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so, there is

“ The SERVANTS! MAGAZINE,” said a lady, taking
up our little periodical from the table: “
a Magazine for Servants. I am happy to find that
this useful class of persons is not forgotten by those
who provide food for the mind in this reading age.
And pray, what do you say to your readers ? Can
you find something new every month?” Well,”
we replied, “this is our twelfth volume; and through-
out the whole series, we have never yet felt ourselves
at a loss for something to bring before our readers,
different to that we had previously said to them. We
neither scold, nor discourage ; and if at any time we
deem it necessary to point out a fault, we try to con-
sider ourselves as occupying the place of an orderly,
but kind, mistress, who whilst she will have every-
thing about her house done properly, yet, if she
observe any neglect, tells her servants of it, in such
a judicious manner, as to secure both the attention
and affection of those whom she has taught to look
up to her as their friend and counsellor.

Observe the Contents for the present year, and
you will find that under the head of The Servant's Friend,' we have admonished, instructed, and, we hope, interested, our readers. In · The Christian Treasury,' we have tried to convey christian instruction, in a manner, calculated, we think, under the Divine blessing, to prove useful. In our “Domestic Counsels and Instructions,' we have given advice of a practical character, affording hints to the older servant, and instruction to the young. The 'Instructive Narratives,' have, no doubt, proved such, and · My Mother's Note Book' has, we know, been frequently referred to, and properly appreciated."

Our thanks are due both to Correspondents and readers. Of the former, we may say that this Magazine is always most welcomed, when the familiar signature of Grandfather Gray'is recognized, and we are quite sure that the nursemaids will appreciate the kind instructions of `H. R. G.' To the latter (readers) in conclusion, we remark, that our labours are for them,--they are cheerfully given; our readers' welfare is our sole object, and if that is attained, we are thankful to Him who blesses our feeble instrumentality.




In past

Some years

Permit one who feels deeply interested in your present and eternal welfare, to remind you of the many valuable privileges you enjoy, when compared with those of servants of former years. times, there were few employers who shewed that desire for the instruction and religious welfare of their domestics, that many now do. since, there were few, if any, attempts to circulate the scriptures among servants ; few tracts addressed to them; no benevolent institutions established for their welfare. How different is the case now ! There are very many masters and mistresses in the present day, who shew great solicitude for the comfort, and moral and religious instruction of their servants; they look on them as intelligent and immortal beings, and treat them as such. This solicitude is shewn in the books which your employers place before you ; in the regular exercise of family worship, in which you are called to take part; and in the facilities afforded most of you to attend the House of God every Sunday. Attempts are made now to circulate God's Holy Word among you; and many instructive and religious books and tracts are written



expressly for you. Then, again, consider how many advantages you have in the present day, in the excellent Registry Offices which have been established to provide you with situations. I do not speak of those common offices, which you would do well to avoid, but such as that which was established in Hatton Garden, and the National Guardian Society, Bedford Row, and the Servants' Registry, 5, Millman Street. Look also at the Servants' Homes in London, and many large towns in the country, where you may be lodged at 1s. 6d. a week, and protected from the dangers and evil consequences, to which so many servants out of place are liable in ordinary lodgingplaces. And besides these, there are Servants' Almshouses, and the Servants’ Benevolent Institution, to provide you with a pension in old age. You know also, that the wages given to servants in the present day are very good, and that you are far better off than thousands of mechanics' families; and have the opportunity, if you are prudent, of providing for the decline of life. When

you think of the improved condition and privileges of servants now-a-days, ought you not to feel contented, and deeply grateful to God who has thus provided for you?

Perhaps it may also be considered one of the privileges of the present day, that there is a Magazine especially for servants. Will vou let me draw your attention to the anxiety manifested by the writers in this Magazine for your spiritual welfare? By the kind permission of the Editor, I am privileged to do so; and I know of no subject of so much importance to occupy your attention, at the commencement of a new year, as this.

In this Magazine, your friends write for your

Let me

benefit. They often pray for you. Having them. selves tasted something of the sweets of religion, they are anxious to impart it to you. They want to introduce you to the fold of Christ, and to see you going hand in hand with them to the heavenly Jerusalem. But all this will not avail if you do not pray for yourselves. Religion is a personal thing, and you must feel your need of a Saviour; you must feel your sins to be a heavy burden before you can be accepted of God, and become his servants. ask you

if you ever earnestly pray to God? If you ever think seriously about your sins ? If you ever look forward to the judgment-day, when you must receive your

final doom? What anguish will then fill your mind, if, through the hardness of your heart, you should be found on the left hand of the Judge! Year after year keeps passing over your heads, and you have perhaps never yet thought seriously about the salvation of your soul. The eyes of angels are upon you, waiting to strike their glad harps over some young sinner or sinners that repent. And, above all, the eyes of God are upon you, and he is waiting to be gracious. And must your friends address you in vain ? Will you, by your unbelief, cause them to mourn over this hardness of your hearts, and their want of success? Must angels be prevented from rejoicing over you? And must Gon HIMSELF swear in his wrath that you shall never enter His rest? How keen will be your pain—how heart-rending your sorrow,

live and die in this state of sin and unbelief. The advantages you now enjoy will only sink you deeper in the bottomless pit, and add to the torments of that place, where the worm never dieth, and the fire is not quenched. Call apon God, then, whilst He is near; seek Him while

if you

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