The Romance of Duelling in All Times and Countries, Volumul 1

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Chapman and Hall, 1868

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Pagina 15 - And Cain talked with Abel his brother : and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel, his brother ; and slew him.
Pagina 84 - It has a strange quick jar upon the ear, That cocking of a pistol, when you know A moment more will bring the sight to bear Upon your person, twelve yards off, or so...
Pagina 161 - I am slain!" seconding his speech with all the force he had to cast me. But being too weak, after I had defended his assault, I easily became master of him, laying him on his back ; when being upon him, I redemanded if he would request his life, but it seemed he prized it not at so dear a rate to be beholden for it ; bravely replying
Pagina 203 - I could not be spared, which was true. They have removed the poor Duchess to a lodging in the neighbourhood, where I have been with her two hours, and am just come away. I never saw so melancholy a scene ; for indeed all reasons for real grief belong to her ; nor is it possible for anybody to be a greater loser in all regards. She has moved my very soul.
Pagina 181 - I replied, nay then, sir, I will make you restore it by force ; whereupon also, putting on my hat and reaching at his, he to save himself ran away, and, after a long course in the meadow, finding that I had almost overtook him, he turned short, and running to the young lady, was about to put the ribband on her hand, when I, seizing upon his arm, said to the young lady, it was I that gave it. Pardon me, quoth she, it is he that gives it me.
Pagina 270 - ... concerned. I came here at three this afternoon, and about five I was told that Lord Talbot and Colonel Berkeley were in the house. Lord Talbot had been here at one, and was gone again, leaving a message, however, that he would soon return. I had continued in the room where I was at my first coming, for fear of raising any suspicion.
Pagina 19 - Not Guilty, and I am ready to defend the same by my body ;" and thereupon taking off his glove, he threw it upon the floor of the court. The appellant did not choose to submit to this trial, and abandoned his proceedings.
Pagina 17 - When a gentleman challenged a villain, he was obliged to present himself on foot with buckler and baston; but if he came on horseback and armed like a gentleman, they took his horse and his arms from him, and stripping him to his shirt, they compelled him to fight in that condition with the villain> Before the combat the magistrates ordered three bans to be published.
Pagina 162 - Lord's surgeon, when nobody dreamt of it, came full at me with his lord's sword, and had not mine with my sword interposed himself, I had been slain by those base hands, although my Lord Bruce, weltering in his blood, and past all expectation of life, conformable to all his former carriage, which was undoubtedly noble, cried out,
Pagina 201 - Tom Porter went out, and meeting Dryden the poet, told him of the business, and that he was resolved to fight Sir H.

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