My America: The Culture of Giving

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iUniverse, 28 iul. 2011 - 336 pagini

This book is a true love story, told by the son of a humble Norwegian fisherman who became an international and successful businessman. It is a love storyvery personal, very dedicated, very positive and optimistic in the love of America, music, and life itself. It is also a love song to the most important values of lifeto give.

Dag Coucheron, MD, Psychiatrist, Author

Jens Moe personifies a dedicated, modern volunteer and philanthropist. From his own fascinating life story, he puts into perspective US generosity with stunning fairness and admiration. A timeless and valuable book about our country.

Debbie Schuck, Executive Director of Fender Center and Museum

Jens Moe is a wanderer between worlds. Not only between the old and the new world, but the worlds of commerce and art and music. My America is a compelling and compassionate tale of a man finding his true dedication and fulfillment, of giving in America.

Jrgen Ploog, Author

This is the story of a warm and caring man whose deep love for music leads him to become a passionate advocate for music education. On this path he meets the love of his life and discovers the big generous heart of America that powers our dreams.

Cynthia Fox 95.5 KLOS , Southern Californias Best Rock, Los Angles

Experience the dynamic, rich, and enduring American culture of giving, as described by a Norwegian-Canadian with strong and growing affection for America, in-depth knowledge, and a fascinating life story.


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Jens Moe is dedicated to music education of children and young adults. He has been honored for his engagement in cultural projects in several countries. With degrees in engineering and law, he has served on the boards of directors of many private and public corporations as well as cultural organizations. He currently splits his time between in Vancouver and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, with his wife, Karin.

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