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lack of any comprehensive work on the subject of naturalization, have influenced the writer to prepare, as a companion volume to his work “Citizenship of the United States," an independent treatise on Naturalization. While the recent legislation completely changes the method of naturalizing aliens, parts of the old laws remain in force. This work clearly indicates the changes made, and undertakes to show by an exhaustive analysis of the new legislation and by reference to and discussion of the judicial decisions and the opinions and rulings of the Executive and international claims commissions, what the law of naturalization now is.

The work is specially designed to meet the needs of judges and clerks of courts having jurisdiction in naturalization matters, of United States Attorneys who appear for the government in naturalization proceedings and in proceedings to set aside or cancel naturalization certificates, of diplomatic and consular officers and other officers in the various branches of the government service dealing with questions relating to citizenship and naturalization. It is believed that the work will also fill a real need in furnishing, in comprehensive and convenient form, to lawyers who desire to advise their clients seeking naturalization or to establish rights of citizenship, and to general readers and students wishing to be well informed, the complete law on this important subject. Executive and Departmental orders and regulations are included in their appropriate places and the book will be found to constitute an exhaustive manual.

In the preparation of the work considerable assistance was derived from the comprehensive report of the citizenship board referred to, as well as from the chapter on nationality in John Bassett Moore's monumental work, the International Law Digest, and the author desires to make due acknowledgment therefor.

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By an order of the Secretary of State dated May 31, 1907, the designation of the Passport Bureau of the Department of State, to which numerous references are made in this work, was changed to the Bureau of Citizenship. Since the Secretary's order was made too late for insertion in the text of this book, which had then gone to press, the change is noted in the Preface.

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