The a Club

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Westview Book Publisher, 2006 - 156 pagini
What is this place, this way of life, this A Club that so many risk so much to join and others look to exploit.from without and from within? Since the beginning, this place, we now call the US of A, has been built by people from all over the earth. Some as explorers, some as exploiters, some as settlers, and some as founding colonists.The USA has also been shaped by slaves, immigrants, convicts, and natives. America is a magnet that attracts the restless and creative from every foreign land. The A Club? What's The A Club? The A in A Club stands for Americans. Therefore, The A Club is The Americans Club. The United States of Americans. Or as some pronounce it; Amrca. Specifically that group of American Citizens declared on the 2nd & 4th of July, 1776 starting as the thirteen united States of America at 2.3 million people* and continuing unbroken to today @ 289 million citizens strong and counting. 4 million of these American Citizens are paying their dues to the A Club from their homes on foreign soil. There are another 14 million foreigners living here, some legally and most illegally, some in our system to work and others to work the system. Some visitors are here waiting in line to contribute their part as full-fledged legal American citizens, some are here temporarily to soak up America and return to their countries to apply lessons learned and some are here to work the system, to sponge off our prosperity, exploit our open society, contribute the bare minimum (sounds like some native-born Americans we hear about), all while staying loyal to foreign soil. America is the Big Show that millions line up for miles just to get tickets to and for those entering fromthe south; we're the World Cup Soccer/Futbol Championship Game between Mexico and the USA. Will The A Club or the M Club emerge as victor? Or will both win for the common good? Of the world.

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