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" ... the supply of heat. No matter how long the connecting wire is, the current will flow through it, provided it is entire, and hence it is that we have telegraph lines two or three thousand miles long. The water in this combination supplies the oxygen... "
Electricity and Its Uses - Pagina 13
de John Munro - 1883 - 180 pagini
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The Leisure Hour, Volumul 31

William Haig Miller, James Macaulay, William Stevens - 1882
...plunged in a vessel of water tinctured with sulphuric acid and connected outside the cell by a wire (ww}. When the wire (ww] is disconnected or broken, no current...of the water to yield oxygen to the zinc is given off in the form of gas. This elementary cull has, of course, been greatly improved upon, and there...
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