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AARON the Priest, 170

Abraham, 60

Abram, 50

Academy, The, of the New Church, 318

Accidents, 387

Adam and Eve in Eden, 1o

Africans, Religious Ideas of the, Remnants of

a Purer System, 237

Africans, Swedenborg and the. By E. Cushing,


Age, Characteristics of the Religious Life of

the. By R. Jobson, 266

Age, On some of the Characteristics of the

Present. By D. Gentle, M.D., 491, 507, 514
Albion Hall, Lectures at, Dalston, 450, 479
Alice, The Princess, 518
Allbutt, G. L., B.A., Strength, 15
Allbutt, G. L., B.A., The Lord's Sheep. A

Children's Sermon, 451
Allbutt, G. L., B.A., The New Church : its

Practical Teaching, 448

Allegory, An. Poetry. By H. Swift, 471

Amid the Corn. I. The Christmas Party. By

the Author of the “ Evening and the Morn-

ing," 6, 21, 51, 61, 91, III, 121, 151, 161,

181, 201, 221, 241

Amid the Corn. II. The Whitsuntide Visit.

By the Author of the "Evening and the

Morning," 311, 341, 364, 411, 421, 441, 461,

472, 511

Ancient, The, Mariner. A Parable for Old

and Young, 328

Angels, The Creation of. A Casual Conversa-

don. By T. Plummer, 375

Angels' Visits. An Address to the Young. By

Mrs. M. S. Bogg, 30

Antiquity, The, of Intellectual Man, 343

Anxious, Jesus teacheth not to be, about

Worldly Things, 430

Argyle Square Church. Annual Meeting, 298

Argyle Square Church. Children's Service, 428

Argyle Square Church. Quarterly Meeting. 438

Ashby, Rev. J., Leaves, 463
Ashby, Rev. J., Unfurnished Apartments. A

Sermon to the Young, 77
Association, The, of Liberal Thinkers, 268
Athenæum, The, Camden Road. Grand

Evening Concert, 220
Atonement, The, and Popular Notions regard-

ing it. By R. Jobson, 4
Austin, Mr. E., Resignation of. Camberwell

New Church Society. 519
Australia, The New Church in Brisbane, 399
Austria, Religious Persecution in. Dissolution

of the Vienna New Church Society, 298

Auxiliary New Church Missionary and Tract

Society. Fourth Anniversary Festival, 448

Auxiliary Society, Principal Objects of the.

By C. Higham, 448

Auxiliary Society, The Name by which the, is

known. By J. F. Howe, 449

Auxiliary Society, The Policy of the. By H,

T. W. Elliott, 449

Auxiliary Society, The Work of the. By A. F.

Bannister, 450

BANNISTER, A. F., The Work of the Auxiliary

Society, 450

Baptism, John and Jesus. 300
Barlow, Rev. W. C., M.A., Natural Science

Bayley, Rev. Dr., Death a Continuation of Life

in the Spiritual World. A Sermon, 262

Bayley, Rev. Dr., Home Welcome to the.

Palace Gardens Church, London,


Bayley, Rev. Dr., The New Hymn-Book, 505
Bayley, Rev. Dr., The Need of a Definite

Theology concerning the Word, 335

Bayley, Rev. Dr., Lecture on Spain. Palace

Gardens Church, Kensington, 488

Be Strong! Poetry, 231
Beauty, Personal, 264
Becoming as Little Children, 287
Beecher, The Rev. H. W., on Swedenborg,

Beginnings. A New Year's Address to the

Children. By James Speirs, 8

Behold the Man! 177

Belief in a Future Life must include a Belief in

Hell, 487

Believer's, The, Creed, 493

Bethesda, The Impotent Man at the Pool of,


Bible, The, and the Telephone, 138

Bible, The, and Daily Life, 288

Bible Passages quickly, How to find, 435

Bible Society, British and Foreign, 199

Birmingham New Church. Harvest Festival,


Birmingham New Church Provident Institu-

tion, 169

Birmingham, The Rev. Chauncey Giles at, 415

Birthright, The, of Good and Truth. A Ser.

mon. By Rev. Dr. R. L. Tafel, 271


Goyder, Mrs. D., a daughter, 290

Hartley, Mrs. J., a son, 390

Higham, Mrs. C., a son, 130

Howe, Mrs. J. F., a daughter, 350

Jobson, Mrs. R., a daughter, 130

Johnson, Mrs. J., a daughter, 200

Meek, Mrs. G., a son, 200

Tonks, Mrs. J. w., a daughter, 90

Blind, A Man born, healed, 160

Blind, The Two, Men restored to Sight, 60

Blood of Jesus Christ, Cleansing by the, 175

Blood, Divine Truth the, of Man's Spiritual

Organization. A Sermon. By Rev. J.

Presland, 373

Bodies, Changing our Vile, 255

Bogg, Mrs. M. S., Angels' Visits. An Address

to the Young, 30

Bogg, T. W., M.B. (Lond)., How Plants

Bogg, T. W., M.B. (Lond.), The Storm of

Galilee. Poetry, 501

Botanists, Swedenborg and the, 395

Bradford New Church. Bazaar in aid of the

Building Fund, 509

Bradford New Church Society. Annual Meet-

ing, 199

Bragg. John, Sentiment in Music, especially

completed only by Spiritual Doctrine, 448

in regard to Church Music, 396

Brisbane, The New Church in, Australia, 399

British, The, Association, 368

Bruce, Rev. W., The Sexuality of Plants, 446

Budge's Bewilderment, 486

Business, A, Sermon. By a Layman, 382

Business, Religion and, 35. 56

Burial Customs, 428

" Burials Bill," Another, 399

Burials, The, Difficulty, 138

Burials, The, Question, 87

CAIN and Abel, 20
Camden Road Monthly Reading Meeting,

148, 198, 248

Camden Road New Church Society. Annual

Meeting, 129

Camberwell New Church Society. Annual

Meeting, 47

Camberwell New Church Society. Resignation

of Mr. E. Austin, 519

Camberwell, Opening of a new Schoolroom

at, 27

Cameron, Rev. H., Time and Space, 173

Cameron, Ordination of Mr. Henry, 408

Canada Association of the New Jerusalem,

Seventeenth Annual Meeting, 378

Canon Farrar on Eternal Punishment, 44, 52

Casual, A, Conversation. By T. Plummer,


Casual, Another, Conversation. By T. Plum-

mer, 305

Centurion's, The, Servant healed, 1o

Changes of Opinion, Causes of the, in Rela-

tion to the Nature of Hell and Future

Punishments, 133

Changing our Vile Bodies, 255

Characteristics, On some of the, of the Present

Age. By D. Gentle, M.D., 491, 507, 514

Charing Cross Magazine, The, on Sweden-

borg, 65

Child, Rev. T., The Need of a Definite Theo-

logy concerning Hell, 336

Child, Ordination of the Rev. Thomas, 427

Children, Becoming as Litte, 287

Chinese, A, Comment on · Forsaking Father

and Mother," 349

Christendom, The Root and Centre of, 378

Christian Charity. By Rev. W. H. Mayhew,

101, 118, 125

Christian Church, The State of the. By J.

M'Lachlan, 448

Christian Evidences, 193, 203

Christmas, A, Sermon, 503

Christianity, Cardinal Manning on, 369

Christianity, Materialism and, 294

Christianity, Socialism, Fiction, and, 288

Chrysalis, The.


By Miss Eliza

Lane, 161

Church, The, and the Theatre, 86

Church, The, Congress of 1878, 403

Church, The, Congress, 413

Church-going and Religion, 46

Church, The, in Parliament, 79

Church of England, The Church Quarterly on

the Spiritual Claims of the, 63, 71

Church of England, Unity in the, to8

Church Quarterly, The, on the Spiritual

Claims of the Church of England, 63, 71

Church Times, The, on Swedenborgians, 159

Churches, The, and Modern Unbelief, 146

Cleansing by the Blood of Jesus Christ, 175

Colley, Rev. T., The Serpent abased and the

Serpent exalted, 392

Comforter, The, or Paraclete. By Rev. J.

Presland, 301

Common, The, People heard Him gladly, 369
Companions, The, of our Lord. By Rev. j.

Presland. Introductory. I
Companions, The, of our Lord. By Rev. J.

Presland. I. The Virgin Mary, 66, 74, 93

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Is Evil a Substance? 289

"It repented Jehovah that He had made

Man," 130

Job xix. 25-27, 429

Law and Medicine, 389

New Church Writers on the Eternity of

Hell, 129

New Church Teaching as to Vegetarianism,


"Scriptum ex Mandato;" to what did

Swedenborg apply these words? 439

The Correspondence of Numbers, 488, 519

The Distinction between the Heavens, 389

The Extent of Heaven, 240, 378
The Gates Ajar, 200
The Lord's Material Body, 240

The Lord's Resurrection Body, 200
Creation as a Divine Synthesis, 436
Creation, The, in Six Days. By Rev. J. F.

Potts, B.A., 476
Creation, The, of Angels. A Casual Conver-

sation. By T. Plummer, 375
Creation, The Spiritual, of Man. By Rev. O.

Prescott Hiller, 493. 513

Creed, The, of the New Church. By Rev. J.

Presland, 41, 81, 131, 171, 211, 261, 301,

351, 391, 431, 481

Creed, The Believer's, 493

Creed, The, of St. George, 348

Cries of the Peacock. Edited by Rao Bahadur

Dadoba Pandurung, 384

Crisis, The Girl of the. Poetry. By Walter

Smith, 451

Cross of Christ, Glorying in the, 196

Current Controversies, The Rev. Dr. Pope on,


Cushing, E., Swedenborg and the Africans,


Cyprus, 308

DAILY Life, The Bible and, 288

Dalston, Lectures at Albion Hall, 450, 479

Dalston New Church Society. Opening Ser.

vices, 209.

Dalston New Church Society. Quarterly

Meeting, 428

Dangers, The, of Science. By J. Ruskin, 88
Danjel at Prayer, 520
Dauncey, C. H., War: its Religious and Social

Aspects, 113
David by God's direction made King in

Hebron, 500

David forbears to kill Saul, 460

David smiteth the Philistines, 510

Deans. The Rev. Joseph, Biographical Sketch

of, 256

Deans, Rev. J., "It is finished." A Good.

Friday Sermon, 153

Deans, Rev. J., Review of Rev. Joseph Cook's

Monday Lectures." Second Series, 176,

187, 197

Death a Continuation of Life in the Spiritual

World. A Sermon. By Rev. Dr. Bayley,


Death, Life and, 442


Barnes, Mr. Joseph, 60

Goyder, The Rev. D. G., 270, 277

Livsey, Emma Annie, 410

Madeley, The Rev. Edward, 26

Mason, Mr. William, jun., 420

Meek, Mr. George, 30

Salsbury, Mr. W., 160

Tonks, Edith Emily, 350

Warren, Mrs. S. M., 130

Wilson, Mr. Robert, 520

Yabsley, Mr. R., 150

Denmark, The New Church in, 119

Derby New Church. Harvest Thanksgiving

Service, 428

Derby New Church. Anniversary Services, 518

Derby New Church Mutual Improvement

Society, 459

Desired, The, Haven. By Rev. Dr. R. L.

Tafel, 39

"Devil, Is there a Personal?" 288

Devil, The, cast ow from the Blind and

Dumb, 80

Devils, Can, be reformed ? 184

Devils, The, cast out, 30

Diffusion, The, of New Church Truths, 54

Disasters, Providence and, 403

Discussion, Hints on, 188, 226

Divine, The, Trinity. By Rev. J. Presland, 81

Divinity. The, of the Word. By Rev. J.

Presland, 351

Doctrine, The Foundations of Evangelical, 385

Doctrine, Natural Science completed only by

Spiritual. By Rev. W. C. Barlow, M.A.,


Doing, Jesus enforces, and not merely Hear-

ing, 140

Dora, To, her fourteenth Birthday.

Poetry, 31

Dropsy, The, cured, 180

ELEVENTH, The, Hour, 218

Eli and his Sons, 310

Eli and the Ark of God, 330

Eli and young Samuel, 320

Elliott, H. T. w., The Policy of the Auxiliary

Society, 449

Elliott, T. H., Swedenborg's Writings into an

Indian Language. Letter from Rao Ba-

hadur Dadoba Pandurung, 505

Employers and Employed, 289

English, The, Church Union, 269

Epistolary, The, Writings, 439

Esau, 100

Eternal Punishment, Canon Farrar on, 44, 52

Eternal, The, State of the Wicked, 227

Eternity of Hell, New Church Writers on, 129

Eucharist, Dean Stanley on the. By Rev.

Frank Sewall, 359

Evangelical Doctrine, The Foundations of, 385

" Everlasting," The Scripture terms for “Hell

and, 308

Evil, is, a Substance? 289, 349

Except ye become as Little Children." 200
Extent, The, of Heaven, 240, 378
Exhortation, An. Poetry, 491
FAITH, A Man's Knowledge the Basis of his,


Faith, Definition of Saving, 168

Fall, The, to

Family Herald, The, on Swedenborg, 508
Farrar, Does Canon, teach Universal Resti-

tution? 130

Father, The Relation of the, and the Son, 460

Fault-finding. 55

Ferguson, Condemnation of Rev. Fergus, of

Glasgow for Heresy, 189

Fiction, Socialism, and Christianity, 288

Fifty Years Ago. By R. Jobson, 103

Fig-Tree, The Barren, 120

Figurative Language. By Leo H. Grindon,

16, 31, 76, 102, 126, 144, 158, 167, 184, 194.

245, 276, 285, 291, 314, 327, 346, 381, 444.

454, 467

Forsaking Father and Mother," A Chinese

Comment on, 349

Free-Thought. By D. Gentle, M.D., 507

Future Life, The Comtist Idea of, 47

Future Life, The Present and the, 293

Future Life, Belief in a, must include a Belief

in Hell, 487

Future, The, of the Wicked, 105
GALILEE, The Storm of. Poetry. By Dr. T.

W. Bogg. 501

Gardiner, R., Sexuality of Plants, 423, 486

Gates, The, Ajar, 200

"Gathered to his People." Sermon. By Rev.

J. F. Potts, B.A., 68

Gentle, D., M.D., On some of the Character-

istics of the Present Age, 491, 507, 514

Gideon, 190

Giles, Rev. Chauncey, The need of a Definite

Theology concerning Immortality, 335

Giles, Rev. Chauncey, The Mission of the

New Church, 361

Giles, Rev. Chauncey, What is Inspiration?


Giles, Rev. Chauncey, Public Reception of the.

Special Meeting of the London Association

of the New Church, 328

Giles, Rev. Chauncey, at Birmingham, 415
Giles, Rev. Chauncey, Farewell Meeting to

the. Manchester New Church Society, 416
Girl, The, of the Crisis. Poetry. By Walter

Smith, 451

Giving, On. Read at a Meeting on Christmas

Day, 1877, 122

Glasgow New Church Society. Annual Meet:

ing: 179

Glorification, The. By Rev. J. Presland, 211

Glorying in the Cross of Christ, 196

God is One. By Rev. J. Presland, 41

God's Blessing on Isaac, 435

God the Creator of Darkness and Evil, In what

sense is ? 96

Good and Truth, The Birthright of. A Ser-

mon. By Rev. Dr. R. L. Tafel, 271
Good-Friday Thoughts on the Power and

Glory of the Cross, 177
Greatness, True. A Sunday School Address.

By Alfred J. Johnson, 150
Gregorian Chants, The Use and Abuse of, 455
Grimley, Rev. Professor H. N., Poets and their

Interpretation of Nature, 85
Grimley, Rev. Professor H. N., The Renais-

sance and the Reformation, 252
Grindon, Leo H., Figurative Language, 16,

31, 76, 102, 126, 144, 158, 167, 184, 194, 245,
276, 285, 291, 314, 327, 346, 381, 444, 454,

Growth, The, of the New Church, 166
Growth, The Slow, of the New Church, 388
HAND, The, and its Correspondence, 336, 344.


Hannah and Eli, 300

Hayden, Rev. W. B., Sermon by the. New

Jerusalem Church, New York, 479

Heathen, The Salvation of the, 308

Heaven, Is it wrong to wish to know more of ?

By Rev. C. H. Wilkins, 3

Heaven, The Extent of, 240, 378

Heaven, The Need of a Definite Theology

concerning. By Rev. P. Ramage, 336

Heaven, Where is? By Rev. C. H. Wilkins,


Heaven and Hell within Man. By Miss

Frederica Rowan, 156

Heaven, New Knowledge of, whence can


obtained ? By Rev. Č. H. Wilkins; 13

Heavens, The Distinction between the, 389

Hell, Belief in a Future Life must include a

Belief in, 487

Hell, Extracts from Swedenborg affirming the

Eternity of, 235
Hell, The Need of a Definite Theology con-

cerning. By Rev. T. Child, 336
"Hell" and "Everlasting,“ The Scripture

terms for, 308
Hell and Future Punishments, Causes of the

Changes of Opinion in relation to the Nature
Hell, That, must of necessity be Eternal in

Duration. By J. B. Keene, 223
Help! Poetry, 101
Higham, C., Principal Objects of the Auxili-

ary Society, 448

Hiller, Rev. Ö. Prescott, The Spiritual Creation

of Man, 493. 513

Hindoo's, A, Notes on the Doctrines of the

New Church as compared with the Religions

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