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Page. XLVI. A Description of Egypt, and the Inun

dation of the Nile Dr. Ogilvie 73 XLVII. Of the Learning, Elegance, and fine

Taste of the Athenians
XLVIII. On Human Life
XLIX. Diseases are the Consequences of Intem-

ibid. 80 L. Wishes obtained often make Men mise. rable

ilid. 83 LI. Wisdom personified

ibid. 86 LII. On Exercise

Dryden 88 LIII. On Wit LIV. Eve's Lamentation over Paradise Milton 89 LV. On the Melodies of the Morning

Dr. Beattie 90 LVI. On the Misery and Folly of Scepticism

Pope 88

ibid. 92 ibid. 93

LVII. On Edwin's Pursuits
LVIII. Edwin liftens to falutary Instructions

ibid. 95 ibid. 100

LIX. On the Utility of Science
LX. Verses on converting the Chapel to a

Kitchen, at the Seat of the Lord
Donnerayle, called the Grove, in

Anon. 102 LXI. Humorous Description of a domestic Lady

Rival Beauties 104 LXII. The Wish

Dr. Goldsmith 105 LXIII. On the Italians and Dutch ibid. 106 LXIV. On the hard Fate of the Indigent ibid. 108


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