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The SUN, MOON and PLANETS were then put in motion,
Describing their circles, in bright-beaming fire,
And laws were prescrib'd to the earth, air and ocean,
By Nature's omniscient, omnipotent SIRE :-
The plumb-line was hung from the centre of heaven;
The gauge told the hours, from even to even;
The compasses mark'd out the paths of the seven
That shine in the TEMPLE where MASONS reside.

The BOOK was unfolded; the saUARE was suspended,
At Orion's belt, as he blaz'd through the sky;
From either horizon the LEVEL extended,

While bright through the clouds, look'd the ALL-SEEING

The roughness of Nature was smooth'd by the GAVEL;
The WORD had been given for the Crafts-men to ravel;
And earth's velvet CARPET was spread, where they travel
And gaze on the TEMPLE where MASONS reside.



To exhaust the various scientific subjects with which this degree is conversant, would require the longest life, and transcend the powers of the most distinguished genius. It was designed to please and instruct the accomplished scholar, and the ingenious artist.


The ceremonies of introducing the initiated brother into this degree are all accurately elucidated in this section of the lecture.

"Thus he showed me; and behold the Lord stood upon a wall made by a plumb-line, with a plumb-line in his hand. And the Lord said unto me, Amos, what seest

thou? And I said, a plumb-line. Then said the Lord, Behold I will set a plumb-line in the midst of my people Israel: I will not again pass by them any more."-Amos vii, 7-8.

The plumb, square and level serve as a constant admonition to the practice of every virtue.

The plumb is an instrument made use of, by operative Masons, to raise perpendiculars; the square, to square their work; and the level, to lay horizontals: but we, as free and accepted Masons, are taught to use them for more noble and important purposes. The plumb admonishes us to walk uprightly in our several stations before God and man; squaring our actions by the square of virtue, ever remembering that we are travelling upon the level of time to that "undiscovered country, from whose bourne no traveller returns."


Masonry is considered under two denominations; operative and speculative.


By this we allude to a proper application of the useful rules of architecture, whence a structure may derive figure, strength and beauty. It furnishes us with dwellings to shelter us from the inclemencies of the seasons, and demonstrates that a fund of science and industry is implanted in man for the most important purposes.


This teaches us to subdue the passions, act upon the square, keep a tongue of good report, maintain secrecy, and practice charity. It is so far interwoven with religion as to lay us under new obligation to pay that rational and vital homage to the deity which constitutes, at once, our duty and our happiness.


In six days God created the heavens and the earth, and rested from all his labours on the seventh. The Sabbath

therefore was consecrated by our ancient brethren as a day of rest, wherein to contemplate the works, and adore the goodness of the great Creator.


These are two artificial, spherical bodies; the one designed to represent the convex surface of the earth; the other the concave surface of the visible heavens: the former is called the terrestrial--the latter the celestial sphere.

The five orders in architecture are here explained.


This was invented in Tuscany, and is the most simple and solid of the five. Its column is seven diameters in height-and its capital, base and entablature have but few mouldings.


This bears a mean proportion between the more solid and delicate orders. Its column is nine diameters high, its capital is adorned with volutes, its cornice has dentals.


Bears a kind of mean proportion between the more solid and delicate orders. Its column is nine diameters high; its capital is adorned with volutes, and it cornice has dentals.


This is the richest of the five orders, and is deemed a masterpiece of art. Its columns is ten diameters high, and its capital is adorned with two rows of leaves, its frieze with curious devices, and its cornice with dentals and modillions.


This is a selection from the other orders, and was contrived by the Romans. It is ten diameters in height, and

the capital is ornamented with the leaves of the Corinthian, while the column is voluted like the Ionic.



By this sense we distinguish sounds, and are capable of enjoying all the agreeable charms of music. The wise and beneficent author of Nature intended by the formation of this sense, that we should be social creatures, and receive the greatest and most important part of our knowledge from the information of others.


Of all the faculties sight is the noblest. By this sense we find our way in the pathless ocean, traverse this globe of earth, measure the planetary orbs, and make new and interesting discoveries in all the regions of visible creation. It also discloses the tempers and dispositions of our fellow



This sense enables us to distinguish the different qualities of bodies, such as heat and cold; hardness and softness; roughness and smoothness; figure, solidity, motion and extension.

The three senses above mentioned are deemed peculiarly essential among masons.


The various odours and perfumes of Nature are brought to our knowledge by this faculty; and are made to contribute to our happiness.


Our taste enables us to make a proper choice in the selection of our animal nourishment; and is not among the


least of those numerous blessings which are bestowed on us by a kind Creator.


GRAMMAR, teaches us to speak and write with propriety. It is an art, convenient and ornamental even in common life, but is indispensable to the scholar or the gentleman.

RHETORIC, teaches to pronounce with elegance and force what grammar has composed with perspicuity and cor


LOGIC teaches us to guide our reason discretionally in the general acquisition of knowledge, and directs our inquiries after truth.

ARITHMETIC is the art of determining the properties and powers of numbers; and operates by letters, tables, figures or instruments.

GEOMETRY treats of the properties of magnitude, in which length, breadth, and thickness are considered; proceeding from a point to a line, from a line to a superficies, and from a superficies to a solid.

MUSIC teaches the formation of agreeable sounds by suitable mixtures of concordant and discordant notes skilfully arranged to produce melody and harmony.

ASTRONOMY is that sublime science by which we are taught to read the wisdom, strength and beauty of the works of the Almighty in the celestial sphere.



Being advanced to the second degree of masonry, we congratulate you on your preferment. The internal, and not the external qualifications of a man, are what masonry regards. As you increase in knowledge, you will improve in social intercourse.

It is unnecessary to recapitulate the duties which as a Mason, you are bound to discharge; or enlarge on the

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