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A full description of the new appliances in all their details would have required a much larger book; but guch details are rather for the engineer and student; and the writer has only aimed at giving the reader an understanding of all the essential parts of the new inventions, and their modes of action within the limits assigned to him. So far as he is aware, it is the first attempt to popularise the subject in all its branches which has yet been made in this country.

The book will be understood, it is hoped, without any prior knowledge of electrical science by the reader, and the price is such as to bring it within the reach of a very large number.

For a number of the illustrations the author has to thank Mr. Dredge of Engineering; and Mr. Alabaster of the Electrical Review, as well as Mr. Biggs of the Electrician, have also kindly permitted him to use woodcuts taken from their esteemed journals.

Should the book be any help to those who are anxious to know something of the feats and ways of that mysterious but fascinating force we term electricity, should it stimulate them to learn more, the purpose will be fulfilled, and his wishes gratified.




Decomposition of water by electric current-Voltameter-Bain's

electro-chemical telegraph--Electro-plating-Edison's current-
meter-Electrotyping-Elkington's process-Nickel-plating-
Electrolysis–Electric alarms—Thermostat-Butterfly clock
-Electric photography-Weather telegraphs-Experimental
apparatus-Electricity as a curative agent.


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