify the nerves,-in diseases, there is a great diversity of opinregard to their habits, food and other ion. Whatever may be the value of quinin hygienic measures. He knows the history, in other forms of malarial manifestations, the idiosyncrasies and physical peculiar- it is not successful in the type under conities of the families in which he practises, sideration. and he can tbus demonstrate that preven- I have frequently observed the hemation is better than cure.

turia to make its appearance upon the La grippe will find the worried business ingestion of a dose or two of quinin. I man and the brain-worker, the men and claim for the “ Alter specific" that it will women whose nerves are wasted by disease, stop the hematuria without causing supexposure, or excesses; and it is the task of pression (which is sometimes caused by the doctor, in a great measure, to prevent the astringent plan of treatment). It its development in many cases.

will cause the icteroid appearance of the For the acute catarrhal symptoms, skin to disappear. It will act upon and sodium salicylate is a valuable remedy, tone up all the organs involved in the promptly cutting short this disagreeable pathologic condition. condition and rendering the patient more I believe that chemistry will be able to comfortable. I use Abbott’s granules that obtain an alkaloid from this drug which the dose may be better regulated. For the will supersede quinin in the treatment of depresst condition of the heart, a good prep- all malarial diseases. I am also convinced, aration of kola is of signal service, any reli- reasoning by analogy, that it will be available preparation of the fresh nut, as Parke, able in the treatment of yellow fever, but Davis and Company's. For the alarm- I will not discuss this at present. ing wavering condition of the heart, I I shall hope that THE WORLD will not have found good results from a granule of think this unworthy of publication, as I atropia sulfate and glonoin (Abbott's). would be glad to know what the profession This granule is not advanced by Dr. thinks would be my duty in this matter. Abbott for this purpose, but its influence I think I ought to have the benefit of my in equalizing the circulation, struck me as discovery. I shall expect to hear from fitting it for this condition, and results some of your many readers. have proved it. I rely on ferro.phospbo- England, Ark. W. M. ALTER, M. D. rated taraxangium from start to finish, [It must be frarkly stated that the and have had good results in all forms of highest ethical good of the profession and nervous disease. J. P. KOONSE, .I. D. of the race is conserved by the disposition La Fayette, Ind.

which has always been shown by doctors

all over the world, to give without money What are your views as to treatment of measles ?

and without price, their discoveries for the Dr. Waugh's book on Treatment and THE WORLD one year for $5.

benefit of humanity. In this respect the "Here is a renewal for your valuable journal. I would doctor is more Christlike than is the memSON, M. D., Lauderdale, Miss.

ber of any other of the so-called liberal

not be without it for several times its cost."-W. J. STEVEN

professions. It is a very curious thing, hair, like the skin, is porous, and subbut usually when an effort is made by any serves an important purpose from that physician to retain for himself the benefit fact. Whether a tincture or infusion so of any discovery, the result to himself is innocent as baptisia might not, nevertheusually a loss of money and credit, and less, do injury by obstructing the pores, is the enriching of some firm of manufac- worth an investigation. turers which has undertaken to push the I am tempted to repeat a statement that product. It does seem proper that the appears in the newspapers. A diet of cardiscoverer of any principle should profit rots is said to benefit the hair of the horse. thereby, but it is exceedingly difficult to The Chinese, the article says, declare that point out just how this can be done. The a diet of rats makes their hair healthy and policy of the best of the profession and glossy, and appeal for proof to the fact the force of all example is against it. Yet that their countrymen are seldom bald. the matter is placed before THE WORLD Nor did I ever see one gray.

Yet I am family, and a free discussion is invited on skeptical on their diet theory, as well as this nice point of ethics.-ED.]


This premature decay of the hair, neverLead In Hair Restorers.

theless, is a serious matter. Bald and Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-A correspond- gray youthful heads, and diseased teeth, ent from Slatington asks whether anyone are suggestive of vital deterioration. The knows of actual cases where paralysis oc- agency of the stiff hat is an unequivocal curred as a result of using hair restorers. cause of baldness. The arsenic and other I knew a physician 30 years ago in Albany, poisonous ingredients employed in preparN. Y., who dyed his hair with a lead prep- ing the material for hats are also active in aration and blackened his beard with destruction. I have questioned likewise silver nitrate. He was paralyzed so como whether the frequent cutting of the hair pletely as to die outright on short notice. did not overstimulate growth and exhaust A second case, almost precisely similar, the vital energy of the bulbs. “ Shingoccurred with another physician in the ling" the head I consider as an abominacity of New York. He dyed for 10 years tion. Certainly the close cutting of the hair or more and then died.

in the occipital region is pernicious. The In 1869 I purchased a drug store in region of the medulla oblongata needs all New York. In the stock were some bot- the protection that nature furnishes; and tles of “Hair Renovator." The equivo- the denuding of it exposes the most sensical language of the wrapping led me to tive part of an organisin to the action of surmise that it might arrest the falling of heat and cold to a degree that is often danthe hair. As I was becoming bald, I be- gerous. “Heart disease,” as the phrase thought me to make an experiment. I is bandied, is thus induced. Women are applied it by directions, and observed that seldom bald or prematurely gray, and the color of the hair was darkened. The probably the practice of wearing the hair, same night I awoke from sleep with a and the bonnets which are of no service violent throbbing in the head. It was not but show, have much to do with it. Of neuralgic or painful, but I did not like it. course those of us who carry the bald polls A few days later I made a second appli- love to console ourselves like N. P. Willis cation, and with a recurring of the same by imagining that our thinking is the phenomenon. This made me certain of the matter. It was my first and last That diet may be a prominent cause of experience with a hair preparation.

premature fading of the hair is very probA hairdresser in New York, named able; white hair seems to abound in lime, Perry, publisht a little treatise in 1859, black hair in iron and brown hair in sul. on treatment of the hair, in which were phur. This, if correct, is an argument several recipes for dyes. I observed that against an exclusive feeding on cereals. he recommended wild indigo or baptisia. It is certain that the fruits growing here, This plant abounds in New England, and the apple, pear, peach, blackberry, etc., an infusion of it will produce a dark purple can be made staples of diet as they now stain of the 66 Tittlebat Titmouse " kind. are not, and be promotive of health. They I would suppose this harmless, though I abound in iron, which would recommend cannot say whether it is durable. If I them for experimentation. Like reasonwere to surmise any injury from it at all, ing might apply in behalf of the leek, garit would be from a mechanical cause. The lic and onion. But I am conjecturing. I


would myself recommend faithful washing over to see my mother, with a very imand friction of the head as the best appli- portant message—said she was in deep cation. Water will cure about everything trouble. She said that Mary had been curable. Good hours, good habits gener- discharging “live things” from her bowels, ally, and plenty of sunshine, are as trust- by the handful, she supposed maggots, and worthy as any expedient.

wanted her to lay the matter before me, In regard to carbuncles, I have had little and see what I could do for her. On my experience. I had one between my shoul- return home from my rounds among the ders in 1882, which was all that I desired. sick, my mother told me of it, and how I have a mortal antipathy to being cut,

alarmed the family were.

Of course I and so bore with it. Chancing to remem- took in the situation, and just smiled and ber the prescription of the prophet Isaiah lookt wise, and told mother that was all for King Hezekiah's carbuncle, we resorted right, tell them to just keep up the treatto his remedy. The pulp of figs was ment, and I would see her in time to make placed on a poultice and applied. The the necessary change. swelling disappeared as by magic, and The sequel was that Mary got well and healing soon followed.

stout and roay and had no more sickness Cranberries have been named as a sure in the time that I kept sight of her-some remedy for grippe. Very likely; the six years. She had an older brother who rheumatisms, neuralgias, influenzas, pneu- ventilated the matter over town and monias and exanthemata, so common of country that Mary had had the benefit of winters, and epidemic in winters like this, the best medical talent from North Carohave their foundation in the uric acid that lina to Georgia and thence to Arkansas, abound in the body. The vegetable acids and that Dr. Hinton was the first and only like cream of tartar, lemon juice and very one that had found out what

was the likely cranberry juice, have an influence matter with her. to decompose the urates, to render them Of course they thought I knew those innocuous and to eliminate them from the

worms were infesting the rectum, and body.

ALEXANDER WILDER. knew how to get them away, when I didn't Newark, N. J.

know or think of anything of the sort,

but I kept quiet and let the rest of them Take it as it Comes.

do the talking. In the estimation of the

family and friends I was the greatest Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Away back doctor in the world. I did not try to in the 50's I had taken my first course of undeceive them, but went ahead with my lectures, and returned home with a little studies and practice, and had plenty of stock of drugs and a pair of saddlebags, money to go to college the next fall and determined to pursue my studies and graduate. make enuf to put me thru my second and The moral is that doctors get abuse graduating course. I was at my father's, where it is not due, and get praise where on the farm, two and one-half miles from it is not due. Don't worry. Take it as the county seat. Well, I began to prac- it comes; it will balance up all right, if tise in the neighborhood, branching out you go ahead and do your duty. further gradually and making some repu- Prescott, Ark. R. L. HINTON, M. D, tation, for I was blessed with success, when I was called to see Miss Mary

Warts. aged about 20 years, residing a short mile Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-As a safe from my father's. I found her very much destroyer of warts, the milky-yellow juice broken down in health, having had chills of the celandine (chelidonium majus),.a for some three years, getting them broken weed painfully common in Europe and up only to have them return in a short naturalized here, has never failed me. time. She said she had been under the As the acrid escharotic principle to which treatment of the best doctors from North is due its effect, resides more or less in all Carolina to Georgia, and thence to Arkan- members of the natural family of papasas. She looked as if life was a burden,- veraceæ, to which celandine belongs, the completely woe-begone.

juice of stylophorum diphyllum Nutt Among other things I gave her pills to (celandine poppy), or sanguinaria officibe taken three times a day, of aloes, car- nales; “ bloodroot,” may be substituted bonate of iron and quinin.

with the same therapeutic result. In about three days her mother came Allegheny, Pa.


Quiz Department.

any enlightenment upon the treatment of Questions are solicited for this column. Communications

diabetes mellitus I would be very gratenot accompanied by the proper name and address of the ful. In the case referred to the specific writer (not necessarily for publication) will not be noticed.

gravity of the urine runs from 1035 to The great number of requests for private answers, for the in. formation and benefit of the writer, makes it necessary

1040, and the per cent. of sugar I cannot for us to charge a fee for the time required. This fee will give, but it is high, as shown by the test be from one to five dollars, according to the amount of research and writing required.

with Fehling's copper and soda solutions.

I have two cases under my care. The Chronic Pharyngitis.

one I relieved about a year ago on Fowler's Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-On page 449, solution potassium

solution potassium bromid and codein October World, I reported a case of sulfate, not allowing any food containing chronic pharyngitis for advice as to its any amount of sugar or starch and boiling treatment. No one has seen fit to answer the water he used. The patient did not my query. I am deeply interested in this adhere to his restricted diet and it came case and report the progress of it, hoping back on him. He appears to improve very someone who has had experience with slowly, if any, on same treatment this similar cases will write an article on the time. The other case does not improve subject.

any. I have tried rhus arom., lithia carMy patient showed no signs of improve- bonate and other medicines as indicated. ment with the treatment I mentioned in

R. E. HOLMES, M. D. the October WORLD so I stopt it. He Spruce Creek, Pa. was then instructed to spray his throat [One of the best articles upon the treatand nose with a solution of listerine and ment of diabetes that we have seen for a 15 vol. sol. H,02, and given a general years is that by Dr. Benjamin Edson, in tonic. But his throat continued to get the January WORLD. We can do no betworse and finally got so sensitive that he ter than refer you to this.-Ed.] could not swallow. I gave him lozenges of cocain and gelatin to be dissolved on Diabetes Mellitus-Prognosis and Treatment. the back of the tongue just before eating, Editor MEDICAL WORLD:~My son, nine this enabled him to swallow liquid food years old, has suffered with diabetes melbut it would return thru the nose during litus since December 25. Will you please the act of swallowing unless he compresst place the subject before your readers for the alae nasi with one hand. The above advice as to prognosis, treatment, etc.? It plan of treatment we kept up for two or is of a grave form. He is now very low. three weeks with no apparent improve

W. E. FOWLER, M. D. ment. I then gave him :

Brookville, Kans. B

[We regret that any prognosis of diaPot. iodid

.. zi betes, particularly in so young a patient, Syr. sarsap. comp. .

must be grave. Give tonics-iron, arsenic, M. Sig. Teaspoonful after each meal. strychnin, codliver oil, etc.,-associated

He began to improve at once, and in a with opium and its alkaloids, particularly short time the cocain was no longer needed codeia. Exclude all sugars and starches and withdrawn. I have not examined his from the diet. Use lemonade and other throat since this time, but he says it does acid drinks. Give frequent salt-water not trouble him. There was no indication baths followed by friction, place wool next or history of specific trouble.

the skin and give plenty of rest and sleep. Flat Lick, Ky. W. R. ARTHUR, M. D. One of the best articles recently publisht

[This seems to be one of the puzzling on this disease is that by Dr. Benjamin cases that have their origin in the rheu- Edson in the January World.-Ed.] matic diathesis. Potassium iodid often produces excellent results in such but bet- A Puzzling Case, Possibly of Inflammation ter effects are claimed for the salicylates

of the Gall-duct. internally and locally as a spray, when Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-In this locality combined with general tonic and supportive Ward's liniment and Chamberlain's cough treatment.-ED.]

syrup are used very much. Will you give

the formula for them ? Here is a case for Diabetes Mellitus.

diagnosis. Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I have gotten A lady 43 years of age has been suffermany direct pointers out of your journal ing with a periodic disease for 12 years. n my practice, and if anyone can give me She has had a number of doctors and gets

q. s. ziv


conflicting diagnoses. If from the symp- indicates some defect of nutrition. Try toms which follow, one or more readers massage, the salicylates and some bloodtake the same view that I do, I would feel builder with a nourishing diet and openmy diagnosis was correct.

air exercise.--Ed.] While in the best of health, a little flatulence will be noticed in abdomen,

Difficulties of Practice in China. which is accompanied by light pain. In

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-If you can tense pains always follow in from one to

obtain it, will you kindly publish the formtwo days, and last from two to six hours,

ula of Harter's “ Patent Remedies for during which morphia or chloroform has


Ague, Coughs, and Liver Pills." always been given. The following one to

firm has presented a case to a man near three days she suffers with a localized pain in the center of the epigastrium.

here, not a physician, and he is giving

them out to the Chinese as wonderful The intervals are from two weeks to a

cures, and claims that the “Ague Cure" has year in length, and have no relation to the menses.

cured many cases of Plague. These were The bowels are often costive and stools dark. No gall-stones could probably bad cases of ague that needed a

cathartic, all such cases being badly conever be found.


stipated. To go four and five days with

no movement of the bowels, is common Three Cases For Diagnosis.

here. Editor MEDICAL WORLD : May I in- Opium and morphin is being passt off quire of your readers the best method of onto the Chinese in all forms imaginable, treating bemorrhage from the umbilicus and we hope that this is not a new form. after the cord has come away.

ELLEN M. Lyon, M. D. I have a female patient who complains

Foochow, China. of swimming in her head when she lies on [We trust some one can give this formher back. This also comes on when she ula, and can assure Dr. Lyon of ur symsuddenly gets up or turns over in bed; she pathy with her struggles against such obis otherwise perfectly healthy. She is 28 stacles in her heroic work in the Orient. years of age and married. What does this Ed.] indicate? A man, also 28 years of age,

Cure For Eczema. severe attack of grip and pleuro-pneumonia Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Every numfour years ago

Recently he has been ber of the MEDICAL WORLD is worth one bothered with "spells" coming on occas- year's subscription to me. I am encourionally in the night just after he goes to aged by the example of others to ask help sleep. These cause him to suddenly jump of your readers. up in bed and are accompanied with diffi I have several cases of some kind of culty in getting breath, followed by pain eczema or what I would call the itch. The in the region of the heart.

itching is very severe, patients scratch Wanted-diagnoses and treatment of themselves nearly all over the body, until these cases.

J. A. BRADY. nearly the whole skin is covered with St. Matthews, Ky.

scabs. I have failed to cure them. Will

some one give me a reliable formula thru Neuralgia of Mal-Nutrition.

the MEDICAL WORLD ? Editor MEDICAL WORLD: - My wife, ,

0. H. FRANKS, M. D.

Seabrook, Kansas. two months pregnant, has almost continually attacks of excruciating neuralgia or cramps or numbness in the right arm

Who Owns The Prescription ? and hand. She had been affected thus Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-I answer the last year, only during the last month of above question by having printed on the bother pregnancy. She is otherwise in good tom of my prescription blanks—"NOTE:health. I have been able to give her no Under no circumstances is this prescription permanent relief with antispasmodics or to be refilled or copied without my written analgesics: bromin, antifebrin, phenace- order. It is intended only for the present tin, etc. I have also tried electricity (fa- stage of this case.” radic) with no results.

Can anyone describe the cause of canned St. Francois, P.Q. L. V. VEZINA, M. D. fruit causing excessive production of gas in

[The condition you describe generally the stomach ? I have a patient who suffers

had a very

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