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of Ely, Five Letters to Correggio and Parmegiano,

the Rev. G. Wilkins 67 Sketches of the Lives of 372 Browne, J. H. Archdeacon Crabb, George, English of Ely, A Sixth Letterfrom

Synonymes explained in the Same to the Same ibid. Alphabetical Order .... 361 Buckland, Rev. W. Reli- Cruise, Captain R. A. Jour

quiæ Diluvianæ; or, Ob• , nal of a Ten Months reservations on the Or

sidence in New Zealand 635 ganic Remains contained in Caves, &c.


D. Byron, Right Hon. Lord,

Don Juan, Cantos VI, VII, The Island; or, Christian

VIII.. and his Comrades

178 16

Cantos IX, X,

524 Caloutta, Bishop of, Sermon

. Cantos

XII, preached at the Conse


662 cration of, by the Rev.

Duncan, J. M. Travels A. B. Wrightson.....

through part of the

United States and CaCanning, Rt. Hon. George, a Letter to, on the Eng.

nada, in 1818 and 1819 656 lish Poor Laws



stance of his Speech on Eden, Hon. F. Historical
Macdonald's Motion

Sketch of the Internaroditing the Negocia

tional Policy of Modern tions at Verona, Paris,


516 and Madrid

439 Élia, · Essays which have Cappe, Mrs. Catherine, appeared under that Sigo

Memoirs of the late 77 nature in the London Carey, Frances Jane, Jour


83 nal of a Tour in France, Ellen Fitz-Arthur; a Metriin the Years 1816, 1817 492

cal Tale Chancery, Observations on Encyclopædia · Metropolia the of

tana; or, Universal Dicof . the Court

41.5 tionary of Knowledge, Churchill, J. M. a Treatise on" an original Plan,

on Acupuncturation.... 668 Parts IX and X... 301 Clarke, E. D. Travels in English Poor Laws, Lettier various Countries of Eu.

on the, to the Right Hon. rope, Asia, and Africa.. 555 George Canning

98 Conýbeare," Rev. W. D. English Synonymes ex

and w: Philips, Outlines plained in Alphabetical of the Geology of Eng

Order, by George Crabb, land and Wales 285 M.A.

361 Cornwall, Barry, the Flood Evans, Rev. H. Notting

of Thessaly, the Girl of ham Controversy impar: 1 Provence, and other Po

tially Reviewed..... 67 ems

253 European Languages, His



tory of the, by the late Green, J. Utility and Im.

Alexander Murray, D.D. 382 portance of Fumigating

European Languages, His,

Baths illustrated

...... 668

tory of the, continued) 472


Europe, Asia, and Africa,

Travels in various Coun- Hemans, Mrs. The Siege

tries of, by E. D. Clarke,

of Valencia, a Dramatic





Heraldic Anomalies; or,

rank Confusion in our
Faber, George Stanley,

orders of Precedence, by
B.D. on the Patriarchal,

it matters not Who ... 422

Levitical, and Christian Hibernian Bible Society,


229 Vindication of the Rea.

Faust: a Drama, by Goëthe,

sons for withdrawing

and Schiller's Song of from, by James Edward
the Bell, translated by Jackson, M.A. ..... 103
Lord Francis Leveson Hippesley, Sir J. C. Bart.

156 Correspondence respect-

Faux, W. Memorable Days

ing the Introduction of

in America

407 Tread Mills into Pri-

Flood of Thessaly, Girl of


... 133

Provence, and other Po- Historical Illustrations of

ems, by Barry Cornwall 253

Quentin Durward

Footman's Directory, and Hobart, John Henry, D.D.

Butler's Remembrancer;

Bishop in the State of

or, the Advice of Onesi-

New York, Introductory
mus to his young Friends 515 Address on opening the
France, Journal of a Tour General Theological Se-
in, in the Years. 1816,


r.: 530
1817, by Frances Jane Hogg, James, The Three
Carey ......

492 Perils of Woman; or
Fumigating Baths, Utility Love, Leasing, and Jea-
and Importance of, illus- lousy


trated, by J. Green.... 668 Holderness, Mary, Journey

from Riga to the Crimea 336


Holy Scriptures, Inspira-

General Theological Semi- tion of the, proved, by

nary in the United States

the Rev. T. Wilkinson 466

of America, The Consti.
tution, Act of Incorpo-

I and J.

ration, and Statutes of Infant Children of the Poor,


530 importance of Educating

Genlis, Countess de, Me-

the, by Samuel Wilder-

moirs of the Marchion.



ess de Bonchamps 122 Infant Schools, Observa-

Gillan, Rev. Robert, Scot-

tions relative to, by Tho-

tish Pulpit, a Collection

mas Pole, M.D.


of Sermons

22 Ireland, Views of, Moral,

.... 510

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