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Appendix C—Presidential Reports to the 89th

Congress, Second Session

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Feb. 16

Feb. 18

Mar. 1

Alaska Omnibus Act: 3d Semiannual

Feb. 16 4th Semiannual

Aug. 5 Weather Modification (7th Annual).

H. Doc. 385 Feb. 21(S)

Feb. 22(H) Dual Compensation .

Feb. 2I(S)

Feb. 22(H) United States Participation in the United Nations (19th Annual). · H. Doc. 178 Mar. I Communications Satellite Corporation .

H. Doc. 400 Mar. 3(H)

Mar. 4(S) Federal Statutory Salary Systems, Joint Annual Report of the Director

of the Bureau of the Budget and the Chairman of the Civil Service Commission

H. Doc. 402 Mar. 7 Manpower Report of the President and a Report on Manpower Re

quirements, Resources, Utilization, and Training by the U.S. Department of Labor .

H. Doc. 406 Mar. 8
Peace Corps (4th Anoual)

Mar. 14(S)
Mar. 15(H)

Mar. 3

Mar. 7

Mar. 8

Mar. 14

Date of

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May 9 May 17

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Sent to

Published the Congress
National Aeronautics and Space Administration:
13th Semiannual

H. Doc. 424 Apr. 19
14th Semiannual

H. Doc. 526 Oct. 19
Board of Actuaries for the Retired Service mans Family Protection

Plan (formerly “Board of Actuaries of the Uniformed Services
Contingency Option Act of 1953, as amended")

May 2
National Advisory Council on the Education of Disadvantaged
Children (ist Annual).

H. Doc. 437 May 9
Federal Disaster Relief Program. ..

H. Doc. 439 May 17
National Capital Housing Authority

May 23
Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation.

H. Doc. 447 May 31(H)

June 1(s)
Office of Alien Property

June 29(S)

June 30(H)
Food for Peace Activities under P.L. 480

H. Doc. 457 June 30
Commodity Credit Corporation .
Railroad Retirement Board .

H. Doc. 347 Aug. 8
International Educational and Cultural Exchange Program

Aug. 11
Insurance and other Programs for Financial Assistance to Flood

Aug. 12(S)

Aug. 15(H)
Atlantic-Pacific Interoceanic Canal Study Commission (2d Annual). H. Doc. 466 Aug. 15
Surgeon General (10th Annual). .

H. Doc. 496 Sept. 13
Trade Agreements Program (10th Annual). .

H. Doc. 499 Sept. 20
Corregidor-Bataan Memorial Commission (13th Annual)

H. Doc. 498 Sept. 20
Special International Exhibitions (3d Annual) . .

Oct. 18

June 29


June 30

July 26

July 26

Aug. 11

Aug. 12

Aug. 15

Sept. 20


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Appendix D-Rules Governing This Publication

(Reprinted from the Federal Register, vol. 30, p. 15133, dated December 7, 1965 )


Chapter 1-Administrative Committee of the Federal Register

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mission with respect to the need therefor, the Administrative Committee may from time to time authorize the publication of similar volumes covering specified calendar years prior to 1957.

Note: The Committee has approved the publication of volumes starting with the year 1945.

$ 32.3 Format, indexes, ancillaries. Each annual volume, divided into books whenever appropriate, shall be separately published in the binding and style deemed by the Administrative Committee to be suitable to the dignity of the office of President of the United States. Each volume shall be appropriately indexed and shall contain appropriate an. cillary information respecting significant Presidential documents not published in full text.


$32.10 Basic criteria. The basic text of the volumes shall consist of oral utterances by the President or of writings subscribed by him.

$ 32.11 Sources. (a) The basic text of the volumes shall be selected from: (1) Communications to the Congress, (2) public addresses, (3) transcripts of press conferences, (4) public letters, (5) messages to heads of state, (6) statements released on miscellaneous subjects, and (7) formal executive documents promulgated in accordance with law.

(b) In general, ancillary text, notes, and tables shall be derived from official sources.


§ 32.15 The Congress. Each Member of the Congress, during his term of office, shall be entitled to one copy of each annual volume published during such term. Authorization for furnishing such copies shall be submitted in writing to the Director and signed by the authorizing Member.

$ 32.16 The Supreme Court. The Supreme

Court of the United States shall be entitled to 12 copies of the annual volumes.

$32.17 Executive agencies. The head of each department and the head of each independent agency in the executive branch of the Government shall be entitled to one copy of each annual volume upon application therefor in writing to the Director.

$ 32.18 Governmental requisitions. Legislative, judicial, and executive agencies of the Federal Government may obtain, at cost, copies of the annual volumes for official use upon the timely submission to the Government Printing Office of a printing and binding requisition (Standard Form 1).

$32.19 Extra copies. All requests for extra copies of the annual volumes must be addressed to

the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402. Extra copies must be paid for by the agency or official requesting them.


$32.22 Sale of annual volumes. The annual volumes shall be placed on sale to the public by the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402, at prices determined by him under the general direction of the Administrative Committee. (F.R. Doc. 65-13119; Filed, Dec. 6, 1965;

8:48 a.m.)

the Superint Printing Off copies must requesting th

Appendix D-Rules Governing This Pul=

[ Reprinted from the Federal Register, vol. 30, p. 15133, dated December 7,2 .



5 32.22 volumes sh Superintend ing Office, mined by Administr [F.R. D

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Chapter 1--Administrative Committee of the Federal Reg 1).

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$32.1 Publication required. There shall be published forthwith at the end of each calendar year, a special edition of the FEDERAL REGISTER designated “Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States." Ordinarily each volume shall cover one calendar year and shall be identified further by the name of the President and the period covered.

Note: This program started with the year 1957.

$ 32.2 Coverage of prior years. After conferring with the National Historical Publications Com

$32.15 The Congress. Congress, during his term of to one copy of each annual v such term. Authorization copies shall be submitted in and signed by the authorizin

$32.16 The Supreme

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