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The Tudor Shakespeare will be published in forty

volumes, including all of the plays and poems. It is under the general editorship of WILLIAM ALLAN NEILSON, Ph.D., of Harvard University, and ASHLEY HORACE THORNDIKE, Ph.D., L.H.D., of Columbia University. The following volumes, each under the special editorship of an American scholar, are now ready or in preparation.

Already Published

Romeo and Juliet - The GENERAL EDITORS.

A Midsummer-Night's Dream JOHN W. CUNLIFFE, D.Lit., Professor of English, University of Wisconsin.

Macbeth - ARTHUR C. L. BROWN, Ph.D., Professor of English, North

western University.

Henry IV, Part I-FRANK W. CHANDLER, Ph.D., Professor of English and Comparative Literature, University of Cincinnati. Troilus and Cressida JOHN S. P. TATLOCK, Ph.D., Professor of English, University of Michigan.

Henry V-LEWIS F. MOTT, Ph.D., Professor of English, College of the City of New York.

The Merchant of Venice

HARRY M. AYRES, Ph.D., Assistant Pro

fessor of English, Columbia University.

As You Like It- MARTHA H. SHACKFORD, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English Literature, Wellesley College. Coriolanus-STUART P. SHERMAN, Ph.D., Professor of English, Uni

versity of Illinois.

Henry VI, Part I-LOUISE POUND, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English, University of Nebraska.

Henry VIII-CHARLES G. DUNLAP, Litt.D., Professor of English Literature, University of Kansas.

Comedy of Errors - FREDERICK MORGAN PADELFORD, Ph.D., Professor of the English Language and Literature, University of Washington.

In Preparation

King Lear-VIRGINIA C. GILDERSLEEVE, Ph.D., Dean of Barnard


The Tempest-HERBERT E. GREENE, Ph.D., Professor of English, Johns Hopkins University.

Much Ado About Nothing — WILLIAM W. LAWRENCE, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English, Columbia University.

The Two Gentlemen of Verona-MARTIN W. SAMPSON, A.M., Professor of English, Cornell University.

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