Angels Eyes

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AuthorHouse, 20 feb. 2008 - 448 pagini

About the Book

There are many myths and ideas about the book of Revelation. Angels Eyes addresses many of those popular beliefs. The intent of Angels Eyes is not just to entertain, but, to challenge one and all to dig deeper into scripture to find real truth.

Inside the book you will find most of the questions people ask and/or quarrel about. It deals with things like the “rapture”, “the mark of the beast”, and the timelines and the volume of events of Revelation.

“Angels Eyes, WOW, what a great, simple, yet intense study of the book of Revelation from the bible.

I have read Revelation’s many times in my life, and heard many interpretations. Angels Eyes is the most shocking, up to date interpretation of our very own lives. To get this information of the bible is truly great news to me. I have read Angels Eyes three times so far. It’s a story puzzle, amazing as it folds time in and out to complete the history of itself.

The personal opinions and back-up scriptures made me study more as I read through this amazing and great book.

Revelation is a powerful blessing to read, and to have extra mind opening thoughts truly enriches ones life.

Angels Eyes can help you understand where we are in the scriptures at this time.

You’ll never be the same after reading Angels Eyes. This book is amazing, powerful, enlightening, shocking, scary, truthful, and helpful. This is a great bible study of Revelation.”

This book was started before Sept 11 and finished some time after. There fore I felt the need to comment on those events as to what they could represent.

I hope people will enjoy reading this book as much as I did writing it.

To God be the glory.

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Despre autor (2008)


He is one of the smartest people I have ever met. The knowledge God has given to and blessed him with he gladly shares with others. He has a great temperament and personality. He is humble in learning. He is a great husband and father. He is a very patient and kind person when working with others. He is definitely a leader. He welcomes all bible studies at any time. He helps support his Pastor. Any family, neighbor, or friend in need, if possible, he is always there to help them. God is number one, the bible is number one, and his Jesus is number one. Besides reading and writing about the word of God, he loves cars and food.

If you need cheering up, or can’t get out of a strange mood, you can count on him to help. I count him as one of my friends.



She is God-fearing, Jesus loving, thankful and honored to be an American citizen. Art has always been a part of her life. She sees art in everything. Black and white are beautiful to her and the colors of earth are mind boggling. To capture a picture and to express it on paper is a wonderful and rewarding challenge for her. She feels in her heart God sends His angels to watch over us all. Her mission in life is to serve God, her family, her country, her friends, her neighborhood, mankind, the animals, and mother earth. She wants to be a friend to all she meets and to never take anyone for granted.

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