The Hours of exercise in the alps

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Pagina 460 - Fresh pearls to their enamel gave, And the bellowing of the savage sea Greeted their safe escape to me. I wiped away the weeds and foam, I fetched my sea-born treasures home; But the poor, unsightly, noisome things Had left their beauty on the shore With the sun and the sand and the wild uproar.
Pagina 292 - Did the thought which now ran back to it simply return to its primeval home ? If so, had we not better recast our definitions of matter and force; for if life and thought be the very flower of both, any definition which omits life and thought must be inadequate, if not untrue.
Pagina 190 - Ever young, ever mighty — with the vigor of a thousand worlds still within him — the real sculptor was even then climbing up the eastern sky. It was he who raised aloft the waters which cut out these ravines; it was he who planted the glaciers on the...
Pagina 291 - I tried to look at this universal cloud, containing within itself the prediction of all that has since occurred ; I tried to imagine it as the seat of those forces whose action was to issue in solar and stellar systems, and all that they involve. Did that formless fog contain potentially the sadness with which I regarded 458 FRAGMENTS OF SCIENCE. the Matterhorn ? Did the thought which now ran back to it simply return to its primeval home...

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