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XXIII. Studies in Spectrum Analysis. By J. Norman Lockyer,

F.R.S. With six photographic Illustrations of Spectra, and

numerous engravings on Wood. Third Edition. 6s. 6d. XXIV. A History of the Growth of the Steam Engine. By

Professor R. H. Thurston. With numerous Illustrations. Third

Edition. 6s. 6d. XXV. Education as a Science. By Alexander Bain, LL.D. Sixth

Edition. 55. XXVI. The Human Species. By Professor A. de Quatrefages. Fourth

Edition. 55. XXVII. Modern Chromatics. With Applications to Art and In

dustry. By Ogden N. Rood. With 130 original Illustrations.

Second Edition. 55. XXVIII. The Crayfish: an Introduction to the Study of Zoology. By

Professor T. H. Huxley. With 82 Illustrations. Fourth Edition.

55. XXIX. The Brain as an Organ of Mind. By H. Charlton Bastian,

M.D. With numerous Illustrations. Third Edition. 55. XXX. The Atomic Theory. By Prof. Wurtz. Translated by G. Cleminshaw, F.C.S. Fourth Edition.

5s. XXXI. The Natural Conditions of Existence as they affect

Animal Life. By Karl Semper. With 2 Maps and 105

Woodcuts. Third Edition. 55. XXXII. General Physiology of Muscles and Nerves. By Pro!..

J. Rosenthal. Third Edition. With Illustrations. 5s. XXXIII. Sight: an Exposition of the Principles of Monocular and

Binocular Vision. By Joseph le Conte, LL.D. Second Editiori.

With 132 Illustrations. 55. XXXIV. Illusions : a Psychological Study. By James Sully. Second

Edition. 55. XXXV. Volcanoes : what they are and what they teach.

By Professor J. W. Judd, F.R.S. With 92 Illustrations on

Wood. Third Edition. 5s. XXXVI. Suicide: an Essay on Comparative Moral Statistics. By Prof.

H. Morselli. Second Edition. With Diagrams. 55, XXXVII. The Brain and its Functions. By J. Luys. With

Illustrations. Second Edition. 55. XXXVIII. Myth and Science : an Essay. By Tito Vignoli. Third

Edition. 55. XXXIX. The Sun. By Professor Young. With Illustrations. Second

Edition. 55.


XL. Ants, Bees, and Wasps : a Record of Observations on the

Habits of the Social Hymenoptera. By Sir John Lubbock, Bart.,
M.P. With 5 Chromo-lithographic Illustrations. Eighth Edition.

5s. XLI. Animal Intelligence. By G. J. Romanes, LL.D., F.R.S.

Fourth Edition. 55. XLII. The Concepts and Theories of Modern Physics. , By J. B. Stallo.

Third Edition. 55. XLIII. Diseases of the Memory; An Essay in the Positive Psychology. By Prof. Th. Ribot.

Third Edition. 55. XLIV. Man before Metals. By N. Joly, with 148 Illustrations.

Third Edition. 55. XLV. The Science of Politics. By Prof. Sheldon Amos. Third Edition.

5s. XLVI. Elementary Meteorology. By Robert H. Scott. Fourth

Edition. With Numerous Illustrations. 55. XLVII. The Organs of Speech and their Application in the

Formation of Articulate Sounds. By Georg Hermann

Von Meyer. With 47 Woodcuts. 5s. XLVIII. Fallacies. A View of Logic from the Practical Side. By

Alfred Sidgwick. 5s. XLIX. Origin of Cultivated Plants. By Alphonse de Candolle.

5s. L. Jelly-Fish, Star-Fish, and Sea-Urchins. Being a Research

on Primitive Nervous Systems. By G. J. Romanes. With

Illustrations. 55. LI. The Common Sense of the Exact Sciences. By the late

William Kingdon Clifford. Second Edition. With 100 Figures.

55. LII. Physical Expression : Its Modes and Principles. By

Francis Warner, M.D., F.R.C.P. With 50 Illustrations. 5s. LIII. Anthropoid Apes. By Robert Hartmann. With 63 Illustra

tions. 55. LIV. The Mammalia in their Relation to Primeval Times.

By Oscar Schmidt. With 51 Woodcuts. 55. LV. Comparative Literature. By H. Macaulay Posnett, LL.D. 5s. LVI. Earthquakes and other Earth Movements. By Prof.

John Milne. With 38 Figures. 55. LVII. Microbes, Ferments, and Moulds. By E. L. Trouessart.

With 107 Illustrations. 55.

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LVIII. Geographical and Geological Distribution of Animals.

By Professor A. Heilprin. With Frontispiece. 5s. LIX. Materials for a Code of International Law. By Professor

Leone Levi. LX. The Weather. By the Hon. Ralph Abercromby. With numerous Illustrations.

[In the Press.


BRACKENBURY, Col. C. B., R.A. - Military Handbooks for

Regimental Officers.
I. Military Sketching and Reconnaissance. By Col.

F. J. Hutchison and Major H. G. MacGregor. Fifth

Edition. With 15 Plates. Small crown 8vo, 4s.
II. The Elements_of Modern Tactics Practically,

applied to English Formations. By Lieut.-Col.
Wilkinson Shaw. Fifth Edition, With 25 Plates and

Maps. Small crown 8vo, gs.
III. Field Artillery. Its Equipment, Organization and Tactics.

By Major Sisson C. Pratt, R.A. With 12 Plates. Second

Edition. Small crown 8vo, 6s.
IV. The Elements of Military Administration. First

Part : Permanent System of Administration. By Major

J. W. Buxton. Small crown 8vo, 75. 6d.
V. Military Law: Its Procedure and Practice. By Major

Sisson C. Pratt, R.A. Third Edition. Small crown 8vo,

45. 6d.

VI. Cavalry in Modern War. By Col. F. Chenevix Trench.

Small crown 8vo, 6s.
VII. Field Works. Their Technical Construction and Tactical

Application. By the Editor, Col. C. B. Brackenbury, R.A.

Small crown 8vo. BRENT, Brig.-Gen. 7. L.-Mobilizable Fortifications and their

Controlling Influence in War. Crown 8vo, 5s. BROOKE, Major, C. K.-A System of Field Training. Small

crown 8vo, cloth limp, 25. Campaign of Fredericksburg, November-December, 1862.

A Study for Officers of Volunteers. With 5 Maps and Plans.

Crown 8vo, 55. CLERY, C., Lieut.-Col.–Minor Tactics. With 26 Maps and Pları..

Seventh Edition, Revised. Crown 8vo, 9s. COLVILE, Lieut. Col. C. F.-Military Tribunals. Sewed, 25. 6d.

CRAUFURD, Capt. H. 7.—Suggestions for the Military Train-.

ing of a Company of Infantry. Crown 8vo, Is. 6. HAMILTON, Capt. Ian, A.D.C.—The Fighting of the Future. Is. HARRISON, Col. R.-The Officer's Memorandum Book for

Peace and War. Fourth Edition, Revised throughout.

Oblong 32mo, red basil, with pencil, 3s. 6d. Notes on Cavalry Tactics, Organisation, etc. By a Cavalry

Officer. With Diagrams. Demy Svo, 125. L'ARR, Capt. H. Hallam, C.M.G.–The Dress, Horses, and

Equipment of Infantry and Staff Officers. Crown

Svo, is. SCHAW, Col. H.-The Defence and Attack of Positions and

Localities. Third Edition, Revised and Corrected. Crown

8vo, 3s. 6d. STONE, Capt. F. Gleadowe, R.A.-Tactical Studies from the

Franco-German War of 1870-71. With 22 Lithographic

Sketches and Maps. Demy Svo, 30s.
WILKINSON, H. Spenser, Capt. 20th Lancashire R.V. - Citizen

Soldiers. Essays towards the Improvement of the Volunteer
Force. Crown 8vo, 2s. 6d.

POETRY. ADAM OF ST. VICTOR.–The Liturgical Poetry of Adam of

St. Victor. From the text of GAUTIER. With Translations into English in the Original Metres, and Short Explanatory Notes, by DIGBY S. WRANGHAM, M.A. 3 vols. Crown 8vo, printed

on hand-made paper, boards, 215. ALEXANDER, William, D.D., Bishop of Derry.--St. Augustine's

Holiday, and other Poems. Crown 8vo, 6s. AUCHMUT'Y, A. C.- Poems of English Heroism : From Brunan

burh to Lucknow ; from Athelstan to Albert. Small crown 8vo,

Is. 6d.

BARNES, Willian.-Poems of Rural Life, in the Dorset Dialect. New Edition, complete in one vol.

Crown 8vo, 8s. 6d. BAYNES, Rev. Canon H. R.-Home Songs for Quiet Hours.

Fourth and Cheaper Edition. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, 25. 6d.
BEVINGTON, L. S.-Key Notes. Small crown 8vo, 5s.
BLUNT, Wilfrid Scawen. The Wind and the Whirlwind,

Demy Svo, is. 6d.
The Love Sonnets of Proteus. Fifth Edition, 18mo. Cloth

extra, gilt top, 5s.

BOWEN, H. C., M.A.-Simple English Poems. English Literature

for Junior Classes. In Four Parts. Parts I., II., and III., 6d.

each, and Part IV., Is. Complete, 3s. BRYANT, W. C.-Poems. Cheap Edition, with Frontispiece. Small

crown 8vo, 3s. 6d. Calderon's Dramas : the Wonder-Working Magician - Life is a

Dream—the Purgatory of St. Patrick. Translated by DENIS

FLORENCE MACCARTHY. Post Svo, jos. Camoens Lusiads. — Portuguese Text, with Translation by J. J.

AUBERTIN. Second Edition. 2 vols. Crown 8vo, 125. CAMPBELL, Lewis.—Sophocles. The Seven Plays in English Verse.

Crown 8vo, 7s. 6d. CERVANTES.-Journey to Parnassus. Spanish Text, with Trans.

lation into English Tercets, Preface, and Illustrative Notes, by

JAMES Y. GIBSON. Crown 8vo, 125.
Numantia: a Tragedy. Translated from the Spanish, with

Introduction and Notes, by JAMES Y. GIBSON. Crown 8vo,

printed on hand-made paper, 5s. Chronicles of Christopher Columbus. A Poem in 12 Cantos.

By M. D. C. Crown 8vo, 7s. 6d. CLARKE, Mary Cowden. Honey from the Weed. Verses.

Crown 8vo, 75. COCKLE, Mrs. Moss.-Fantasias. Small crown 8vo, 25. 6d. COXHEAD, Ethel.—Birds and Babies. With 33 Illustrations.

Imp. 16mo, gilt, 2s. 6d. Dante's Divina Commedia. Translated in the Terza Rima of

Original, by F. K. H. HASELFOOT. Demy 8vo, 16s. DE BERANGER.-A Selection from his Songs. In English

Verse. By WILLIAM TOYNBEE. Small crown 8vo, 25. 6d. DENNIS, 7.-English Sonnets. Collected and Arranged by. Small

crown 8vo, 25. 6d. DENT, Mrs. William.-Ceylon: A Descriptive Poem with Notes.

Small crown 8vo, Is. 6d.
DE VERE, Aubrey.--Poetical Works.


The Foray of Queen Meave, and other Legends of Ireland's

Heroic Age. Small crown 8vo, 5s.
Legends of the Saxon Saints. Small crown 8vo, os.

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