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The Third Year

Of the United Nations



SIGNIFICANT aspect of the record of the United Nations in

any year is the development of the organization and work

of each of its major organs. A second significant aspect is the development of the work of the organization as a whole in respect of each of the concrete problems which has come before any of its organs. In the practical handling of its work, the United Nations functions to a considerable extent as an organism and not as a group of dispersed and isolated agencies. In part A of this report attention is focused briefly on the organizational developments and work of each of the six principal organs of the United Nations during 1948. Part B traces the consideration given or action taken in respect of the main problems in the following major fields: political and security; economic, social, and human rights, including freedom of information; trusteeship and non-self-governing territories; budget, administration, and organization; and international law.


The General Assembly, consisting of all 58 Members of the United Nations, meets in regular session each September and in special session as occasion may demand. Because of its wide membership and the broad range of its responsibilities, it is a most significant forum for the views of governments and a potent factor in the development of collective international policies. The importance attached by governments to the Assembly's work is reflected in the large attendance of governmental leaders and in the vigor with which national viewpoints are put forward and defended in the debates.

The work of the Assembly touches practically the entire range of activity of the United Nations. To deal in detail with this broad subject matter, the Assembly's rules provide for six main committees of the whole membership, to which the different types of problems are





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