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N previous years the readers of Living WATERS have

helped to make Christmas happy in Workhouse Infirmaries
and Hospitals. Will you not, kind friends, set to work
lovingly and earnestly to do so again? Pincushions and

needle- books are always valued, and toys for the children. Everlasting flowers and lavender bags are most acceptable. Letters and cards giving the glorious Christmas message will bring gladness to many: and holly and evergreens will help the joy very much. The sweets were much appreciated last year. May I suggest that in sending again, they should come in tin to prevent their melting before the day of distribution. Empty little bags and boxes will be needed for putting them into that day.

If any will send large knitted cuffs and comforters it would be very nice to send this year to some faraway toilers, “ the North Sea Fishermen," in connection with the Thames Church Mission. Many wee fingers can help at this work. Whatever you send shall be made good use of.

If all gifts could be sent by Dec. 16th, and, should a reply be required, accompanied by a stamped and directed envelope, I should esteem it a favour, as in the midst of so many parcels it is difficult to remember where each comes from. Please direct and send prepaid your Christmas cheerings and greetings to Miss Ellis, 115, Sloanestreet, London, S.W.

“Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren


have done it unto Me." I would also take this opportunity of thanking friends who have sent boxes of flowers during my absence from home. The flowers were always taken to the sick and poor, who welcomed them with a double pleasure while they miss so many of their visitors who are away for the summer; they feel when they receive these sweet tokens that they are not forgotten. Will those who have not been thanked by post kindly accept this notice, viz., "A Friend from Trowbridge," "Flowers from my own little garden.” “ From New Malden and Alstonfield Vicarage.” And also some lovely grass and heather, no name or address given. The request to mention boxes, etc., in the next month's LIVING WATERS often comes too late for insertion.


THIS Season especially fills our thoughts with the Advent or

the Coming of our Lord Jesus. It both reminds us of His first
coming in humiliation, and of His future coming in glory.

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From the beginning to the end of God's word this fact rings out, “Lo I come,” “Surely I come quickly.For ever since Eden God has fastened His people's eyes upon One who should come (Gen. iii. 15), Jacob said “The sceptre shall not depart from Judah until Shiloh come.” Balaam said, “There shall come a Star out of Ja 300." Isaiah tells, “The Redeemer shall come." And every type and prophecy threw some new light upon the character and work of this coming One. The manner of His coming and the time and place were all foretold (Isa. vii. 14; Dan. ix. 25; Mic. v. 1). Yet when He came, how few were ready! John Baptist cried, “ There cometh One after me, mightier than I.Let us learn from Christ's own words for what purpose

He came. “Lo I come to do Thy will, O God” (Heb. x. 9; Jo. vi. 38).“ To seek and save that which is lost,” “to call sinners to repentance,” “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” “ I am come a light into the world.” And for solemn division (Lu. xix. 10.; V. 32 ; Jo. x. 11; xii. 46 ; Lu. xii. 51). Is His coming by His Spirit, individually into our hearts as real a fact as His coming into the world more than 1,800 years ago ? If not, ob, listen to His pleading in Rev. iii. 20, and let this month be His Advent Season into our hearts and lives, that He may “rejoice over" us this Christmas and make us glad and rich for ever. It would be happy work for us each to search out for ourselves the various ways He comes to His people now, day by day," as the rain," as Captain, as Comforter, for instance (Hos. vi. 3 ; Jos. v. 14; Jo. xiv. 18).

The Lord's first coming has been accomplished, but yet He fastens His people's eyes upon Himself, as still the Coming One, by the prayer He gives us “ Thy Kingdom come,” by His promise which grows clearer and brighter to the very close of His Word, “I will come again,” “surely I come quickly” (Jo. xiv. 3; Heb. x. 37; Rev. xxii. 20), and by His Communion Feast, when we “show the Lord's death till He come.” He shall come as the Bridegroom of His people, as Master, as King (Ma. xxv. 1, 14, 34). He shall come for His people and then with them (1 Th. iv. 16, 17; Jude 14) He “shall come with power and great glory" for their fival redemption (Ma, xxiv, 30; Lu. xxi. 27 ; 1 Cor. xv. 26; Rev. xxi. 4). “He shall come to judge the quick and the dead” (Acts x. 42), and to establish his everlasting kingdom and to dwell among His people for ever (Rev. xi. 15 ; xxi. 3). If we really believe He is coming we shall be wakeful and watching (1 Th. v. 6; Mk, xiii. 37). We shall then diligently obey His command “ Occupy till I come,” and we shall be earnest in spreading the glad tidings that He has come as Saviour, and that He waits in longsuffering, “not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance." The thought of His coming will urge us to holiness (1 Th. iii

. 13; 2 Pet. iii. 11, 14), and it will make us patient (Jas. v. 7, 8; 1 Cor. iv. 5). “So that ye come behind in no gift, waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, who shall also confirm you unto the end, that ye may be blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.” (1 Cor. i. 7, 8).






As My Father hath taught Me, I speak.—St. John viii. 28.

EC: 1.-Luke xxii. 47, The treachery of a

“ familiar friend,” pierced with a sword the heart of Jesus, as no enemy could wound it ! (Ps. lv. 12, 13; John xiii. 21). “Lovers and friends," do we never stand “afar off," never

betray Him by deed or word? (Mark xiv. 54, 67, 68; 2 Cor. vi. 17).

Dec. 2.-Ch. xxii. 61. How personally the Good Shepherd deals with souls! “Judas” pleaded with by name (verse 48), alas ! vainly.“Simon," recalled to allegiance, by a “look!” (verse 61). Each known, yearned over, warned ! (Jolin vi. 70; Luke vi. 13).

Dec, 3.–Ch. xxiii. 14. “No fault." “ Your Lamb'shall be without blemish” (Ex. xii. 5). Closely scrutinised and examined before His foes, yet without sin" (1 John iii. 5; 1 Pet, ii, 22; 2 Cor. v. 21). “ Behold the Lamb of God !"

Dec. 4-Ch. xxiii. 25. 66 To their will!” The will of the natural heart, which is enmity against God. The will of those "yielded” to the Prince of Darkness, as "weapons" (Rom vi. 13-16), bruising "the Seed of the woman!" (Gen. iii. 15). Jesus now is delivered to our “ will." Do we embrace Him, surrendering ourselves in exchange to His will ? (2 Cor. v. 15).

Dec. 5.—Ch, xxiii. 33. “They crucified Him," and the prepared “Body” (Heb. x. 5; Col i. 18; 1 Cor. xii. 27), the least member (Eph. v. 30) nailed they to the Cross with Him (Gal. ii. 20). Then "living and reigning” with Him can be our only position now (2 Tim. ii. 11 ; Rom. v. 17). · Let us claim it.

Dec. 6.-Ch. xxiii. 43. True here and hereafter ! " With Christ" in “the secret of His presence” (Ps. xxxi. 20) is "fulness of joy” here. “ The Garden of God," wherein we walk now with Him,“ in newness of life" (Cant. iv 12; v. 1; ii. 3). Foreshadowing the paradise of His unveiled glory! (Rev. ii. 7 ; xxii. 4).

Dec. 7.—Ch. xxiv. 5. “Him that liveth." Ah, but faces bowed to earth can see nothing but Death! Resurrection-Life, rising in glory heavenwards, is "hid from their eyes." Anointed with the Spirit of Life," may we see always the Risen One, and may those who seek us, find not the "living among the dead” (Col. iii. 1-5).

Dec. 8.-Ch. xxiv. 29. And He yielded, well-pleased, to the longing Himself had awakened (verse 32). Love's faintest whisper “Abide with us,” still wakes instantly the sweet echo, “I will dwell in them (2 Cor. vi. 16). “Give this Man place !" “And the King came in " (Zech. ii. 10; Zeph. iii. 17).



Dec. 9.-Ch. xxiv. 49. How often, overlooking the command linked
with the promise, do we mourn fruitless testimony, which lacks the
Divine Seal! ("Until”! Is. xxxii. 15; Acts i. 8; Joel ii. 28). Only
“sealed ” words are weighty, only Spirit-kindled words set souls on fire.

Dec. 10.—John i. 4. In Him, life ; out of Him, death. No neutral
ground between the two states. We may pass “to-day” (Heb. iii. 7),
if we will, from the one to the other (John xi. 25; xiv. 6; Matt. xi. 28).
“To-morrow," perhaps, there may be the great gulf fixed," which none
may pass over.

Dec. 11.-Ch. i. 32. He did many other things—preached, baptised,
suffered, but his life-work (verses 6, 7, 8), “witnessing," was that which
bore visibly God's seal, and drew souls to Christ (verses 36, 37, 40).
Remember Acts i. 8.

Dec. 12.-Ch. i. 32-34. Recognised as “Son of God” by the Father's
“seal” (John vi. 27). Are we ? (1 John iii, 1, 2 ; Rom. viii. 15; 1 Cor.
ii. 12).

Can all say of us, " we have seen," ye are sealed ? (Eph. i. 13;
iv. 30).

Dec. 13.–Ch. i. 47. "No guile." " Sincere (Phil. i. 10);
“ whole-hearted” (1 Chr. xii. 33, marg.);" circumcised " (Rom. ii. 28,
29). Is this the “clean heart” of Ps. xxxii. 2; lxxiii. 1; li. 10? “A
copy, Lord, of Thine” (1 Pet. ii. 22). The result of “coming to Jesus"
(verse 47 ; Heb. ix. 14; x. 22; John xiii. 10), and “trusting" in the
name of the Lord (Zeph, iii. 12, 13). "Foreshadowing Heaven's per-
fection” (Rev. xiv. 5).
Dec. 14.-Ch. ii. 10. The 66

good wine” had not been " drawn
out” except the water-pots had first been filled with water.

So "joy,”
the fair fruit of the Living Vine, is the direct result of being “ filled
with the Holy Ghost” (Acts xiii. 52 ; Luke i. 35, 46, 47). And
gladdens ” even the “Governor of the feast" (verse 10; John xvii.
13). Reflecting the joy of Christ (Prov. viii. 30).

Dec. 15.-Ch. ii. 21. The "anointed" dwelling-place of the Holy
Ghost, whose glory was so consciously visible that “ Jesus could not
be hid” (Mark vii. 24). Hence the solemn words in Mark jii. 29, 30.
Let us remember 1 Cor. iii. 16, 17, and praise for John xvii. 22, 23;
Ex. xxix. 43, marg.

Dec. 16.-Ch. iii. 2. “By night." And Jesus received him gladly,
welcoming every soul drawn to Him by the Father, by day or night
(John vi. 37). Perhaps here, as elsewhere, the "night-watches" proved
the most successful in soul-taking (John vii. 50, 51; xix. 39, 40;
Matt. xiv. 25-36 ; Gal. vi. 9).

Dec. 17.-Ch. iii. 14, 15. “Eternal life for whosoever will” (Rev.
xxii. 17; Is. lv. l), only because the “Son of Man” tasted death for
every man (Heb. ii. 9), “Lifted up on the cross,” that He might
exalt us to glory (Heb. ii. 10). Is not our place in the dust at His
feet ? (Dan. z. 15 ; 1 Sam. ii. 8).
Dec. 18.–Ch. iii

. 30. Are we willing? Shall self “crucified” pass
out of sight, “buried "? Henceforth “not I, but Christ" (Gal. ii. 20).



If so, then, this shall be true in us : Jesus increased ” (Luke ii. 52; Col. ii. 19).

Dec. 19.—Ch. iv. 10. Always His own gift (John vii. 37, 38; Col. i. 19 ; ii. 3-9). If we realise His love, we shall know that He delights in our taking the Water of Life freely. He said: “It is more blessed to give," &c. (Acts xx. 35). If the channel runs dry it is because the Stone of Unbelief prevents the inflow.

Dec. 20.-Ch. iv, 28, 29. And the “gift” received becomes at once the “gift communicated.” The woman went her way, filled from the Fountain, and straightway" rivers of living water fowed in such wondrous beauty that crowds came flocking out of the city to the Well of Life (verse 30 ; Acts iv. 20; John i. 45, 46, 41, 42).

Dec. 21.-Ch. iv. 41, 42. “Because of His own Word.” We praise Thee Lord for that! Thy words are spirit and life (John v. 24 ; vi. 68, 69 ; viii. 28-30.), spoken to those who beseech Thee to tarry with them (Luke xxiv. 29, 32; John xiv. 23, 25); manifesting Thyself to them (Ps. cxix. 130, 162).

Dec. 22.-Cb, iv. 18. Can Faith trust the souls we love, when Sight says, no hope,” to the “ Word" alone ? (Rom. iv. 18, 20, 21 ; John xi. 40). Or must there be the “sign and wonder” before we believe? Because I said, .. believest thou? Yea! Lord (Ps. cxix. 162). Hereafter thou shalt see . . (John i. 51; xiii. 7).

Dec. 23.-Ch. v. 6, 7. And the Master asks it still! Shall we give Him the same indefinite answer, or can our faith grasp the mighty offer " made whole”? If so, the result can be none other than this “ straightway made whole" (verse 9, R. V. ; Acts ix. 33-35; Is. x. 27).

Dec. 24.-Ch. v. 29. How solemn the goals to which Earth’s Broad and Narrow ways are tending! The Judge discloses them! Can we bear the glory of the one, or the darkness of the other ? Only as " hidden ones

in Him, the Resurrection and the Life (John xi, 25, 26; Rev. i. 18). Come enter(Is. xxvi. 20, 19; Col. iii. 3, 4).

Dec. 25.-Ch. v. 46, 47. The key.note of the books of Moses, from Gen. to Deut. is Christ (Gen. iii. 15; xliv. 10; Deut. xviii. 15, 18). The clue to every type, shadow, sacrifice ! Surely we do well to study this “ book of the law” (Josh, 1, 18), to which the King appends His Royal autograph, "of Me," that we may hereafter sing aright the New Song (Rev. xv. 3).

Dec. 26.-Ch. vi. 7, 11, 12, 13. An immense disparity between our expectations and the Lord's provision ! "That every one may take a littleis the utmost of our hopes ! “ As much as they would.” Filled” is the Master's grand desire (Ps. cxxxii. 15; lxxxi. 10, 16 ; Eph. i. 23 ; iii. 19).

Dec. 27.-Ch. vi. 21. He would not enter against their will, nor in spite of their fears. When they rested on His Word (verse 20) they willingly received Him." And the result ? Straightway at the land” (verse 21, R. V.). Truly the Rest of Faith ! (Heb. iv. 3). They just had • Himself.”

[We are sorry to be obliged to omit the notes for the following days on account of press on space, owing to the Index given this month.]

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