Emergency Immigration Legislation: Hearings...April 15 and 26, 1921

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1921 - 61 pagini
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Pagina 61 - An act to regulate the immigration of aliens to. and the residence of aliens in, the United States...
Pagina 61 - That the number of aliens of any nationality who may be admitted under the immigration laws to the United States in any fiscal year shall be limited to 3 per centum of the number of foreign-born persons of such nationality resident in the United States as determined by the United States census of 1910.
Pagina 61 - Asiatic barred zone, as described in section 3 of the immigration act; (7) aliens who have resided continuously for at least one year immediately preceding the time of their admission to the United States in the Dominion of Canada, Newfoundland, the Republic of Cuba, the Republic of Mexico, countries of Central or South America, or adjacent islands; or (8) aliens under the age of eighteen who are children of citizens of the United States.
Pagina 61 - ... and aliens born in any territory so transferred shall be considered as having been born in the country to which such territory was transferred.
Pagina 61 - Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That as used in this Act, the term
Pagina 61 - States and attempt to enter any other place under the jurisdiction of the United States, nothing contained in this Act shall be construed as permitting him to enter under any other conditions than those applicable to all aliens. That the term "seaman...
Pagina 61 - For the purposes of this Act nationality shall be determined by country of birth, treating as separate countries the colonies, dependencies, or self-governing dominions, for which separate enumeration was made in the United States census...
Pagina 61 - In case of changes in political boundaries in foreign countries occurring subsequent to 1890 and resulting in the creation of new countries, the Governments of which are recognized by the United States, or in the...
Pagina 20 - The Chairman. If there is no objection, it is so ordered. (The statement referred to is as follows :) Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of Georgia, Columbus, Ga., February 24, 1947.
Pagina 61 - alien" wherever used in this act shall include any person not a native-born or naturalized citizen of the United States; but this definition shall not be held to include Indians not taxed or citizens of the islands under the jurisdiction of the United States. That the term

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