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the text does not mean, than what it does. His general convictions are not shaken. The most that can be said is, that his ignorance of sacred criticism makes certain texts perplexing, which, if he understood the whole subject, would be perfectly plain. It is the purpose of these lectures to remove this perplexity, to point out those circumstances, in the texts alleged, which show not only that they do not teach the Trinity, but do teach something else, perfectly consistent with the divine Unity.

The reader will find in this book some repetition, obnoxious perhaps to literary criticism. The same texts are repeated in different connexions. This could not have been avoided, without sacrificing fulness and strength of argument to literary symmetry. The same texts are found to have an important bearing on different points of the general argument.

The concluding lecture was originally one of the course, but it introduces a subject somewhat foreign to the main purpose of the book, — the primitive organization of the church. It is printed in the course, on account of the illustration it contains of the meaning of the forms of baptism, and its relation to a subject at this moment deeply interesting to the public mind.

BALTIMORE, Oct. 1844.




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Page 18, line 12, for any thing read every thing.

19, 2, for classes read clauses.
22, 12, for possess read possesses.
63, " 30, for persons tead person.
66, 8, for just as Wisdom is &c. read just as Word is &c.

" 27, for that is God, read that is, God. 16 126,

3, for churches read church.
8, for communion read commission.
9, for the doctrine of the second Person read the doctrine

of the incarnation of the second Person.
25, for truths rear truth.

5, for or read and. “ 20, for spirit-revealing truth read spirit revealing truth. 16 25, for abased for read absclved from. “ 14, for and rams rearl of rams.

15. for man read cross.

15, for Mosaic ceremony read Mosaic economy. " 295, “25, for then rend there,

“ 15, for that the Christ read that Christ.

" 26, for as well to the &c. read as well as to the &c. " 309, " 1, for defined read deified.

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Statement of the question
Texts relating to the subject almost all Unitarian
The exclamation of Thomas
Exposition of Romans, ninth chapter .
The indwelling of the Father in Christ .
Worship of Christ








Dr. Doddridge's exposition
Objections to it
Christ being before John the Baptist explained
John's Gospel illustrated by his Epistles
The Word a personification
God's attributes personified in the Old Testament






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