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Evening-Arrival by bus at Britannia Hotel.

SUNDAY, JULY 10, 1977

1200-Luncheon at Britannia Hotel.

Afternoon-Tour to Windsor by bus.

1900-2100-Cocktails and buffet given by the U.S. Ambassador to London, Dr. Kingman Brewster at U.S. Ambassador's residence.

MONDAY, JULY 11, 1977

0930-First Plenary Session, Hoare Memorial Hall, Church House. Question Time. Questions from the U.S. delegation:

1. What effects are the Belgrade meetings following up the Helsinki Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe likely to have on East-West relations and on European-United States cooperation? 2. Is there a new trend towards protectionism in European trade patterns? Is this protectionism the answer to industrial trade problems? What revisions are needed in U.S.-EC agricultural trade? Questions from the European Parliament delegation: 1. What are the expected results of the Carter administration's energy program and what effects are expected internationally and in particular in Europe? Could this program limit the uranium supplies required over the next decade for the European Community's nuclear power stations, both those in operation and those that are planned?

2. In EC relations with the Near and Middle East the

Arab boycott against European enterprises trading with Israel is clearly unacceptable. Could the U.S. Congress delegation tell us of legislative or other measures, that have been taken or are being considered in the United States, at the Federal or State: level, against such discrimination? Could the delegation tell us what are the results of these measures so far?

1045-1100-Coffee break in Bishop Partridge Hall, Church House. 1100-1230-Continuation of Question Time.

1245-1445-Working luncheon given by the Chairman of the European Parliament delegation in honor of the U.S. delegation at National Theatre Restaurant.

1500-1700-Concurrent meetings of two joint working groups: Hoare Memorial Hall and Meeting Room No. 429, Church House : 1. Joint Working Group on Human Rights.

2. Joint Working Group on Nuclear Non-Proliferation. 1830-2000-Reception given by Mr. Frank Judd, M.P., United Kingdom Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs at U.S. Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

TUESDAY, JULY 12, 1977

0930-1215-Second Plenary Session Hoare Memorial Hall: Reports from two joint working groups:

1. On Human Rights.

2. On Nuclear Non-Proliferation.

Exchange of views and adoption of Draft Code for Governments and Multinational Enterprises (Lange/Gibbons report). 1230-1430-Delegations depart by bus and embark on MV Valulla at Westminster Pier for boat trip to Greenwich.

1445-1615-Delegations visit Royal Naval College and Greenwich Naval Museum.

1630-Delegations embark on MV Valulla for return journey. 1830-2000-Reception given by the Right Honorable George Thomas, M.P., Speaker of the House of Commons at State Dining Room, Speakers House, Speakers Court, House of Parliament.


0930-1030-Hoare Memorial Hall:

Exchange of views with Mr. Frank Judd, M.P., United Kingdom Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs on current international political issues.

1030-1200-Third Plenary Session:

Continuation of agenda of second plenary working session. General exchange of views on international political issues. 1200-1230-Press conference.

1300-Farewell luncheon given by the European Parliament delegation in honor of U.S. delegation at Connaught Rooms.

Own arrangements.


FRIDAY, JULY 15, 1977

0900-Departure for Washington.



Mr. Mario Zagari, Chairman, Vice President of the European
Parliament, Socialist, Italy.

Mr. Rudolf Adams, Socialist, Germany.

Mr. Jan Baas, Liberal, Netherlands.

Mr. Cornelis Berkhouwer, Liberal, Netherlands.

Mr. Erik Blumenfeld, Christian Democrat, Germany.

Mr. Gérard Bordu, Communist, France.

Lord Bruce of Donington, Socialist, United Kingdom.

Mr. Pierre-Bernard Cousté, European Progressive Democrats, France.
Mr. Maurice Faure, Socialist, France.

Mr. Ernest Glinne, Socialist, Belgium.

Mr. Michael Herbert, European Progressive Democrats, Ireland.
Mr. Hans Edgar Jahn, Christian Democrat, Germany.

Mr. Russell Johnston, Liberal, United Kingdom.

Mr. Erwin Lange, Socialist, Germany.

Mr. Silvio Leonardi, Communist, Italy.

Mr. Charles B. McDonald, Christian Democrat, Ireland.

Mr. Mario Martinelli, Christian Democrat, Italy.

Mr. John Prescott, Socialist, United Kingdom.

Mr. Geoffrey Rippon, European Conservative, United Kingdom.
Mr. Jacques Santer, Christian Democrat, Luxembourg.

Mr. James Scott-Hopkins, European Conservative, United Kingdom.


Mr. Donald M. Fraser, Cochairman, Democrat, Minnesota.

Mr. Sam M. Gibbons, Cochairman, Democrat, Florida.

Mr. James C. Corman, Democrat, California.

Mr. Christopher J. Dodd, Democrat, Connecticut.

Mr. Floyd J. Fithian, Democrat, Indiana.

Mr. Bill Frenzel, Republican, Minnesota.

Mr. James P. Johnson, Republican, Colorado.

Mr. Edward R. Madigan, Republican, Illinois.

Mr. James Robert Mann, Democrat, South Carolina.
Mr. James G. Martin, Republican, North Carolina.
Mr. Richard M. Nolan, Democrat, Minnesota.
Mr. Leo J. Ryan, Democrat, California.

Mr. John William Stanton, Republican, Ohio.

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