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So, plung'd in pleasure of the purest kind,
Serena gaz’d on the maternal mind;
Gaz'd till Sophrofyne's directing aid
Thus summon’d to new fights th’ obedient maid:
Hafte, my fair charge, for of this ample state
“ Traits yet unseen thy visitation wait.
“ Thy pressing hours forbid me to unfold
“ Each separate province which these confines hold;
• But I will lead thee to that blissful crew,
• Whose kindred spirits best deserve thy view.”

So speaking, her attentive guest she led
Thro' scenes, that still increasing wonder bred.
Where'er she trod, thro' all her gorgeous seat,
Soft music echoed from beneath her feet:
Passing a portal, on whose lucid stone
Emblems of innocence and beauty shone,
They reach a lawn with verdant lustre bright,
And view the bowers of permanent delight.
No fiery sun here forms a scorching noon,
No baleful meteor gleams, no chilling moon ;
But, from a latent source, one foothing light,
Whose constant rays repel the mist of night,
Tho' tender, cheerful, and tho' warm, ferene,
Gives lasting beauty to the lovely scene.
No sensual thought this paradise profanes;
For here tried excellence in triumph reigns,
Benignant cares eternal joy fupply,
And bliss angelic beams in every eye.

“ In yonder groups," the leading spirit cried,
“ My fav’rite females see, my faireft pride.
“ The first in rank is that distinguish'd train,
" Whofe ftrength of foul was tried by Hymen's chain.



* Tho' beauty bleft their form, and love their guide, “ Their nuptial band with happier omens tied, “ Beauty and love, they felt, may lose the art 6. To fix inconstant man's eccentric heart ; “ Yet conscious of their Lord's neglected vow, “ No virtue frown'd outrageous on their brow, “ To keep returning tenderness aloof, “ By coarse upbraiding, and despis'd reproof: " With sorrow smother'd in-attraction's smile, “ They strove the sense of misery to beguile ; " And, from wild paffion's perilous abyss, “ Lure the loft wanderer back to faithful bliss. " See mild Ottavia o'er this band preside, “ Voluptuous Anthony's neglected bride,

Whose feeling heart, with all a mother's care, 6 Rear'd the young offspring of a rival fair.

66 Far other trials rais'd yon lovely crew, « Tho' in connubial scenes their merit

grew : " It was their chance, ere judgment was mature, “ When glittering toys the infant mind allure, “ Following their parents' avaricious rule, “ To wed, with hopes of bliss, a wealthy fool. " When time remov'd delusion's veil by stealth, " And Thew'd the drear vacuity of wealth ; " When fad experience prov'd the bitter fate “ Of beauty coupled to a senseless mate; “ These gentle wives still gloried to submit ; « Thefe, tho' invited by alluring wit, “ Refus'd in paths of lawless joy to range, “ Nor murmur'd at the lot they could not change: “ But, with a lively sweetness, unopprest · By a dull husband's lamentable jeft,

" The

" Their conftant rays of gay good-humour spread " A guardian glory round their idiot's head.

“ The next in order are those lovely forms, “ Whofe patience weather'd all paternal storms; “ By filial cares, the mind's unfailing test, Well have they earn’d these feats of blissful rest : “They, unrepining at severe restraint, “ Peevish commands, and undeser v'd complaint ; “ Bent with unwearied kindness to appease “ Each fancied want of querulous disease ; “ Gave up those joys which youthful hearts engage, 6. To watch the weakness of paternal age.

“ Turn to this cheerful band; and mark in this, “ Spirits who juftly claim my realms of bliss ! “ Most lovely these ! when judg’d by generous truth, “ Tho' beauty is not their's, nor blooming youth : “ For these are they, who, in life's thorny shade,

Repin’d not at the name of ancient maid. “ No proud disdain, no narrowness of heart “ Held them from Hymen's tempting rites apart; “ But fair discretion led them to withdraw “ From the priz'd honour of his proffer'd law, “ To quit the object of no hasty choice, “ In mild submission to a parent's voice; “ The valued lover with a ligh resign, “ And sacrifice delight at duty's shrine. “ With smiles they bore, from angry spleen exempt, “ Injurious mockery, and coarse contempt : “ 'Twas their's to clasp, each selfish care above, “ A sister's orphans with paternal love, “ And all her tender offices supply, “ Tho' bound not by the strong maternal tie :

66 'Twas

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“ 'Twas their's to bid intestine quarrels cease, “ And form the cement of domestic peace. “ No throbbing joy their spotless bosom fir'd, “ Save what Benevolence herself inspir’d; No praise they fought, except that praise refin'd, “ Which the heart whispers to the worthy mind.

“ Such are these gentle tribes, the happy few, “ Who share the triumph to their victory due : “ Angelic aims their spotless minds employ, « And fill their measure of unchequer'd joy.

“ Behold! where some with generous ardour wait “ Around yon Seer, who holds the book of Fate; « Those awful leaves with eager glance they turn, • Thence with celestial zeal they fondly learn * What dangers threaten, thro' the vale of earth, “ Their kindred pilgrims, ere they rise to birth : To earth they still invisibly descend, “ In that dark scene congenial minds defend," - From Pleasure's bud drive Spleen's corroding worm, 66 And in


votaries' hearts “ Delights more calm yon listening band employ, “ Who deeply drink of intellectual joy. “ See them around that speaking nymph rejoice, “ Their pleasures varying with her varied voice ! “ What graces in the sweet enthusiast glow!

Repeating here whate'er she learns below. “ Mem'ry her name, her charge o’er earth to flit, " And cull the fairest flowers of human wit. “ Whatever genius, in his happiest hour, “ Has penn'd, of moral grace and comic power, " To warm the heart, the spells of spleen unbind, “ And pour gay sunshine o'er the misty mind;

6 Teach

my power confirm.


« Teach men to cherish their fraternal tie,
« And view kind Nature with a filial eye ;
* This active spirit catches in her flight,
“ Skill'd to retain, and happy to recite.
• Here she delivers each bright work, and each
“ Derives new beauty from her graceful speech.
“ Warpt by no envy, by no love milled,
“ Equal she holds the living and the dead ;
“ Alike rehearsing, as they claim their turn,
“ The song of Anfiey, and the tale of Sterne.

“ But morning calls thee hence.--Yet one scene


"My fostering love shall lead thee to explore. “ This, thy last fight, with careful eyes furvey, • And mark th' extensive nature of my way."


S E C T.




HUS with fond zeal the guardian spirit faid,

And to new precincts of her palace led;
The scene she enter'd of the richest state,
Where on her voice the subject passions wait :
Here rose a throng of living gems, so bright
No breath could fully their benignant light;
This, her immortal seat, the gracious guide
Assum'd : her ward stood wond'ring at her side.

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