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(D) Duplicates. It is made the duty of the clerk of every court exercising jurisdiction in naturalization matters under the Act of June 29, 1906, to send to the Bureau of Naturalization at Washington, within thirty days after the issuance of a certificate of citizenship, a duplicate of such certificate. Sec 12, par. 1.

Beginning with October 1, 1906, and on the first working day of each and every month thereafter, clerks of courts shall forward to the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization (Division of Naturalization) duplicate

) declarations of intention and petitions for naturalization filed, and all duplicates of certificates of naturalization issued, during the preceding month. Duplicate petitions for naturalization and duplicate certificates of naturalization shall be forwarded by registered mail; and duplicate declarations of intention shall be sent therewith, provided the combined weight of the documents does not exceed 4 pounds, otherwise they shall be forwarded in a separate package by unregistered mail. The clerks making such shipments are required to notify the Chief of the Division of Naturalization of the date thereof, by unregistered mail. In transmitting petitions clerks of courts are directed to state that the names of the petitioners and their witnesses have been conspicuously posted, as required by law. Nat. Reg. Oct. 2, 1906.

(E) Stub. Each clerk shall keep on file in his office a stub for each certificate so issued by him, whereon shall be entered a memorandum of all the essential facts set forth in such certificate. Sec. 12.

(F) Canceled Certificates. Whenever any certificate of citizenship shall be set aside or canceled, as herein provided, the court in which such judgment or decree is rendered shall make an order canceling such certificate of citizenship and shall send a certified copy of such order to the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization; and in case such certificate was not originally issued by the court making such order it shall direct the clerk of the court to transmit a copy of such order and judgment to the court out of which such certificate of citizenship shall have been originally issued. And it shall thereupon be the duty of the clerk of the court receiving such certified copy of the order and judgment of the court to enter the same of record and to cancel such original certificate of citizenship upon the records and to notify the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization of such cancellation.

The provisions of this section shall apply not only to certificates of citizenship issued under the provisions of this act, but to all certificates of citizenship, which may have been issued heretofore by any court exercising jurisdiction in naturalization proceedings under prior laws. Sec. 15, Act of 1906.

j. Certified Copies.

It shall be the duty of the clerks of courts to furnish to the Bureau of Naturalization certified copies of such proceedings and orders instituted in or issued out of the courts affecting or relating to the naturalization of aliens as may be required by said Bureau. Sec. 12.

In case any clerk or officer acting under his direction shall refuse or neglect to comply with any of the foregoing provisions he shall forfeit and pay to the United States the sum of twenty-five dollars in each and every case in which such violation or omission occurs, and the amount of such forfeiture may be recovered by the United States in an action of debt against such clerk. Sec. 12, Act of 1906.

Certified copies of all papers, documents, certificates, and records required to be used, filed, recorded or kept under any and all of the provisions of the Act of June 29, 1906, shall be admitted in evidence equally with the originals in any and all proceedings under this act, and in all cases in which the original thereof might be admissible as evidence. Sec. 28.

k. Records.

A duplicate of each declaration of intention shall be kept and filed by the clerk before whom the declaration is made. Sec. 12.

Declarations of intention and the petitions for naturalization shall be bound in chronological order in separate volumes, indexed, consecutively numbered and made part of the records of the court. Sec. 14.

Petitions for naturalization shall be docketed the day they are filed. Sec. 6.

Every final order which may be made upon a petition for naturalization shall be under the hand of the court and entered in full upon a record kept for that purpose. Sec. 9.

Each certificate of naturalization issued shall bear upon its face, in a place prepared therefor, the volume number and page number of the petition whereon such certificate was issued, and the volume number and page number of the stub of such certificate. Sec. 14.

The name, place of residence, and occupation of each witness whose testimony is required by law as to the facts of residence, moral character, and attachment of the applicant to the principles of the Constitution, shall be set forth in the record.

The renunciation by the applicant of hereditary title or order of nobility, if any, shall be recorded in the court.

For "cancellation of certificate," see “United States District Attorneys,” page 34, post.

1. Fees.

Act of June 29, 1906. "Sec. 13. The clerk of each and every court exercising jurisdiction in naturalization cases shall charge, collect, and account for the following fees in each proceeding:

"For receiving and filing a declaration of intention and issuing a duplicate thereof, one dollar.

"For making, filing, and docketing the petition of an alien for admission as a citizen of the United States and for the final hearing thereon, two dollars; and for entering the final order and the issuance of the certificate of citizenship thereunder, if granted, two dollars.

"The clerk of any court collecting such fees is hereby authorized to retain one-half of the fees collected by him in such naturalization proceeding; the remaining one-half of the naturalization fees in each case collected by : uch clerks, respectively, shall be accounted for in their quarterly accounts, which they are hereby required to render the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization, and paid over to such Bureau within thirty days from the close of each quarter in each and every fiscal year, and the moneys so received shall be paid over to the disbursing clerk of the Department of Commerce and Labor, who shall thereupon deposit them in the Treasury of the United States, rendering an account therefor quarterly to the Auditor for the State and other Departments, and the said disbursing clerk shall be held responsible under his bond for said fees so received.

"In addition to the fees herein required, the petitioner shall, upon the filing of his petition to become a citizen of the United States, deposit with and pay to the clerk of the court a sum of money sufficient to cover the expenses of subpænaing and paying the legal fees of any witnesses for whom he may request a subpæna, and upon the final discharge of such witnesses they shall receive, if they demand the same from the clerk, the customary and usual witness fees from the moneys which the petitioner shall have paid to such clerk for such purpose, and the residue, if any, shall be returned by the clerk to the petitioner: Provided, That the clerks of courts exercising jurisdiction in naturalization proceedings shall be permitted to retain one-half of the fees in any fiscal year up to the sum of three thousand dollars, and that all fees received by such clerks in naturalization proceedings in excess of such amount shall be accounted for and paid over to said Bureau as in case of other fees to which the United States may be entitled under the provisions of this Act. The clerks of the various courts exercising jurisdiction in naturalization proceedings shall pay all additional clerical force that may be required in performing the duties imposed by this Act upon the clerks of courts from fees received by such clerks in naturalization proceedings. And in case the clerk of any court collects fees in excess of the sum of six thousand dollars in any one year, the Secretary of Commerce and Labor may allow to such clerk from the money which the United States shall receive additional compensation for the employment of additional clerical assistance, but for no other purpose, if in the opinion of the said Secretary the business of such clerk warrants such allowance."*

"Sec. 20. That any clerk or other officer of a court having power under this Act to naturalize aliens, who wilfully neglects to render true accounts of moneys received by him for naturalization proceedings or who wilfully neglects to pay over any balance of such moneys due to the United States within thirty days after said payment shall become due and demand therefor has been made and refused, shall be deemed guilty of embezzlement of the public moneys, and shall be punishable by

*All fees provided for in Section 13 of the Act of June 29, 1906, collected by clerks of courts during any quarter of a fiscal year, shall be accounted for within thirty days after the close of such quarter, on Form 2212, provided for that purpose; and one-half of all moneys so collected shall be remitted to the Chief of the Division of Naturalization, Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization, with said quarterly accounts. In cases where no naturalization business is transacted during any quarter, said blank form shall be forwarded as aforesaid, with the words “No transactions" noted thereon. Nat. Reg., Oct. 2, 1906.


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