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In two subsequent opinions to this department the Comptroller General affirms the decision of March 3, 1927, and adds that the rule would apply in the case of an employee under suspension from duty unless and until he is restored to a pay status.

The rule does not apply to employees removed from the service for causes other than an alleged breach of contract to render faithful service. Since there is no Federal statute authorizing the forfeiture of the earned pay of a Federal employee dismissed under charges of breach of contract to render faithful service, and as it is questionable whether such forfeiture can legally be enforced, it is recommended that legislation be enacted inhibiting the forfeiture of earned pay, salary, or emolument of a Federal employee removed from the service for any cause, unless such employee is at the time indebted to the United States. Å draft of suitable legislation is included elsewhere.

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No. 560


APRIL 21 (calendar day, April 28), 1930.-Ordered to be printed

Mr. BINGHAM, from the Committee on Appropriations, submitted the



(To accompany H. R. 10813)

The Committee on Appropriations, to which was referred the bill (H. R. 10813) making appropriations for the government of the District of Columbia and other activities chargeable in whole or in part against the revenues of such District for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1931, and for other purposes, reports the same to the Senate with various amendments, and presents herewith information relative to the changes made: Amount of bill as passed House..

$45, 333, 117 Amount of reduction by Senate (net)--

1, 422, 262 Amount of bill as reported to Senate

43, 910, 855

Amount of regular and supplemental estimates for 1931. 45, 580, 028 Amount of appropriations, 1930...

41, 487,615 The bill as reported to the Senate

Under the estimates for 1931..

1, 669, 173

Exceeds the appropriations for 1930----

2,423, 240 The changes in the amounts of the House bill recommended by the committee are as follows:




Executive office, increased compensation.-
Purchasing division, increased compensation
Building inspection division, increased compensation --
Plumbing inspection division, increased compensation..


720 $926

1, 900

Care of District Building, increased compensation ----
Assessor's office, increased compensation.
License bureau, increased compensation.
Collector's office, increased compensation.



Auditor's office...

1, 200

Office of corporation counsel:

Assistant corporation counsel (expert on public utilities law)

from $6,500 to $7,000.Salary increases.


1, 180

Total, office of corporation counsel.

1, 680


1, 940

1, 300


Office of superintendent of weights, measures, and

markets, increased compensation.
Highways department, increased compensation....
Sewer department, increased compensation..
Trees and parking department, increased compensation.
Office of chief clerk, engineer department, increased

Central garage, increased compensation.
Municipal architect's office, increased compensation....
Public Utilities Commission, increased compensation..
Department of insurance, increased compensation.....
Surveyor's office, increased compensation....



1, 300



1, 540

[blocks in formation]

Free Public Library, increased compensation....
Register of wills, increased compensation..

1, 020

Recorder of deeds:

Salary increases.

3, 100

Copying old land records of the District of Columbia....


Total, recorder of deeds..

13, 100 $5, 500

136, 000

Street and road improvement and repair:

Northwest: Oglethorpe Street, Seventh to Eighth Streets..
Northwest: Sixteenth Street, Columbia Road to Tiger

Northwest: Nevada Avenue, Rittenhouse Street to Runny-

mede Place...
Northwest: Bancroft Place, Twenty-third Street to Twenty-

fourth Street...
Northwest: H Street, Massachusetts Avenue to Seventh

Surfacing and resurfacing streets...


6, 400

30, 000


Total, street and road improvement, etc..

380, 900

60, 000

1, 120


Control and prevention of spread of mosquitoes.--
Collection and disposal of refuse, increased compensation.
Playgrounds, increased compensation.---
Electrical department, increased compensation.-

2, 040


Public schools:


6, 500

83, 160

3, 000

Salaries of presidents of teachers' colleges ----
Personal services of clerks and other employees; salary in-

creases, $2,180; two clerks to presidents of teachers'

colleges, at $1,440 each; one additional clerk, at $1,440..
Salaries of teachers.-
Community Center department, maintenance..
Care of buildings and grounds, salary increases
Expenses of operating schools for crippled pupils.---
Transportation of tubercular and crippled pupils---------
Personal services in connection with distribution of textbooks.
Building and grounds

Congress Heights School, assembly hall and gym

20, 020

16, 400

1, 000

9, 000

40, 000

50, 000


Treatment of site of new platoon school and junior high

school for colored pupils..--
Douglas-Simmons School, 8-room addition---
Deanwood School, assembly hall and gymnasium...
Site west of Connecticut Avenue and north of Jenifer
Street, and site adjoining the Harrison School.----

Total, public schools..

50, 000

97, 500 521, 580

[blocks in formation]

Personal services, house of detention, increase in salaries...



58, 525

Rent of building for house of detention..

Total, Metropolitan police... Fire department, increase in salaries. Health department:


Personal services, increase in salaries.

3, 020

3, 600

Rent of quarters for dispensary, indigent persons..
Hygiene and sanitation, public schools, increase in salaries..

Total, health department..


6, 740

1, 120

Juvenile court, increased compensation.--
Police court, increased compensation..
Municipal court:



Salary increases.
Rent of building -

Total, municipal court --

4, 800

5, 220

Supreme Court, District of Columbia:

Pay of bailiffs, two additional bailiffs at $1,620 and $1,080

for salary increases..

4, 320

Courthouse, additional watchman, $1,200 and $1,500 for salary increases.

Total, Supreme Court, District of Columbia.

2, 700 7, 020

Court of appeals:

Officers and employees, salary increases.


Public welfare:

Board of Public Welfare, salary increases $2,220, additional

stenographer, $1,440..

8, 660

Home care for dependent children, salary increases...


Jail, salary increases..

1, 080

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