Teresa's Journey

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Texas Tech University Press, 2006 - 162 pagini
In this, the exciting sequel to Delfino’s Journey, Delfino’s sister Teresa attempts to defy the odds and reunite with her brother and cousin. Already widowed at age nineteen, Teresa knows that the only way she will be able to provide a good life for her infant son Antonio is by making the long trek to Texas from her home in Mexico. The grueling journey is filled with adventure and danger. Forced to flee an erupting volcano, Teresa encounters an old granicera—a prophetess—who warns her of a terrible fate awaiting her in Texas. In spite of her fear, Teresa becomes more determined than ever to reach Texas when she witnesses a murder committed by the Delgado Cruz, a dreaded group of organized criminals. Later, to save her baby, Teresa must call upon her Aztec heritage to unravel the meaning of the granicera’s advice: “Follow the caged quetzal.”

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Bad Omens and Good Friends
Angry Earth
At the Crossroads
A Safe Nest
Birds and Bees
A Mountain Paradise
Emperors and Monarchs
Teresa Decides
Cops and Robbers
Alone in a Storm
As the Granicera Said
Suspects Roses and Ransom
Ghosts Shadows and Nahuals
Teresa Knows
Rose Rustlers

Moving North
The Little Wren
Major McGowen
The WhiteHeaded Hawk
Small Gifts
The Durans and the Jaguar
The Caged Quetzal
Lady of Flowery Words
Pronunciation Guide to Nahuatl Aztec Words
Chapter Notes
Works Consulted
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