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light of the terms of the Trusteeship Agreements and of the assurances given by the Administering Authorities in this connexion;

(b) In the light of this investigation, recommend such safeguards as the Council may deem necessary to preserve the distinct political status of the Trust Territories and to enable the Council effectively to exercise supervisory functions over such Territories;

(c) Request, whenever appropriate, an advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice as to whether such unions are within the scope of and compatible with, the stipulations of the Charter and the terms of the Trusteeship Agreements as approved by the General Assembly;

(d) Invite the Administering Authorities to make available to the Council such information relating to administrative unions as will facilitate the investigation by the Council referred to above;

(e) Report specifically to the next regular session of the General Assembly on the results of its investigations and the action taken by it.



HAVING SEEN the report of the Trusteeship Council, which points out the needs of education in certain Trust Territories,

CONSIDERING that the development of education is an essential condition for the advancement of the inhabitants of these Territories in all spheres of human progress,

CONSIDERING that the democratization of education is an essential condition for the progressive development of these Territories,

CONSIDERING that the objective formulated in the Charter of promoting the development of the inhabitants of these Territories towards self-government requires the creation of a system of universal education for the inhabitants without exception or discrimination,

Takes note of the plans of the Administering Authorities for extending educational facilities in their respective Trust Territories; Recommends the Trusteeship Council

(a) To request the Administering Authorities to intensify, within their possibilities, their efforts to increase educational facilities, even if this should involve an increase in the budgetary provisions for this purpose;

(b) In order to ensure that this increase of educational facilities be carried out in a democratic manner, to propose to the Administering Authorities that primary education should be free and that access to higher education should not be dependent on means;


(c) To suggest to the Administering Authorities the improvement and expansion of existing facilities for the training of indigenous teachers;

(d) Having regard to the existing facilities for higher education in Africa already provided by certain Administering Authorities and bearing in mind the plans already made for their development, to study, in consultation with these Administering Authorities and, if the Council considers it desirable, with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the financial and technical implications of a further expansion of these facilities, including the possibility of establishing in 1952 and maintaining a university, to meet the higher educational needs of the inhabitants of Trust Territories in Africa;

(e) In accordance with the objectives of Article 76 b of the Charter and so that the United Nations may be in a position to form an opinion of the progress achieved in the field of education, to request the Administering Authorities to furnish it each year with the most complete and detailed information obtainable on this subject.




The General Assembly,

RECALLING that the Trusteeship System is aimed at the progressive development of Trust Territories toward self-government or independence,

CONSIDERING that this development should be achieved at the earliest possible date and that the Trust Territories should attain self-government or independence as soon as possible,

NOTING the efforts of the Administering Authorities already made in this direction,

RECALLING that Article 77 of the Charter contemplates the application of the Trusteeship System, in accordance with the terms of that Article, to the three types of territories enumerated therein,

Reaffirms that the supervisory authority over Trust Territories rests with the United Nations;

Recommends that the Administering Authorities

(a) Take all measures to improve and promote the political, economic, social and educational advancement of the inhabitants of Trust Territories;

(b) Take all possible steps to accelerate the progressive development towards self-government or independence of the Trust Territories they administer.

14. Fourth Annual Budget and Working Capital Fund of

the United Nations

[In these three resolutions the General Assembly appropriated and allocated the necessary funds for the operations of the United Nations during 1949; established the level and method of administration of the Working Capital Fund during 1949; and authorized the SecretaryGeneral to enter into commitments to meet unforeseen and extraordinary expenses under certain circumstances.

All three resolutions were adopted December 11, the first resolution having been approved, 48 to 0, with 6 abstentions, and the two remaining resolutions accepted without objection.]



The General Assembly
Resolves that for the financial year 1949:

1. An amount of $43,487,128 (U. S.) is hereby appropriated for the following purposes:

A. The United Nations

$1 706 200

Part I. Sessions of the General Assembly, the Councils,

Commissions and Committees Section 1. The General Assembly and Commissions and Com

mittees thereof ... 2. The Security Council and Commissions and Com

mittees thereof ...
3. The Economic and Social Council and

Commissions and Committees thereof .. $438 780
(a) Permanent Central Opium Board
and Drug Supervisory Body ..

45 000 (b) Regional Economic Commissions 48 110

472 300

531 890

4. The Trusteeship Council and Commissions and Com

mittees thereof ...

150 000 $2 860 390

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Part II. Special Conferences, Investigations and

Inquiries 5. Special Conferences 6. Investigations and Inquiries

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$2 181 000
1 256 125

10. Department of Economic Affairs
11. Department of Social Affairs . .
12. Department for Trusteeship and Information from

Non-Self-Governing Territories
13. Department of Public Information $2 860 050
A. Library Services

378 110

812 490

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Part V. Information Centres
21. Information Centres (other than Information Sery-

ices, European Office)

[blocks in formation]

Part VI. Regional Economic Commissions (Other than

the Economic Commission for Europe) 22. Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East 23. Economic Commission for Latin America

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[blocks in formation]

Part VII. Hospitality
24. Hospitality
Part VIII. Advisory Social Welfare Functions
25. Advisory Social Welfare Functions .
Part IX. Undistributed Expenses
26. Cost of the adoption of Spanish as a Working


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29. Common Services
30 Permanent Equipment

$60 000
10 000

$650 000

Part XI. Cost of Converting Salaries and Allowances

From Net to Gross and Increase in Headquar

ters Cost of Living Allowances 31. Cost of converting salaries and allowances from net

to gross and increase in headquarters cost of living allowances

[blocks in formation]

32. Global reduction on provisions for Contractual


- 150 000

43 487 128

2. The appropriations granted by paragraph 1 shall be financed by contributions from Members after adjustment as provided by regulation 17 of the Provisional Financial Regulations. For this purpose miscellaneous income for the financial year 1949 is estimated at $4,794,550 (U. S.).

3. Amounts not exceeding the appropriations granted by paragraph 1 shall be available for payment of obligations in respect of goods supplied and services rendered during the period 1 January 1949 to 31 December 1949.

4. The Secretary-General is authorized (i) To administer as a unit the appropriations provided under sec

tion 3a and section 20, chapter III, as detailed under para

graph 1. (ii) To transfer credits from sections 26 and 31 to other sections of

the budget as are appropriate. (iii) To apply the reductions under section 32 to the various sections

concerned. (iv) With the prior concurrence of the Advisory Committee on Ad

ministrative and Budgetary Questions, to transfer credits be

tween sections of the budget. 5. In addition to the appropriations granted by paragraph 1, an amount of $23,000 (U. S.) is hereby appropriated for purchase of books, periodicals and maps, and library equipment from the income of the Library Endowment Fund in accordance with the objects and provisions of the endowment.

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