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Oral testimony, pp. 2833-2841, 2923-2987

Written testimony, pp. 3553-3596
Farm losses:
Oral testimony, pp. 2710-2833, 2841-2923

Written testimony, pp. 3489-3552


Oral testimony, pp. 2665-2710, 3371-3424

Income averaging:

Oral testimony, pp. 3480-3187
Written testimony, pp. 3187-3188
Limit on tax prel ences and allocation of
Oral testimony, pp. 3326-3367, 3124 3132, 3438-


Written testimony, pp. 3895-3923

State and local bond interest :

Oral testimony, pp. 2989 3320, 3367-3371, 3432-

3138, 3152-3480

Written testimony, pp. 3597-3894


AFL-CIO, George Meany, president, accompanied by:

Andrew J. Biemiller, director of the department of legislation, and

Nathaniel Goldfinger, director of the department of research.-

Prepared statement of George Meany.--

Airport Operators Council International, Inc., J. Donald Reilly, executive

vice president, accompanied by:

Warren Hawes, vice president for economic affairs.

Prepared statement of J. Donald Reilly,

American Farm Bureau Federation, Marvin L. McLain, legislative director.

Prepared statement..

American Horse Council, represented by:

Hon. Louie B. Nunn, Governor of the State of Kentucky.

Edward H. Honnen, chairman of the trustees.

Harry J. Farnham, president, National Association of State Racing


American Public Power Association, Northcutt Ely, general counsel, ac-

companied by:

Larry Hobart, assistant general manager;

Richard Wilson, chairman, Committee on Taxation; and

Don Allen, attorney --

Prepared statement of Northcutt Ely.

Prepared statement of Richard Wilson.

American Symphony Orchestra League, Richard H. Wangerin; accom-

panied by:

Wendell J. Ashton, president, Utah Symphony Orchestra Board; and

Kenneth Liles, tax adviser..

Prepared statement of Wendell J. Ashton.-

Prepared statement of Richard H. Wangerin..

Anderson, Dale, county executive, Baltimore County, Md.

Association of County Commissioners of Georgia, Hill Healan, executive


Prepared statement.

Authors League of America, Irwin Karp, counsel.

Prepared statement.

Baker, Hon. Howard H., a U.S. Senator from the State of Tennessee.

Brewer, John, chairman, board of supervisors, Kent County, Mich----

Prepared statement-

Briley, Hon. C. Beverly, mayor of Nashville, Tenn., and president,

National League of Cities; accompanied by:

Patrick Healy, executive director.

Prepared statement.-

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