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Pagina 104 - The medical certificate of the cause of death shall be signed by the attending physician, if any, and shall state the cause of death as ''stillborn," with the cause of the stillbirth, if known, whether a premature birth, and if born prematurely the period of uterogestation in months if known, and a burial or removal permit of the prescribed form shall be required.
Pagina 38 - ... Osbeck. The juice of the mature fruit contains not less than 7 parts of soluble solids to each part of acid calculated as citric acid without water of crystallization.
Pagina 47 - A regular meeting of the State Board of Health was held in the office of the Secretary in Columbus at 8:00 PM, January 21, 1914.
Pagina 47 - It ain't the guns, nor armament, nor funds that they can pay, But the close co-operation that makes them win the day; It ain't the individual, nor the army as a whole. But the everlasting teamwork of every bloomin
Pagina 29 - ... recorded. At all pools where artificial circulation, filtration, or any chemical treatment is used, a full daily record must also be kept of the actual time pumps and filters are in operation, of the time each filter is washed or cleaned...
Pagina 29 - Whenever chlorine, calcium hypochlorite or other chlorine compounds are used for swimming pool disinfection, the amount of available or excess chlorine in the water at all times when the pool is in use shall not be less than 0.2 ppm nor more than 0.5 ppm...
Pagina 21 - The regular quarterly meeting of the State Board of Health was held in the Capitol, Hartford, on Thursday, July 9, 1906.
Pagina 37 - Sauerkraut is the product, of characteristic acid flavor, obtained by the full fermentation, chiefly lactic, of properly prepared and shredded cabbage in the presence of not less than 2 per cent nor more than 3 per cent of salt. It contains, upon completion of the fermentation, not less than 1.5 per cent of acid, expressed as lactic acid.
Pagina 38 - ... the camp will be declared a nuisance to public health and ordered closed, and shall not be re-opened until such time as the recommendations have...
Pagina 29 - The total number of bathers using a pool during any period of time shall not exceed 20 persons for each 1,000 gallons of clean water added to the pool during that period. The term "clean water" as used above may be interpreted to mean new clean water used to refill the pool, new clean water used to replace loss by splashing or during cleaning, water taken from the pool and returned after effective filtration and disinfection, or any combination of such waters.

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