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am quite sure your hearts are not less warm towards the orphan, the stranger, the "Outcast!" You know what our Saviour King says? "I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord, BECAUSE they called thee an Outcast!" It was His reason for bringing healing. Shall we not be like Him and say, "Yes, Ireland may be Outcast, but therefore I will help to heal." Then none of us will receive that severe reproof He gives in Obadiah to those who stand on the other side, when the strangers carried captive the forces of their brother nation. "Thou shouldest not have looked on the day of thy brother in the day that he became a stranger."

But may I not add this for the children friends who would much rather give a pudding than a frock to the orphans, that roast beef and plum pudding for Christmas is a treat that they never can get any other time in the year.

Then some of our older friends will ask about the Repair Fund. The Repairs are not nearly complete yet. The needed sanitary rearrangements have been done, but our Irish friends will not go into debt, so they wait until more funds come in before beginning other much needed work on the poor, old weather beaten houses.

Now I give place to the town "Outcasts," gathered from door-steps like the laddie in the picture. And Miss Davies will herself tell about them.

"Last December many readers of LIVING WATERS sent help for the children in Dublin of whom I wrote. The gifts small and large were a great cheer to me and my fellow workers, and much good was the result. For some of the homeless ones, attending the ragged school, a lodging was provided as well as a little extra food for Saturdays and Sundays and five poor little ones were placed in the Birds' Nest, the LIVING WATERS fund being enough to pay for one year. Strangers, they were taken in for the sake of the Saviour King, and they have already learned much of Him and of His Word.

"For when children are received in these homes it is with the earnest desire that they may be brought to Jesus, that He may put His hands upon them and bless them, that then they may be no more strangers,* but adopted into the family of God.

"During the past year many of the children have given their hearts to Jesus, and are serving Him in their daily life, much prayer is offered for them, and the answer comes in this manifest spiritual blessing.

"We are expecting 'showers of blessing,' this winter in answer to prayer.


Many of the children who have gone out into life are also shining for Jesus, some in English nurseries, where they are greatly valued, others in their own country. Of 45 children sent to Canada in '73, '75, '76, we have recently found that 42 are doing well, some of them true Christians.

"The dark times in Ireland cause increased need, and the BIRDS' NEST has received as many needy ones as possible. There is still room

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at THE NEST BY THE SEA at Spidda, in Galway, for ten children, but there is no money for their support. It is sad that hungry and homeless children should perish when there is room to receive them, and only money is wanted. We are not asking now for money for Christmas joys, but we plead the cause for little ones, sleeping to-night on the bare boards at the night refuge, or on the steps of some street-door, who will awake in the cold grey morning, damp, and stiff, and hungry, ⚫ and cold, who will find their way to the ragged school and be warmed and fed, but at 3 o'clock must wander about again, longing that some door might be opened to them.

"A dear little boy, received too late to save his life, described in touching language and with tearful eyes, how on such nights his mother. covered him with her shawl, and they walked as quickly as they could all through the cold nights to keep warm; so hungry, and there was not even a crust to be had. Alfy's life could not be saved in the home; but he was led to Jesus, and eternal life was his. He is amongst the redeemed before the throne, where they 'hunger no more.' And, oh! when we meet the rescued children there, we shall think how small was our greatest effort! how great the reward for the little we had been enabled to do for Jesus!"

Miss Davies will be glad to supply to friends interested in the Birds' Nest, very pretty Christmas cards, at 6d. per dozen. She trusts that by using these cards much good may result to our poor children in Ireland.

I add only this, that I trust our readers will get further books about the Orphanages and the Dublin schools, so that they may read more details than can be given here.

Miss Davies' address for the city "Outcasts" is, 35, Upper Fitzwilliamstreet, Dublin; while S. M. Nugent, 3, Coleshill-street, London, S. W., will most gratefully receive gifts for the Connemara Orphans, as before. Gifts sent with names will be acknowledged by letter, and anonymous gifts in the following number of LIVING WATERS, when sent by the 9th of each month.


ILLED WITH THE SPIRIT."-The Editor is just issuing a companion volume to "The Sure Foundation," "The Consecrated Life" and "Rest unto your Souls." It is a series of Scriptural Studies on the Holy Spirit, showing the reality and the results of His personal indwelling in every believer. The subject is a most important one, and the writer hopes that it will help his readers to right views upon it. The volume will be ready by Christmas, price 1s. It will be published by Nisbet and Co., 21, Berners-street, London, W., and may be ordered of all booksellers.

"Christ's Love-marks." Price 1d.: S. W. Partridge and Co., 9, Paternoster-row, London. This is a most beautiful little book, by a friend known to our readers, the Rev. C. A. Fox. It tells how the Lord distinguishes those whom He loves; and all who are asking, "How may I know that Jesus loves me ?" will find a full and blessed answer here from His Word. We most earnestly commend it to all. And also, "Conquered and Kept ; or, The Gospel for the Defeated," by Rev. C. A. Fox. Price 2d.



"The King's Messenger." This is by the Rev. E. W. Moore. It is also 1d., published by S. W. Partridge and Co. It tells how to claim the cleansing which alone fits for being His messengers; and we heartily invite all to get it who are longing for the purifying and fitting to serve Him better this year than ever before.

"The Prince in the Midst," by Sophia M. Nugent. Nisbet and Co. Price 1s. We are sure that our readers will gladly welcome this book by the pen of one so familiar to them. "Jesus in the midst' is the glowing theme that threads the whole Bible from end to end as with a track of light." We trust that the blessedness of having Him "in the midst" in our hearts and lives, of which this book tells with such force, may be proved for themselves by every reader.

CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR CARDS.-We have received from Mr. Hawkins, 21, Paternoster-square, London, some packets of Cards which we can heartily recommend to our readers. The designs are lovely, and the selection of texts very carefully made. Many of them are issued from the Mildmay Deaconess House, and are sold for the benefit of the work there. Our readers should send to Mr. Hawkins for a catalogue. They may safely order from it, and are sure to be pleased. The packets of " Mildmay Illuminations," by E. St. B. Holland, A. Schlienz, etc., are "ROYAL GIFTS," six cards on vellum card, 2s. 1d.; "LIGHT AND LOVE," 12 cards in rose, black and gold, 1s. 6d. ; "LIVING WATER," 12 cards with medallion sketches and white flowers on pale tinted ground, 1s.; "GREETINGS FOR THE CHILDREN," 6 cards, 1s. Four folding cards with landscapes, 1s. We are sure that all will be delighted with these, and also with "the motto card for 1883"; it has texts from St. Jo. x. 4, and xxi. 22, in cream and red on vellum card, with an illustration of the texts. These are 10d. for 12 cards. If 6 packets of one kind is taken, a reduction is made. Packets A are Christmas," and B "New Year," C are "General 66 or Birthday." ." These can be had from Mr. Hawkins, and from Miss E. St. B. Holland, Deaconess House, Mildmaypark, London, N.




"Until the Daybreak," or "Birthday Mottoes for the Homeward Way." Cloth extra, 7s. 6d., postage 4d. Fifty-two designs in sepia, of flowers, birds, butterflies, arranged according to the seasons, by Gertrude Mary and E. St. B. Holland. With the proceeds of this work it is intended to endow a child's cot in the Medical Mission Hospital, Bethnal Green, E., in memory of G. M. H. Orders, for the book will be gratefully received by her sister, E. St. B. Holland. Space is left for the signatures of friends.

Christmas and New Year's Day always mean an enormous extra amount of work to all connected with the Post-Office, which is a severe strain upon them. As these days come on a Monday this year, shall every one of us do our utmost not to add to Sunday labour? We can do this by posting before Saturday. If we receive our letters on the Saturday, we shall have them ready to greet us the first thing on Christmas Day and New Year's Day!

Complete Sets of the Volumes of LIVING WATERS (New Series), viz., 1878, '79, '80, '81, '82, may be had for 10s.

The Volume of LIVING WATERS for 1882, now Ready; cloth, price 2s London: S. W. Partridge & Co., 9, Paternoster Row.

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