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A work presents but an unfinished appearance, unless a Preface be affixed to it; yet so few persons, especially young persons, take the trouble to read a " tiresome, dry Preface," that the present might be spared, did I not feel anxious to greet the juvenile readers of a former little work of mine_" THE CHILDREN'S FIRESIDE,”—with a hope that they may find as much amusement in reading

« THE YOUNG WANDERER'S CAVE," as they received in the perusal of the first named set Qof tales. I speak the more confidently, because I

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am in possession of numerous assurances that the tales have been read with pleasure by many happy groups.

I have been further incited to write this address, in order to mention, that if I should be so fortunate as to create a wish among my present readers to become further acquainted with my little productions, it affords me pleasure to inform them, that measures are already in progress, by which I shall be enabled to offer another work for their perusal at that joyous season—the Midsummer Holidays—when sunny skies and playful breezes shall invite them to the shade of leafy arbours. At that sweet time,

When all the birds are faint with the hot sun,
And hide in cooling trees ;'

when the fervent voice of the grasshopper chirping in his torrid joy,


From hedge to hedge, about the new mown mead;"

when flowers droop their languid heads, and

weary cattle seek the beechen shade, or silent pool, when the canopy of o'erhanging boughs becomes a choice retreat,—then I hope that many a solitary reader, or social group, may find the perusal of the adventures of a wandering Sailor an occupation that will detract nothing from the enjoyment of a tranquil hour. Till then, my young friends,

Farewell !

I. J. T.

January 1st, 1830.

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