Journal of the ... National Convention, Volumul 9

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National Tribune Company, 1891
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Pagina 94 - Every mountain and hill shall have its treasured name, every river shall keep some solemn title, every valley and every lake shall cherish its honored register ; and till the mountains are worn out. and the rivers forget to flow, till the clouds are weary of replenishing springs, and the springs forget to gush, and the rills to sing, shall their names be kept fresh with reverent honors which are inscribed upon the book of National Remembrance.
Pagina 194 - Relief Corps may use under such title the words "Auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic by special endorsement of the National Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic, June 15, 1881.
Pagina 47 - Laws have the honor to submit to you, and through you to the Legislature, their report upon the Penal Code.
Pagina 194 - Woman's Relief Corps, and extend our greeting to them. We return our warmest thanks to the loyal women of the land for their earnest support and encouragement, and bid them God-speed in their patriotic work.
Pagina 283 - I move that the Secretary be instructed to cast the unanimous vote of this convention for Philip Murray for President of the United Steelworkers of America.
Pagina 51 - In compliance with the Rules and Regulations of our Order, I have the honor to submit...
Pagina 184 - ... shall not be subject to the per capita tax on such member, and he shall not be counted in the representation of the Post in the Department Encampment, nor of the Department in the National Encampment : Provided, however, That when a comrade is unable, by reason of sickness or misfortune, to pay his dues, they may be remitted by a two-thirds vote of the members present and sroting at a regular meeting of the Post.
Pagina 28 - NAULTY : I am sorry that it will not be possible for me to attend the meeting, but I heartily endorse anything that Mrs. Kelly, with her wide knowledge and valuable experience and great musicianship, has to offer, to assist you in furthering this great cause. Personally, I sincerely appreciate your interest in the arts and music and all that you wish to do to gain greater...
Pagina 213 - In addition to those constructed by the Grand Army of the Republic, the Woman's Relief Corps, and the women of the Grand Army of the Republic, seventeen counties have erecte'd cottages.
Pagina 287 - It has been moved and seconded that the rules be suspended, and the Secretary be instructed to cast the unanimous ballot of this convention for Mr. George Dickman of Seward for Treasurer. Are there any remarks? If not, all those in favor of the motion manifest it by saying AYE. Contrary, NO.

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