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Macmillan, 1888 - 408 pagini
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Pagina 231 - Desiring this man's art, and that man's scope, With what I most enjoy contented least ; Yet in these thoughts myself almost despising, Haply I think on thee, and then my state (Like to the lark at break of day arising From sullen earth) sings hymns at heaven's gate...
Pagina 305 - But man is a noble animal, splendid in ashes, and pompous in the grave, solemnizing nativities and deaths with equal lustre, nor omitting ceremonies of bravery in the infamy of his nature.
Pagina 69 - WHEN maidens such as Hester die Their place ye may not well supply, Though ye among a thousand try With vain endeavour. A month or more hath she been dead, Yet cannot I by force be led To think upon the wormy bed And her together.
Pagina 88 - And holiday-rejoicing spirit down To the ever-haunting importunity Of business in the green fields, and the town — To plough, loom, anvil, spade — and oh! most sad To that dry drudgery at the — desk's dead wood? Who but the Being unblest, alien from good, Sabbathless Satan! he who his unglad Task ever plies 'mid rotatory burnings, That round and round incalculably reel — For wrath divine hath made him like a wheel — In that red...
Pagina 243 - Barabas is a mere monster, brought in with a large painted nose, to please the rabble. He kills in sport, poisons whole nunneries, invents infernal machines. He is just such an exhibition as a century or two earlier might "have been played before the Londoners, by the Royal command, when a general pillage and massacre of the Hebrews had been previously resolved on in the cahinet.
Pagina 252 - Marcello, except the ditty which reminds Ferdinand of his drowned father, in the Tempest. As that is of the water, watery; so this is of the earth, earthy. Both have that intenseness of feeling which seems to resolve itself into the element which it contemplates.
Pagina 400 - Street, the innumerable trades, tradesmen and customers, coaches, waggons, playhouses, all the bustle and wickedness round about Covent Garden, the very Women of the Town, the Watchmen, drunken scenes, rattles, - life awake, if you awake, at all hours of the night, the impossibility of being dull in Fleet Street, the crowds, the very dirt and mud...
Pagina 70 - A month or more hath she been dead, Yet cannot I by force be led To think upon the wormy bed, And her together. A springy motion in her gait, A rising step, did indicate Of pride and joy no common rate, That flushed her spirit. I know not by what name beside I shall it call : — if 'twas not pride, It was a joy to that allied, She did inherit. Her parents held the Quaker rule, Which doth the human feeling cool, But she was trained in Nature's school, Nature had blest her.
Pagina 8 - twere to tell, How with a nobler zeal and warmer love She served her heavenly Master. I have seen That reverend form bent down with age, and pain, And rankling malady. Yet not for this Ceased she to praise her Maker, or withdrew Her trust in him, her faith and humble hope— So meekly had she learn'd to bear her cross— For she had studied patience in the school Of Christ, much comfort she had thence derived, And was a follower of the NAZARENE.
Pagina 70 - MAY the Babylonish curse Straight confound my stammering verse, If I can a passage see In this word-perplexity, Or a fit expression find, Or a language to my mind, (Still the phrase is wide or scant,) To take leave of thee, GREAT PLANT ! Or in any terms relate Half my love, or half my hate : For I hate, yet love thee so, That, whichever thing I show, The plain truth will seem to be, A. constrain'd hyperbole, And the passion to proceed More from a mistress than a weed. - Sooty retainer to the vine,...

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