I Am the Truth: Toward a Philosophy of Christianity

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Stanford University Press, 2003 - 282 pagini
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A part of the return to religion now evident in European philosophy, this book represents the culmination of the career of a leading phenomenological thinker whose earlier works trace a trajectory from Marx through a genealogy of psychoanalysis that interprets Descartes s I think, I am as I feel myself thinking, I am.

In this book, Henry does not ask whether Christianity is true or false. Rather, what is in question here is what Christianity considers as truth, what kind of truth it offers to people, what it endeavors to communicate to them, not as a theoretical and indifferent truth, but as the essential truth that by some mysterious affinity is suitable for them, to the point that it alone is capable of ensuring them salvation. In the process, Henry inevitably argues against the concept of truth that dominates modern thought and determines, in its multiple implications, the world in which we live.

Henry argues that Christ undoes the truth of the world, that He is an access to the infinity of self-love, to a radical subjectivity that admits no outside, to the immanence of affective life found beyond the despair fatally attached to all objectifying thought. The Kingdom of God accomplishes itself in the here and now through the love of Christ in what Henry calls the auto-affection of Life. In this condition, he argues, all problems of lack, ambivalence, and false projection are resolved.

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What Do We Mean by Christianity? I
Truth of the World
The Truth According to Christianity
This Truth Called Life
The SelfGeneration of Life as Generation of the First Living
The Phenomenology of Christ
Man as Son of God
Man as Son Within the Son
The Second Birth
The Christian Ethic
The Paradoxes of Christianity
The Word of God Scripture
Christianity and the World
Christianity and the Modern World
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Michel Henry is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the Université Paul Valéry, Montpelier. Among his books translated into English is A Genealogy of Psychoanalysis (Stanford, 1993)

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