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Office, and all inportant States boards and commissions, tables of interest and weights and measures are included, as is also a directory of attorneys throughout California. An invaluable list of maps, in color, showing the following respective districts-Congressional, Sena

torial and Assembly, Federal, Supreme New Reference Work Contains and District Courts of Appeal, Equaliza

tion, Fish and Game, and Viticultural Information of Value to Districts is also given. Lawyer and Layman.

The volume is printed in legibile type, is conveniently arranged and adequately

indexed, and is attractively bound in red Hillyer's Legal Manual for 1914, the buckram. It is published by BancroftCalifornia Red Book, by Curtis Hillyer Whitney Company of San Francisco. of the San Francisco bar, contains more needful information for the busy lawyer on more subjects that are constant causes of inquiry than has ever before been packed between the eovers of reference book.

The volume is designed to supply the demand for a ready reference work of general legal information for both lawyears and laymen, and it certainly fulfils

its purpose. It is, in fact, an encyclopedia of legal information of the sort that may be needed in a hurry at any time, but which

never be found quickly, nor when wanted by consultation of original sources. It is bound to prove especially effective a timesaver for the lawyer, banker, business man, notary public and the county officer.

For example, one can quickly find in this book what it costs to organize a corporation, to probate an estate, the amount of inheritance tax, exemption for any particular heir, the name of a justice of peace or township constable, the name of an abstract company in some remote little town, the last day to pay real estate taxes, the last day to pay the various corporation taxes, Federal and State; the day for opening session in Federal Court, and the calendar days of the Supreme Court, rules of Federal and States Courts, the law and motion day of the Superior Courts of the various counties; table of fees, Federal, State and county; the verdict sustained in damage cases for different injuries, the grounds for divorce in any state. The calendar of last days, being a list of the

last days on which particular acts may be performed, is, so far as known, the first comprehensive attempt at tabulation of this sort.

The manual also contains in full a long list of Federal and State acts, a knowledge of which is indispensable to every well informed citizen. The list includes the Federal income tax law, the pure food and drugs act, State and Federal; National bank act, and California bank act; Employers' liability act, including rules and schedules of the Industrial Accident Commission; the public utilities act, Sherman anti-trust act, rules of the Railroad Commission of California, and the Federal white slave act. Postal service, pensions, neutralization laws, mining laws and regulations,








Of the San Francisco Bar

Author of "Law of Evidence in California"



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