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CXLIII. The Flower-Garden Miss H. Falconar 260
ÇXLIV. The Sofa

Cowper 261 CXLV. A Walk in the Country; and a Description of the Scene

ibid. 264 CXLVI. On the Neceffity and Benefits of Ex

ercise; and the Superiority of the
Works of Nature to those of Art

ibid. 268 CXLVII. Story-Tellers and Jefters in the Pul

pit reproved CXLVIII. Address to Domestic Happiness ibid. 272 CXLIX. The Country preferable to the Town

even in Winter CL. Address to Evening

ibid. 276
CLI. Fall of Snow in the Evening
CLII. The Waggoner addressed
CLIII. The Love of rural Objects is natural

to all, and never to be totally ex-

ibid. 278 CLIV. Difference between Knowledge and Wisdom

ibid. 281 CLV. On the Importance of Man ibid. 282 CLVI. The Tea-Table

Thurston 282 CLVII. The Choice

ibid. 285 CLVIII. The Toilette

ibid. 286 CLIX. Detached Thoughts on Dress ibid. 288 CLX. On Celia departing CLXI. On Youth

Hartfon 293 CLXII. On the Amusements of Youth ibid. 295 CLXIII. On the Passions of Youth

CLXIV. Verses

ibid. 277 ibid. 278

ibid. 295

ibid. 301


Page. Verses upon Mrs. Crewe

Hon. Charles Fox 307
A Favourite Song

Mr. Skinner 308
The Poet
An Hymn to the Supreme Being


Colls 312

Blacklock 316


Nature is the Standard of Taite

and Criticism
Self-Conceit blinds the Judgment

Pope 322


ibid. 323


A Production should be read with

the same Spirit that it was writ


ibid. 323


On Style, and poetical Numbers

ibid. 325

ibid. 328

ibid. 329 .ibid. 331

CLXXII. The Qualities of a good Critic ibid. 327 CLXXIII. Of Horace, Quinctilian, and Lon

ginus CLXXIV. Intelligence communicated to Be

linda in a Vision, by her Sylph,

or Guardian-Spirit CLXXV. Belinda at her Toilet CLXXVI. Good Sense and good Temper more

engaging than Beauty CLXXVII. The Temple of Fame CLXXVIII. On the celebrated Runnymede, where Magna Charta was signed

Capel Loft. 336 CLXXIX. The Ancient Briton Shepherd 337 CLXXX. To Memory

Dr. Goldsmith 341 CLXXXI. Epitapla on Mr. Parnel

ibid. 342 CLXXXII. The

ibid. 333 ibid. 334

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