Like a Tree Planted

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Xulon Press, 2008 - 88 pagini
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Most Christians have had periods when they felt alienated from God. Circumstances and life situations propelled them into seeming darkness and despair. In such times satan takes advantage of the Christian's confusion and ignorance to launch a subtle attack. This book describes such a period in the author's life, but focuses on God's deliverance from the darkness via a powerful revelation - the revelation of the tree. Jannah Mitchell was born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. She attended elementary and high school in Indianapolis, Indiana. Jannah graduated from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, Illinois with a BA degree in Criminal Justice and Journalism. Jannah continued to receive her MEd in Instructional Leadership from the University of Illinois at Chicago and her MPA in Health Services Administration from Roosevelt University in Chicago. Jannah has been a member of Living Word Christian Center in Forest Park, IL since 2000. She graduated the School of Ministry at Living Word in June 2002. Jannah serves in the Pastoral Care Ministry and the Prayer Ministry at Living Word. She has served with missions teams in Bogata and Cali, Colombia; Hyderabad, India; in Panama; and in Haiti. Jannah has a heart for new Christians and any Christian who is struggling. She wants her works to address issues that speak to the commonality of obstacles confronted when moving from darkness into the Kingdom of God. She desires that her works will point the way to victory through spiritual development and renewal of the mind. This story is but one of many to come.

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My Experience and Revelation
Why is My Experience Significant?
The Tree Maintains an Attitude of Praise
A Tree is Planted
A Tree is a Stable Entity
A Tree Has Roots
A Tree Bears Fruit
How Gods Trees Bear Fruit
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