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Memoirs of the Marchion.

ess de Bonchamps, ou la

Vendée, edited by the

Countess de Genlis.... 122

Memoirs of Francis. Bar-

nett, the Lefévre of

“ No Fiction".. ... 171

Memoirs of General Count :

Rapp, First Aide-de-

Camp to Napoleon, writ-

ten by himself ... .. 648

Men and Things in 1823,

a Poem, by J. S. Boone,



Modern Europe, Histori-

cal Sketch of the Inter.
national Policy of, by the

Hon. F. Eden .. 519
Moore, E. Suffolk Words
and Phrases

Murray, the late Alexan.

der, History of the Eu-
ropean Languages ... 382

National Society for the

Education of the Poor,

Twelfth Annual Report

of the


preached in behalf of, by
the Rev. R. Lewin... . ibid.


by a Clergyman of the

Established Church.... ibid.

Negro Slavery, Considera-

tions on the Abolition of,

by J. F. Barham, Esq. . 505

New Zealand, Journal of a

Ten. Months Residence
in, by Captain R. A.
Cruise, Esq...

New Trial of the Witnesses

of the Resurrection of

Northern Whale Fishery,

Journal of a Voyage lo
the, in 1822, by W.

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Scoresby, Jun. F.R.S.E.


188 Reginald Dalton, by the

Nottingham Controversy

Author of "6


impartially Reviewed, by



'the Rev. H. Evans.... 67 Reliquiæ Diluvianæ, by the

Rev. W. Buckland, B.D.



... 607

Observations on the Judges Riga to the Crimea, Jour-

of the Court of Chancery 4.15 ney from, by Mary Hol-

O’Driscoll, J. Esq. View of derness. .

: 336

Ireland, Moral, Political,

Rogers, Samuel, Italy a

and Religious ...

453 Poem


Oracles of GodFour Ora-

Rose, Hon. Sir G. H. on

tions, by the Rev. Ed.

the Means ' and Impor-

ward Irving, A.M. 210 tance of converting the

Outlines of the Geology of

Slaves in the West Indies

England and Wales, by to Christianity.


the Rev. W. D. Cony- Ross and Argyle, Charge
beare, F.R.S. and wil-

delivered to the Clergy
liam Philips, F.L.S. &c. 285 of the Episcopal Com-

munion of, by the Right


Rev. David Low, LL.D.

Peers, Charles, The Siege

their Bishop..

of Jerusalem


Rule of Life, Discourses on
Philosophical Transactions the, by the Rev. J. H.

Pott, A.M. Archdeacon

of the Royal Society of

of London


London, for 1822. Part

II. :::..



Pole, Thomas, Observations

relative to Infant Schools 327

Scottish Pulpit, a Collec-

Pott, Rev. J. H. Archdea-

tion of Sermons, edited

con of London, Discours.

by the Rev. Robert Gillan 22

es on the Rule of Life 112

Scripture Difficulties, Dis-

Praed, M. W. Lillian; a

courses on, by C. Ben-


son, M.A....

Prison Labours, &c. Cor-

Scoresby, W. Journal of
respondence and Com. Voyage to the Northern

Whale Fishery in 1822 188
munications of Sir J. C.
Hippesley to the Secre-

Seventeenth Report of the

Directors of the African

tary of State for the



Home Department .... 133

Pyrenees and the South of Shampooing; or, Benefits

France, in November

resulting from the Use

of the Indian Medicated

and December, 1822 .. 259

Vapour Bath


Sketches in Bedlam; or,


Characteristic Traits of

Quentin Durward, Histori-

Insanity ...t ... 353

cal Illustrations of ... 510 Sketches of the Lives of

Fairy Tale




man •


PAGE Correggio and Parmegi- Chapters of St. Matthew


and St. Luke, by a Lay Society for the Propaga.

396 tion of the Gospel in Fo

U. reign Parts, Bishop of Bristol's Sermon at the

United States and Canada, Anniversary Meeting of 1

Travels through part of Spain, The Crisis of ... 430 the, by J. M. Duncan, Stewart, J. a View of the A.B..... doo o 656 past and present State

w. of Jamaica

315 Streatfield, Rev. T. Bridal Walter, Rev. H. Letter to ,

of Armagnac, a Tragedy 502 the Bishop of Peterbo-'); } Suffolk Words and Phrases,

rough, on the Indepenby Edward Moore, F.R.S.

dence of the Authorized " &c.


Version of the Bible 587

West Indies, on the Means

and Importance of Con- ? Thiers, A. Pyrenees and verting the Slaves in the, South of France in No

to Christianity, by the vember and December,

Right Hon. Sir G. H. 1822....


Transactions of the Lite- Widow's Tale, and other
rary Society at Rombay,


623 Vol. III.

264 Wilderspin, Samuel, ImTreatise on the Patriarcbal,

portance of Educating Levitical, and Christian

the Infant Children of Dispensations, by George

the Poor

327 Stanley Faber, B.D.... 229 Wilkins, Rev. G. Five LetTwelfth Annual Report of ters to the, by the Rev. the National Society for

J. H. Browne

67 the Education of the

a Sixth Poor....

207 Letter from the Same to
the Same..


Wilkinson, Rev. T. The Valedictory Address of the Inspiration of the Holy Society for Promoting Scriptures proved

466 Christian : Knowledge ; Woman, The Three Perils delivered by the Bishop of; or, Love, Leasing, of Bristol to the Bishop

and Jealousy, by James of Calcutta, . with his


357 Lordship's Reply.... 1 Woodhouse, R. a Treatise Valencia, The Siege of, a on Astronomy, TheoreDramatic Poem, by Mrs.

tical and Practical '..., 143 Hemans ....

50 Wrightson, Rév. A. B. SerVindication of the Authen

mon preached at the ticity of the Narratives

Consecration of the Bi. contained in the first two

shop of Calcutta

1 7

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Art. I. A Sermon preached at St. Mary-le-Bow, on Fri

day, Feb. 21, 1823, being the Anniversary Meeting of the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. By the Right Rev. John, Lord

Bishop of Bristol. 8vo. pp. 24. Rivingtons. 1823. Art. II. The Valedictory Address of the Society for Pro

moting Christian Knowledge, delivered by the Lord Bishop of Bristol, at a Special General Meeting of the Society, June 13, 1823, to the Lord Bishop of Calcutta, previously to his Departure for India: together with his Lordship's

Reply. 8vo. pp. 20. Rivingtons. 1823, ART. III. A Sermon preached in Lambeth Chapel, on

Sunday, June 1, 1823, at the Consecration of the Right Rev. Reginald Heber, D.D. Lord Bishop of Calcutta. By Arthur Bland Wrightson, M.A. Rector of Edling. lington, and Perpetual Curate of Campsall, in the County, of York, and Chaplain to the Right Hon. Viscount Be

resford. 4to. pp. 24. Rivingtons. 1823. AMONG many painful feelings excited by the death of Bishop Middleton, no one was 'more painful than the fear that it might lead to a discontinuance of the measures which be bad pursued. A great and lamentable interruption of them was unavoidable. The want of Bishops at Madras and Bombay, by whom the loss of the Bishop of Calcutta might in some measure be supplied, was, and always will be acutely felt. The death of the second ecclesiastical officer in Hin. dostan, the excellent and lamented Archdeacon Loring, made an additional breach in the Church government of a country where a great deal of mischief may be effected in a very little time; and the successor of Bishop Middleton, however able and eminent, was one who had not shared his councils, and to whom the subject of Christianity in India was at least incompletely known. Under these circumstances it was impossible not to fear that the system adopted by

B VOL. XX. JULY, 1823.

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Bishop Middleton would suffer a grievous suspension, even if it escaped from total ruin.

And the danger was increased by the character of the measures themselves, not less than by the conduct of those who' advocate a different system. Solid, gradual, and noiseless, the building had not attracted the notice of those by whom display is considered indispensable to success. It had not produced, and did not promise to produce, any sudden or splendid effect. It was better calculated to be useful than popular-and, of course, it ran some risque of encountering contumely or neglect. And that risque was enbanced by the interest so widely excited in favour of other schemesschemes which propose to make amends by zeal and good intention, for the want of method, regularity, and discipline; and which rest upon different views of nature, of providence and of grace, from those that Bishop Middleton entertained.

But we are happy to say that the greater part of these apprehensions have been relieved. The universal acknowledgement of Bishop Middleton's merits, the applause that has been bestowed from all quarters upon his plans; the decided manner in which they have been embraced by the most distinguished Governors of the Church, and the pledge to persevere in them which has been given by his successor, are so many sources of sincere joy to those who had anticipated a less' favourable result; and we consider our readers entitled to their share of the pleasure, and to an acquaintance with the grounds upon which it rests. In order to accomplish this object we shall first lay before them the Bishop of Bristol's character of the deceased Prelate. It is extracted from his Lordship's sermon before the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, and forms a most appropriate conclusion to that admirable discourse. Having shewn the immense difference between our Saviour's authoritative teaching, and the lessons of those who cannot appeal to miracles in support of their doctrines, and having consequently recommended us to impress upon the character of our Missionaries such a stamp of authority as shall predispose the people to lend an attentive ear to the truths which they deliver, the Bishop of Bristol contends that this object will be ultimately effected by the ecclesiastical establishment in India, and the Missionary College at Calcutta. The difficulties encountered by the solitary Missionary, bis inability to make any serious breach in the mass of prejudice and custom by which the Brachmins defend their errors, are described with his Lordship's wonted facility and neat

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