Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction

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Microsoft Press, 1993 - 857 pagini
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Laying the foundation; Welcome to software construction; Metaphors for a ticher understanding of programming; Prerequisits to construction; Design; Steps in building a routine; Characteristics of high-quality routines; Three out of four programmers surveyed prefer modules; High-level design in construction; Data; Creating data; The power of data names; General issues in using variables; Fundamental data types; Complex data types; Control; Organizing straight-line code; Using conditionals; Controlling loops; Unusual control structures; General control issues; Constant considerations; Layout and style; Self-documenting code; Programming tools; How program size affects construction; Managing construction; Quality improvement; The software-quality landscape; Reviews; Unit testing; Debugging; System integration; Code-tuning strategies; Code-tuning techniques; Software evolution; Software craftsmanship; Personal character; Themes in software craftsmanship; Where to go for more information; Index.

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Steve McConnell, the Chief Software Engineer at Construx Software, graduated from Whitman College and received an M. A. in software design from Seattle University, where he later taught. In addition to writing books, articles, reviews and columns, McConnell provides a consulting service to several companies. His books "Code Complete" (1993) and "Rapid Development" (1996) have both won Software Development magazine's Jolt award. The latter also won Windows Tech Journal's Star Tech award.

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