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A. Definition.
B. Power to regulate.
C. Naturalization a judicial function.
D. What courts are authorized to naturalize.

1. Courts of record.
2. Common law jurisdiction.
3. Act of June 29, 1906.
4. State courts.
5. Judges.

Functions of
6. Clerks of courts.


a. As to declaration of intention.
b. As to petition for naturalization.
c. As to notice of petition.
d. As to witnesses.
e. As to docketing.
f. As to duplicates.
g. As to final hearing.
h. As to aliens denied naturalization.
i. As to certificates of citizenship.

(A) Blank certificates.
(B) Defaced or injured certificates.
(C) Accountability for certificates.
(D) Duplicates.
(E) Stub.

(F) Cancelled certificates.
j. Certified copies.
k. Record.

1. Fees,
E. United States District Attorneys.

1. Appearance in opposition to naturalization.
2. Proceedings to set aside or cancel certificates.

F. Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization.

1. In general.
2. Functions of Secretary of Commerce and Labor.

a. Direction and control of Bureau.
b. Rules and regulations.
c. Blank certificates of citizenship.
d. Certificate of registry of alien.

e. Allowance of additional compensation to clerks of courts. 3. Functions of Bureau.

a. Supervision of naturalization.
b. Registry of aliens arriving in United States.
c. Blank certificates of citizenship.

d. As to naturalization fees.
4. Commissioners of Immigration.
5. Disbursing clerk, Department of Commerce and Labor.

a. Duties as to naturalization fees.

b. Bond.
G. Who are capable of naturalization.

1. In general.
2. Chinese.
3. Japanese.
4. Burmese.
5. Hawiians,
6. Indians.
7. Mexicans.
8. Porto Ricans and Filipinos.
9. Alien enemies.
10. Women:

a. In general.

b. Married women. 11. Anarchists and polygamists. H. Usual legal conditions.

1. Declaration of intention.

a. Time of making.
b. Before whom made.
c. Form of declaration.

Difference between Act of 1906 and prior law.
e. Porto Ricans and Filipinos.
f. Exceptions to usual requirement of declaration.

(A) Army.
(B) Navy and Marine Corps.
(C) Widow and children of deceased declarant.
(D) Minor residents.

Repeal of Minor's Clause.
(E) In Hawaii.
(F) In the Philippine Islands and Porto Rico.

H. Usual legal conditions.-Continued.

g. Rights conferred by declaration of intention.

(A) Under State laws.
(B) Under Federal laws.
(C) Citizenship not conferred by.

(i) Burnato's case.

(ii) Koszta's case.
h. Declaration of intention and residence.

(A) In general.

(B) Declaration and three years' residence.
i. Declaration of intention and service as merchant seaman.
j. Status conferred on minors by declaration of intention of

2. Petition for naturalization.

a. In general.
b. Time of filing.
c. To whom made.
d. Form of petition.

(A) Description of applicant.
(B) Allegations of petition.

(a) Disbelief in anarchy and polygamy.
(b) of intention to become a citizen, to reside perman-

ently in United States, and to renounce allegiance

to foreign sovereign.
(c) Of previous denial of naturalization.
(d) As to residence.

(e) As to ability to speak English.
(C) Signature of petitioner.
(D) Verification of petition.
(E) Witnesses.

(i) Citizenship of.
(ii) Personal acquaintance with applicant.
(iii) Form of affidavit.

(iv) Fees.
e. Notice.

(A) In general.

(B) Form. f. Certificate from Department of Commerce and Labor, and

declaration of intention..
3. Residence.

a. In general.
b. Meaning of “residence."
c. “Continued residence."
d. Constructive residence.

(A) Merchant Seamen.
(B) In countries in which the United States has extraterri-

torial rights.

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