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APRIL 21 (calendar day, April 25), 1930.-Ordered to be printed

Mr. JONES, from the Committee on Appropriations, submitted the



[To accompany H. R. 79551

The Committee on Appropriations, to which was referred the bill (H. R. 7955) making appropriations for the military and nonmilitary activities of the War Department for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1931, and for other purposes, reports the same to the Senate with various amendments, and presents herewith information relative to the changes made: Amount of bill as passed House...

$456, 243, 386.00

Increase by Senate (net).

452, 478.00

Amount of bill as reported to Senate ------ 456, 695, 864.00 Amount of regular and supplemental estimates for 1931..

457, 223, 917.00 Amount of appropriations, 1930.

453, 789, 362.00 The bill as reported to the Senate is

Under the estimates for 1931.

528, 053.00

In excess of the appropriations for 1930...--.

2, 906, 502.00

The changes in the amounts of the House bill recommended by the committee are as follows:

Military activities:
Quartermaster Corps-
Incidental expenses of the Army (employment of 16

civilians to take the places of a like number of warrant

$24, 000.00

Barracks and quarters...

152, 060. 00

Total, Quartermaster Corps.-

176, 060. 00

Signal Corps-
Telegraph and telephone systems ($68,378 for telephone

projects and $25,000 for radio equipment)

93, 378. 00

42, 700.00

70, 000. 00

Militia Bureau

Pay of property and disbursing officers...
Citizens Military Training-

Training camps (increase sufficient to train 38,500

men of the United States) --
Nonmilitary activities:
Quartermaster Corps--
Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County Battle Fields

Shiloh National Military Park, resurfacing road from

Corinth National Cemetery.
Monument on Kill Devil Hill, Kitty Hawk, N. C.

(Wright Memorial).
Old Fort Niagara, N. Y., repairs, preservation, etc.--.--

50, 000.00

100, 000.00

225, 000.00 25, 000.00

Total, Quartermaster Corps...


Total increase

782, 138. 00

Military activities:
General Staff Corps-

Military Intelligence Division (mapping project).
Army War College (typist) ----


1, 260. 00

Total General Staff Corps...

6, 260.00

6, 475. 00

Quartermaster Corps-
Subsistence of the Army (subsistence to certain personnel

on transports on account of comptroller's decision)... Army transportation (increase in limitation of pay for

40 vehicles from $2,000 to $2,500 each and decrease
of pay for 150 vehicles from $1,500 to $1,200 each,
net decrease)


Total, Quartermaster Corps..

30, 475. 00

Tilitary activities--Continued
Corps of Engineers :
Engineer equipment of troops (engineer equipment for

development and experimentation in mechanization).
Ordnance service and supplies (purchase of guns, ve-

hicles, tanks, radio sets, trailer, tools, etc., as described
on p. 545 of House ings)


239, 855. 00

Total, Corps of Engineers..

244, 855.00

Chief of Infantry:

Tank Service, incidental expenses.

570. 00

Corps of Engineers
Birthplace of George Washington, Wakefield, Va.

(transferred to Interior Department appropria-
tion act)-


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ed Session

REPORT No. 526



APRIL 21 (calendar day, APRIL 25), 1930.-Ordered to be printed

Mr. DALE, from the Committee on Commerce, submitted the following


(To accompany 8. 4094)

The Committee on Commerce, to whom was referred the bill (S. 4094) authorizing W. L. Eichendorf, his heirs, legal representatives, and assigns, to construct, maintain, and operate a bridge across the Mississippi River, at or near the town of McGregor, Iowa, having considered the same, report favorably thereon, and recommend that the bill do pass without amendment.

The bill has the approval of the Department of War as will appear by the annexed communication, which is made a part of this report.

WAR DEPARTMENT, April 12, 1980. Respectfully returned to the chairman Committee on Commerce, United States Senate.

So far as the interests committed to this department are concerned, I know of no objection to the favorable consideration of the accompanying bill, S. 4094, Seventy-first Congress, second session, authorizing W. L. Eichendorf to construct a bridge across the Mississippi River at or near the town of McGregor, Iowa.


Acting Secretary of War.


Washington, D. C., April 14, 1930. Hon. HIRAN W. JOHNSON, Chairman Committee on Commerce,

United States Senate. DEAR SENATOR: Receipt is acknowledged of your letter of April 8, transmitting a copy of a bill (S. 4094) with request that the committee be furnished with such suggestions touching its merits and the propriety of its passage as the department might deem appropriate.

This bill would authorize W. L. Eichendorf, his heirs, legal representatives, and assigns, to construct, maintain, and operate a bridge and approaches thereto

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