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This bill proposes to authorize the President, upon the joint recommendation of the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Agriculture, to add lands totaling approximately 42,240 acres, or such part thereof, as in his discretion may be considered necessary, to the Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah. These lands adjoin the western boundary of the park and extend to the south and west thereof, and are wholly within the Powell National Forest.

Extending to the south and west of the park as at present constituted, is an area containing exhibits of wind and water erosion, comparing favorably in beauty and scientific interest with similar features within the park for the preservation of which the present park was established.

It is proposed to have a joint examination of these lands made by the Park Service and the Forest Service during the coming summer for the purpose of selecting the actual acreage desired for addition to the park. It is desirable that the authority proposed in this bill be had in order that prompt action be taken once the new boundary is agreed upon.

The entire acreage proposed for addition is in public ownership.

In view of the above it is recommended that S. 4170 receive favorable consideration by the department and Congress.



Washington, April 24, 1930.
Chairman Committee on Public Lands and Surveys,

United States Senate,
DEAR SENATOR NYE: Reference is made to your letter inclosing copy of S. 4170,
a bill to provide for the addition of certain lands to the Bryce Canyon National
Park, Utah, and for other purposes, and asking for a report thereon.

The proposed legislation would authorize the President, upon the joint recommendation of the Secretaries of Interior and Agriculture to add to the Bryce Canyon National Park, in the State of Utah, by proclamation, lands within townships 37 and 38 south, range 4 west, Salt Lake meridian. It is expected, of course, should the bill become a law, that an examination of the lands described therein will be made by representatives of the National Park Service and the Forest Service and that based on their report a joint recommendation can be made to the President by the Secretaries of Interior and Agriculture as to what lands, if any, should be added to the Bryce Canyon National Park. This departo ment can see no objection to the proposed legislation. Sincerely yours,

C.F. MARVIN, Acting Secretary.

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APRIL 30 (calendar day, May 7), 1930.—Ordered to be printed

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AGRICULTURL on, April 4,

Mr. BORAH, from the Committee on Foreign Relations, submitted

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(To accompany H. J. Res. 270)

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The Senate Committee on Foreign Relations having had under consideration House Joint Resolution 270 reports the same favorably with the following amendment: In line 9 after the words "subsistence or per diem in lieu of subsistence” insert the words "notwithstanding the provisions of any other act”. The reasons for this amendment are fully set forth in a letter from the Secretary of State, dated April 25, 1930, to the chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, which is hereto attached and made a part of this report.

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Washington, April 25, 1950.
Chairman Committee on Foreign Relations,

United States Senate.
My DEAR SENATOR: There is pending before your committee House Joint
Resolution 270, authorizing an appropriation of $13,000 for

the expenses of participation on the part of the United States in the Sixth Pan American Child Congress

, to be held at Lima, Peru, in July, 1930. The resolution, as reported to the House of Representatives by the Committee on Foreign Affairs, provided for "subsistence, or per diem in lieu

of subsistence (notwithstanding the provisions of any other act),” but on motion of Mr. La Guardia, when the resolution was under consideration, the House struck out the words "(notwithstanding the provisions of any other act)”:

This omission would have the effect of limiting the expenditure for subsistence of delegates to the Congress to the amount provided by the general statute, namely, actual expenses of subsistence not exceeding $8 a day, or a per diem in lieu of subsistence, not exceeding $7 a day. According to the best information which the department has been able to obtain the minimum rate at the one hotel in Lima, at which the delegates would be virtually compelled to stop,

is $4.80

for a single room without meals, and meals would cost in addition not less than $4.30 a day. Allowing for tips and other incidental expenses it is hardly seen how the

expenses of subsistence of delegates can be brought below $12 a day. Accordingly, if the reasonable expenses of the delegates to this congress are to be paid by the Government their expenses for subsistence should be excepted from the limitations imposed by the general statute.

I hope, therefore, that your committee can see its way clear to recommend the
amendment of the resolution by the insertion in line 10 after the words “sub-
sistence, or per diem in lieu of subsistence” the words “(notwithstanding the pro-
visions of any other act)”.
Very sincerely yours,

F. WHITE, Acing Secretary.

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APRIL 30 (calendar day, May 7), 1930.-Ordered to be printed

Mr. Dale, from the Committee on Commerce, submitted the



[To accompany S. 4269)

The Committee on Commerce, to whom was referred the bill (S. 4269) authorizing the Commonwealth of Kentucky, by and through the State Highway Commission of Kentucky or the successors of said commission, to acquire, construct, maintain, and operate bridges within Kentucky and/or across boundary line streams of Kentucky, have considered the same and report thereon with an amendment, and as so amended recommend that the bill do pass.

Page 2, lines 5 and 6, strike out the words, "and acts amendatory and supplemental thereto." The bill thus amended had the approval of the Departments of War and Agriculture, as will appear by the annexed communications, the amendment referred to therein having been incorporated in the bill as reported.

WAR DEPARTMENT, May 1, 1930. Respectfully returned to the chairman Committee on Commerce, United States Senate.

So far as the interests committed to this department are concerned, I know of no objection to the favorable consideration of the accompanying bill (8. 4269, Zist Cong., 2d sess.) authorizing the Commonwealth of Kentucky, by and through the State Highway Commission of Kentucky, to acquire

and construct bridges within Kentucky and/or across boundary line streams of Kentucky, if amended as indicated in red thereon.


Acting Secretary of War.


Washington, D. C., May 1, 1930.
Hon. Hiram W. JOHNSON,
Chairman Committee on Commerce,

United States Senate.
DEAR SENATOR: Receipt is acknowledged of your letter of April 25 transmitting
a copy of a bill (S. 4269) with the request that the committee be furnished with

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such suggestions touching its merits and the propriety of its passage as the department might deem appropriate.

This bill would authorize the State Highway Commission of Kentucky to construct, maintain, and operate the several bridges therein named. It also would authorize the State highway commission to acquire two bridges across the Ohio River, one at or near Milton and the other at or near Paducah, together with a bridge across the Kentucky River at or near Carrollton and a bridge Across the Green River at or near Calhoun. The State highway commission would also be authorized by the bill to maintain and operate all of the bridges therein named as toll bridges, those constructed by the commission as well as those which it may acquire. The State would be authorized to group any number or all of said bridges for purposes of financing and tolls would continue on all bridges within each group until the obligations created against such group shall have been fully discharged. The rates of toll to be charged for transit over bridges in the different groups shall be such as will provide a revenue sufficient to meet maintenance, repair, and operation costs and create a sinking fund sufficient to amortize the aggregate cost of all the bridges in the group within not to exceed 20 years from the date of the approval of this act. Thereafter all bridges embraced in any particular group would be operated free of tolls or else the tolls would be so regulated as to provide sufficient revenue only for maintenance, repair, and operation costs. Favorable action on the bill is recommended. Sincerely,

R. W. DUNLAP, Acting Secretary.

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