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Bent on the dictates of * Timoleon's tongue,
Are scenes too grand for fortune's private ways;
And tho' they shine to youth's ingenuous view,

The sober gainful arts of modern days
To such romantic thoughts have bid a long adien.

Bleft be my fate! I need not pray
That love-lick dreams be kept away:
No female charms, of fancy born,
Nor damalk cheek, nor sparkling eyes,

With me the bands of sleep untie,
Or steal by minutes half the fauntering morn.
Nor yet the courtier's hope, the giving smile
(A lighter. phantom and a baser chain),

Bids wealth and place the fever'd night beguile, To gall my waking hours with more vexatious pain.

But, Morpheus, on thy dewy wing
Such fair auspicious vifions bring,
As footh'd great Milton's injur'd age,
When in prophetic dreams he saw

The tribes unborn with pious awe.
Imbibe each virtue from his heavenly page:
Or such as. Mead's benignant fancy knows
When health's kind treasures, by his art explor'd;

Have fav’d the infant from an orphan's woes, ,
Or to the treinbling fire his age's hope restor'd.


* After Timoleon had delivered Syracuse from the tyranny of Dionysius, the people on every important deliberation fent for him into the public assembly, asked his advice, and voted according to his decision. PLUT..






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'HOSE tears become you well, ye noble pair !

That angel"merited your tend'rest love..
Each friend, who knew her worth, with you must share
The pain great Nature doom'd your hearts to prove..

Oh! it was sad 'the dire disease to trace,
Through all its flow, infidious, cruel course!
Nor youth, nor rank, with every pleasing gracey.
Nor skill, nor care, avail'd against its force.

Unfeeling world ! that cries “ Forget to grieve,
“ She only paid the debt that all must pay ;
« Come, take amusement,—twill your thoughts-res

* Fly folitary scenes, and join the gay."

Unfeeling world! I hate thy dull career ; ;
I love Affection's fond pathetic flow ::
They, they alone, can tafte delight sincere,
Whose souls perceive the charm of tender woc..

>Mid routs and cards, and vain intemp'rate mirth;;
The warning voice of Wisdom is not heard ;:
But Grief to higher sentiments gives birth,
And seeks an altar to Religion rear'd.


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There adoration, faith, and prayer ascend,

Like wreaths of mingled incense, sweet, to Heaven
There meek fubmiffion yields a darling friend,
And in return the sweetest hopes are given.

Whene'er the lov'd Eliza's early fate
Draws from a parent's breast the secret figh,
With rapture ftill Aall piety relate,
«The low'd Eliza lives in yonder sky!”


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OME then, ye virgins and ye youths, whose hearts

Have felt the raptures of refining love ;
And thou, Amanda, come, pride of my fong!
Form'd by the Graces, loveliness itfelf!
Come with those downcaft eyes, fedate and fwect,
Those looks demure, that deeply pierce the soul,
Where, with the light of thoughtful reason mix'd
Shines lively fancy and the feeling heart:
Oh come! and while the rosy-footed May
Steals blushing on, together let us tread
The morning dews, and gather in their prime
Fresh-blooming flowers, to grace thy braided hair,
And thy loy'd bosom that improves their sweet.

Seco See, where the winding vale its lavish stores, Irriguous, spreads. See, how the lily drinks The latent rill, scarce oozing through the grass, Of growth luxuriant; or the humid bank, In fair profufion, decks. Long let us walk, Where the breeze blows from yon extended field Of blossom'd beans. Arabia cannot boast A fuller gale of joy, than, liberal, thence_ Breathes thro' the sense, and takes the ravilh'd soul

Nor is the mead unworthy of thy foot, Full of fresh verdure, and unnumber'd flowers, The negligence of Nature, wide and wild; Where, undisguis'd by mimic Art, she spreads. Unbounded beauty to the roving eye. Here their delicious task the fervent bees, In swarming millions, tend: around, athwart, Thro' the soft air, the busy nations fly, Cling to the bud, and with inserted tube, Suck its pure essence, its ethereal soul; And oft, with bolder wing, they foaring dare The purple heath, or where the wild thyme grows 5 And yellow load them with the lascious spoil..

At length the finish'd garden to the view
Its vistas opens, and its alleys green..
Snatch'd thro’ the verdant maze, the hurried

Distracted wanders ; now the bowery walk
Of covert close, where scarce a speck. of day
Falls on the lengthen'd gloom, protracted sweeps:
Now meets the sky; the river now
Dimpling along, the breezy ruffled lake,
The forest darkening round, the glittering spire,
Th'ethereal mountain, and the diftant maino


But why so far excursive ? when at hand,
Along these blushing borders, bright with dew,
And in yon mingled wilderness of flowers,
Fair-handed Spring unbosoms every grace ;
Throws out the snow-drop and the crocus first ;
The daisy, primrose, violet darkly blue,
And polyanthus of unnumber'd dyes ;
The yellow wall-flower, stain'd with iron brown ;
And lavish stock that scents the garden round:
From the soft wing of vernal breezes shed,
Anemonies ; auriculas, enrich'd
With shining meal o'er all their velvet leaves ;
And full ranunculas, of glowing red.


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STILL let my song a nobler note assume,

And fing th' infusive force of Spring on Man ;
When heaven and earth, as if contending, vie
To raise his being, and serene his soul.
Can he forbear to join the general smile
Of nature? Can fierce passions vex his breaft,
While every gale is peace, and every grove
Is melody?

Hence from the bounteous walks
Of flowing Spring, ye fordid sons of earth,
Hard, and unfeeling of another's woe;
Or only lavish to yourselves ;-away!


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