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and water : but thou hast brought the God who helpeth us, and pourus out into a wealthy place. Ver. 11. eth his benefits upon us. Ver. 19.

O how great troubles and ad- O let the wickedness of the wickversities hast thou shewed us! and ed come to an end : but establish yet didst thou turn and refresh thou the righteous. Psalm vii. 9. us : yea, and broughtest us from Let all those that seek thee be the deep of the earth again. Psalm joyful and glad in thee : and let Ixxi. 18.

ali such as love thy salvation Thou didst remember us in our say alway, The Lord' be praisal. low estate, and redeem us from our Psalm xl. 19. enemies : for thy mercy endureth Glory be to the Father, and to for ever. Psalm cxxxvi. 23, 24. the Son : and to the Holy Ghost;

Lord, thou art become gracious As it was in the beginning, is unto thy land : thou hast turned now, and ever shall be : world away the captivity of Jacob. Psalm without end. Amen. Ixxxy. 1. God hath shewed us his goodness

Proper Psalms. plenteously : and God hath let us cxxiv, cxxvi, cxxix, cxyiii. see our desire upon our enemies.

Proper Lessons. Psalm lix. 10.

The First, 2 Sam. xix. ver. 9. They are brought down and fall

or Numb. xvi. en : but we are risen and stand

Te Deum. upright. Psalm xx. 8.

There are they fallen, all that The Second, The Epistle of St. work wickedness : they are cast

Jude. down, and shall not be able to

Jubilate Deo. stand. Psalm xxxvi. 12.

The Lord hath been mindful of (The Suffrages next after the us, and he shall bless us : even

Creed shall stand thus. he shall bless the house of Israel, Priest. O Lord, shew thy mercy he shall bless the house of Aaron. upon us. Psalm cxv. 12.

Answer. And grant us thy salHe shall bless them that fear the vation. Lord : both small and great. Ver. Priest. O Lord, save the Queen; 13.

Answer. Who putteth her trust O that men would therefore in thce. praise the Lord for his goodness : Priest. Send her help from thy and declare the wonders that he holy place. doeth for the children of men ! Answer. And evermore mightily Psalm cvii. 21.

defend her. That they would offer unto him Priest. Let her enemies have no the sacrifice of thanksgiving : and advantage against her. tell out his works with gladness! Answer. Let not the wicked apVer. 22.

proach to hurt her. And not hide them from the Priest. Endue thy Ministers children of the generations to with righteousness. come : but shew the honour of Answer. And make thy chosen the Lord, his mighty and won- people joyful. derful works that he hath done! Priest. Give peace in our time, Psalm lxxviii. 4.

O Lord. That our posterity may also Answer. Because there is none know them, and the children that other that fighteth for us, but only are yet unborn : and not be as thou, O God. their forefathers a faithless and Priest. Be unto us, O Lord, a stubborn generation. Ver. 6, 9. strong tower,

Give thanks, O Israel, unto God Answer. From the face of our the Lord in the congregations : enemies. from the ground of the heart. Priest. O Lord, hear our prayer. Psalm lxviii. 26.

Answer. And let our cry come Praised be the Lord daily : even unto thee.

Instead of the first Collect at for Jesus Christ his sake our only Morning Prayer shall these two Lord and Saviour. Amen. which follow be used.

In the end of the Litany (which O

shall always this Day be used) a strong tower of defence un

after the Collect [We humbly beto thy servants against the face seech thee, O Father, fc.] shall of their enemies; We yield thee this be said which next followeth. praise and thanksgiving for the wonderful deliverance of these ALMIGHTY God, who hast

in all ages shewed forth thy Kingdoms from THE GREAT

power and mercy in the miracuREBELLION, and all the Mi- lous and gracious deliverances of series and Oppressions consequent thy Church, and in the protection thereupon, under which they had of righteous and religious Kings so long groaned. We acknowledge and States, professing thy holy it thy goodpess, that we were not and eternal truth, from the mautterly delivered over as a prey licious Conspiracies and wicked unto them; beseeching thee still Practices of all their enemies; to continue such thy mercies to

We yield unto thee our unfeignwards us, that all the world may

ed thanks and praise, as for thy know that thou art our Saviour and mighty Deliverer; through

many other great and publick

mercies, so especially for that sig. Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. nal and wonderful Deliverance,

LORD God of our salvation, by thy wise and good Providence

who hast been exceedingly as upon this Day completed, and gracious unto this land, and by vouchsafed to our then most grathy miraculous providence didst cious Sovereign King Charles the deliver us out of our miserable

Second, and all the Royal Family, confusions; by restoring to us, and in them, to this whole Church and to his own just and undoubt

and State, and all orders and deed Rights, our then most gracious

grees of men in both, from the Sovereign Lord, King Charles the unnatural Rebellion, Usurpation, Second, notwithstanding all the

and Tyranny of ungodly and cruel power and malice of his enemies;

men, and from the sad confusions and, by placing him on the Throne and ruin thereupon ensuing. From of these Kingdoms, didst restore all these, O gracious and merciful also unto us the publick and free Lord God, not our merit, but thy profession of thy true Religion and

mercy; not our foresight, but thy Worship, together with our former Providence; not our own arm, but Peace and Prosperity, to the great | thy right hand, and thine arm, did comfort and joy of our hearts: We

rescue and deliver us. And thereare here now before thee, with fore, not unto us, O Lord, not all due thankfulness, to acknow- unto us, but unto thy Name be ledge thine unspeakable goodness ascribed all Honour, and Glory, herein, as upon this Day shewed and Praise, with most humble and unto us, and to offer unto thee | hearty thanks, in all Churches of our sacrifice of praise for the same; the Saints: Even so blessed be the humbly beseeching thee to accept Lord our God, who alone doeth this our unfeigned, though un- wondrous things, and blessed be worthy oblation of ourselves; vow- the Name of his Majesty for ever; ing all holy obedience in thought, through Jesus Christ our Lord word and work, unto thy Divine and only Saviour. Amen. Majesty; and promising all loyal

9 In the Communion Service, imand dutiful Allegiance to thine mediately before the reading of Anointed Servant now set over the Epistle, shall these two Coius, and to her Heirs after her; lects be used, instead of the Collect whom we beseech thee to bless for the Queen and the Collect of with all increase of grace, honour

the Day and happiness, in this world, and O Almighty God, &c. to crown her with immortality O Lord God of our salvation, &c. and glory in the world to come, [As before at Morning Prayer.]


The Epistle. 1 St. Pet. ii. 11. After the Prayer (For the whole

state of Christ's Church fc.] this you as strangers and pilgrims,

Collect following shall be used. abstain from fleshly lusts, whịch A Father, who, of thine

infinite war against the soul; having your conversation honest among

and unspeakable goodness towards the Gentiles: that, whereas they

us, didst in a most extraordinary speak against you as evil-doers,

and wonderful manner disappoint they may, by your good works and overthrow the wicked designs which they shall behold, glorify

of those traiterous, heady, and God in the day of visitation. Sub- high-minded men, who, under the mit yourselves to every ordinance pretence of Religion and thy most of man for the Lord's sake; whether | holy Name, had contrived, and it be to the King, as supreme; or

well - nigh effected the utter deunto Governours, as unto them

struction of th Church and Kingthat are sent by him for the pun- dom: As we do this day most ishment of evil-doers, and for the heartily and devoutly adore and praise of them that do well. For magnify thy glorious Name for so is the will of God, that with

this thine infinite goodness already well-doing ye may put to silence vouchsafed to us ; so do we most the ignorance of foolish men: as

humbly beseech thee to continue free, and not using your liberty thy grace and favour towards us, for a cloke of maliciousness, but

that no such dismal calamity may as the servants of God. Honour ever again fall upon us. Infatuate all men. Love the brotherhood.

and defeat all the secret counsels Fear God. Honour the King.

of deceitful and wicked men a

gainst us: Abate their pride, asThe Gospel. St. Matth. xxii. 16.

swage their malice, and confound

their devices. Strengthen the hands their disciples, with the He

of our gracious Sovereign Queen rodians, saying, Master, we know

VICTORIA, and all that are put that thou art true, and teachest

in authority under her, with judgethe way of God in truth, neither

ment and justice to cut off all such carest thou for any man; for thou

workers of iniquity, as turn Reregardest not the person of men.

ligion into Rebellion, and Faith Tell us therefore, What thinkest

into Faction; that they may never thou?

Is it lawful to give tribute again prevail against us, nor triunto Cæsar, or not? But Jesus umph in the ruin of the Monarchy perceived their wickedness, and

and thy Church among us. Prosaid, Why tempt ye me, ye hy- tect and defend our Sovereign pocrites ? Shew me the tribute Lady the Queen, with the whole money. And they brought unto

Royal Family, from all Treasons him å peny. And he saith unto

and Conspiracies. Be unto her an them, Whose is this image and

helmet of salvation, and a strong superscription? They say unto

tower of defence against the face him, Cæsar's. Then saith he unto

of all her enemies; clothe them them, Render therefore unto Cæ

with shame and confusion, but sar the things which are Cæsar's;

upon Herself and her Posterity let and unto God the things that are

the Crown for ever flourish. So we God's. When they had heard these thy people, and the sheep of thy words, they marvelled, and left

pasture, will give thee thanks for him, and went their way.

ever, and will always be shewing T In the Offertory shall this Sen- forth thy praise from generation tence be read.

to generation; through Jesus NOM

OT every one that saith unto Christ our only Saviour and Re

me, Lord, Lord, shall enter deemer, to whom, with thee, O into the kingdom of heaven: but Father, and the Holy Ghost, be he that doeth the will of my Fa- glory in the Church throughout ther which is in heaven. St. Matth. all ages, world without end. Avii. 21.



To be used in all Churches and Chapels within this Realm,

; whicx Her Majesty began Her happy Reign.

The Service shall be the same with the usual Office for Holy days in all

things; except where it is in this Office otherwise appointed. If this Day shall happen to be Sunday, this whole Office shall be used,

as it followeth, entirely. Morning Prayer shall begin with O hold thou up her goings in thy these Sentences.

paths : that her footsteps slip not.

Psalm xvii. 5.
I ,
Supplications, Prayers, Inter-

Grant the Queen a long life : cessions, and giving of Thanks,

and make her glad with the joy be made for all men; for Kings,

of thy countenance. Psalm lxi. 6. and for all that are in Authority;

& xxi. 6. that we may lead a quiet and

Let her dwell before thee for peaceable life, in all godliness and

ever : 0 prepare thy loving mercy honesty: For this is good and ac

and faithfulness, that they may ceptable unto God our Saviour.

preserve her. Psalm Ixi. 7. 1 Tim. ii. 1, 2, 3.

In her time let the righteous If we say that we have no sin,

flourish : and let peace be in all we deceive ourselves, and the

our borders. Psalm lxxii. 7. &

cxlvii. 14. truth is not in us; but, if we confess our sins, he is faithful and

As for her enemies, clothe them just to forgive us our sins, and to

with shame : but upon herself ld cleanse us from all unrighteous

her crown flourish. Ps. cxxxii. 19. ness. 1 St. John i. 8, 9.

Blessed be the Lord God, even

the God of Israel : which only Instead of Venite exultemus the doeth wondrous things. Psalm Hymn following shall be said or lxxii. 18. sung; one Verse by the Priest, And blessed be the Name of his and another by the Clerk and Majesty for ever : and at the earth people.

shail be filled with his Majesty. O

LORD our Governour : how Amen, Amen. Ver. 19.

excellent is thy Name in all Glory be to the Father, and to the world! Psalm viii. 1.

the Son : and to the Holy Ghost; Lord, what is man, that thou As it was in the beginning, is hast such respect unto him : or now, and ever shall be : world the son of man, that thou so re- without end. Amen. gardest him? Psalm cxliv. 3. The merciful and gracious Lord

Proper Psalms. xx, xxi, ci. hath so done his mar us works:

Proper Lessons. that they ought to be had in re- The First, Josh. i. to the end of membrance. Psalm cxi. 4.

the ninth Verse. o that men would therefore

Te Deum. praise the Lord for his goodness :

The Second, Rom. xiii. and declare the wonders that he

Jubilate Deo. doeth for the children of men! Psalm cvii. 21.

1 The Suffrages next after the Behold, O God our defender :

Creed shall stand thus. and look upon the face of thine Priest. O Lord, shew thy mercy Anointed. Psalm lxxxiv. 9.

upon us.

Answer. And grant us thy sal- , point her cares for the publick vation.

good; let her always possess the Priest. O Lord, save the Queen; hearts of her people, that they

Answer. Who putteth her trust may never be wanting in honour in thee.

to her Person, and dutiful subPriest. Send her help from thy mission to her Authority; let her holy place.

Reign be long and prosperous, and Answer. And evermore mightily crown her with immortality in the defend her.

life to come; through Jesus Christ Priest. Let her enemies have no our Lord. Amen. advantage against her.

In the end of the Litany (which Answer. Let not the wicked ap

shall always be used upon this proach to hurt her.

Day) after the Collect [We humPriest. Endue thy Ministers

bly beseech thee, O Father, &-c.] with righteousness.

shall the following Prayer, for Answer. And make thy chosen the Queen and Royal Family, be people joyful.


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Answerbless inhe

est and governest all things ritance.

in heaven and earth; receive our Pricst. Give peace in our time,

humble prayers, with our hearty O Lord.

thanksgivings, for our Sovereign Answer. Because there is none

Lady VICTORIA, as on this day, other that fighteth for us, but only set over us by thy grace and prothou, O God.

vidence to be our Queen; and so Priest. Be unto us, O Lord, a together with her bless the Prince strong tower;

Albert, Albert Prince of Wales, Answer. From the face of our and all the Royal Family; that enemies.

they all, ever trusting in thy goodPriest. O Lord, hear our prayer; ness, protected by thy power, and Answer. And let our cry come crowned with thy gracious and into thee.

endless favour, may con nue be

fore thee in health, peace, joy, Instead of the first Collect at Morning Prayer shall be used

and honour, and may live long this following Collect of Thanks

and happy lives upon earth, and giving for Her Majesty's Acces- after death obtain everlasting life sion to the Throne.

and glory in the kingdom of hea

ven, by the Merits and Mediation LMIGHTY God, who rulest

of Christ Jesus our Saviour, who over all the kingdoms of the

with the Father and the Holy SpiWorld, and disposest of them ac

rit, liveth and reigneth ever one cording to thy good pleasure; We yield thee unfeigned thanks, for

God, world without end. Amen. that thou wast pleased, as on this I Then shall follow this Collect, for day, to place thy Servant our So- God's protection of the Queen avereign Lady, Queen VICTORIA gainst all her enemies.


OST gracious God, who hast Let thy wisdom be her guide, and set thy servant VICTORIA let thine arm strengthen her; let our Queen upon the Throne of her justice, truth, and holiness, let Ancestors, we most humbly bepeace and love, and all those vir- seech thee to protect her on the tues that adorn the Christian Pro- same from all the dangers to which fession, flourish in her days; di- she may be exposed; Hide her rect all her counsels and endea- from the gathering together of the vours to thy glory, and the welfare froward, and from the insurrection of her people; and give us grace of wicked doers; Do thou weaken to obey her cheerfully and wil- the hands, blast the designs, and lingly for conscience sake; that defeat the enterprizes of all her neither our sinful passions, nor enemies, that no secret conspiraour private interests, may disap- i cies, nor open violences, may dis

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