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of the smaller embellishments, are by Mrs. Smyth : the morning and evening
views of the house are from the pencil of my youngest son, Henry Augustus,
now a Captain in the Royal Artillery : the ancient north front of the house, the
Muniment-room, Pompey's Pillar, and some other pieces, are by my daughter,
Ellen Philadelphia : the rebus-vignette on the title-page was imagined and
drawn by my son-in-law, the Rev. Professor Baden Powell, of Oxford : and the
Map of the Vicinity was reduced by myself from the Ordnance Survey, with local
additions and corrections, together with the new. survey of the Homestead,
plan and sections of the Observatory, and some of the wood-cut illustrations.
Thus, you will perceive, it is a “family piece” which I now present, with
assurances of remaining

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