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This tribute to our Army and Navy is a double painting which was made for the Third Liberty Loan (Sub-Treasury Building, New York City), by N. C.
Wyeth (left half) and Lieut. Henry Reuterdahl (right half). Above the American Eagle sings "the eagle's song: to be stanch and valiant, and free, and strong.'

(This painting is reproduced by permission of Mr. F. J. Casey, Division of Pictorial Publicity, Committee on Public Information.)

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PREFACE HAVING recently awakened to the consciousness that there are those among us who are not of us, Americans will undoubtedly demand the teaching of patriotism in the schools. In the effort to accomplish this laudable but vaguely defined task, schools must avoid two errors: The first is the adoption of “patriotism” as a formal branch of the curriculum, thus making it one of the

required subjects” against which the hands of students are turned traditionally. Taught in this way, it will leave the student cold. The second mistake is to made too direct or too obvious an appeal to the emotions. Normal youth resents a deliberate attack on his emotional nature. Both these methods, therefore, defeat their own ends.

The best way to arouse patriotism is by stirring the imagination. Patriotism, noblest and least selfish of

the ideals of conduct, is born only when the spirit is ofreed from its trammels, to roam for a season the wider spaces, its true home. .

“ Whene'er a noble deed is wrought,

Whene'er is spoken a noble thought,
Our hearts in glad surprise

To higher levels rise."
Therefore, a large part of this present volume con-
sists of verse describing the thrilling deeds of individual
heroes, and the great achievements of men of all times
on land and sea. No better means of releasing the

Colonial Book Serviel 4 may 4:

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