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Praying and Working;

Being some account of what men can do when in earnest. By the Rev. W. FLEMING STEVENSON. 12mo. “Praying and Working will be found more interesting than any novel," -- The Daily Review, Oct. 20.

It has been our lot to read many books, but never have we read a book in which there was more direct moral earnestness, and the power to bring that to bear effectively upon the inquiring and open-minded, than in this 'Praying and Working' of Mr. Steven

We are sure our readers will not rise from the volume till they have thanked us in their hearts for recommending it to their attention."--The Montrose Review, Oct. 10.

Mr. Stevenson's book is one of great value and interest. It consists of detailed biographies of John Falk, Immanuel Wichern, Theodore Fliedner, John Evangelist Gossner, and Louis Harms. The names of these noble philanthropists have hitherto been but little known in this country, but this volume will doubtless make them henceforth as familiar as those of Clarkson, Howard and Wil

berforce."--The Book Circular for October. Parish Papers.

By NORMAN MACLEOD, D. D., author of “Wee Davie,”
“ The Gold Thread,” etc. 12mo.

The Last Day of our Lord's Passion.

By the Rev. WILLIAM HANNA, LL.D. 12mo.

1 25 “Dr. Hanna's new work, as a prose poem on 'The Last Day of Our Lord's Passion,' stands alone in the crowded ranks of our theological literature. It has a greater value than a whole ship load of treatises on the evidences."-Edinburgh Witness.

“A lucid, tender and beautiful delineation, which we trust thou

sands will read.".-Patriot. Vesper:

A Series of Narratives. By Madame the Countess de
GASPARIN. 12mo..

0 90

By the same Author. The Near and Heavenly Horizons. 12mo, gilt top.

1 25 "The Near and Heavenly Horizons' is a charming book. Madame de Gasparin has the touch of genius, which has the strange gift of speaking to every one 'in their own tongue."". London Athenaeum.

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